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Avatar f tn My new neurologist who is now the third to diagnose me with MS, now wants to put me on Avonex to prevent relapses but I wanted to try a treatment called low dose naltrexone, but he refused. Avonex is very scary to me and I don't understand why he wont try this, since a lot of other MS patients have had incredible improvement from it, some who I know personally. Its a pill and not injected and is used in low doses so it doesnt have a lot of dangerous side effects like the CRAB drugs do.
Avatar n tn What can be done to reverse plague that has build up for 30 something years? Other than exercise and diet, is there any kind of treatment, medication, "super-food" (the fad of the day it seems) that will do the trick? What does one do when exercise causes chest pain and sob?
Avatar f tn CADASIL (cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy) is the most common form of hereditary stroke disorder, and is thought to be caused by mutations of the Notch 3 gene on chromosome 19.[1] The most common clinical manifestations are migraine headaches and transient ischemic attacks or strokes, which usually occur between 40 and 50 years of age, although MRI is able to detect signs of the disease years prior to clinical manifestation of disease.
Avatar n tn Due to my desire to avoid exaserbating either permenently or temporarily my chronic tinnitus I a fearful of the anti-convulsant and SSRI drug classes. I have heard that (according the wikipedia) a medication called Mirtazapine may be helpful for both anxiety and chronic headaches of numerous etiologies. What would you suggest were you in my position. I am currently taking Klonopin 0.5-1mg daily and up to 8 Vicodin (5mg/500mg) daily to squelch the constant pain.
Avatar f tn hi, i want to ask you that which of the digoxin or verapamil are better for prophylactic treatment of paroxysmal superaventricular tachycardia for sone one who was treatet with intravenous adenosine?
Avatar m tn I know more or less what this means in terms of decreased life expectancy and what's written on wikipedia, but he doesn't like to talk about any details so when asked he usually says that everything is ok and that he can be glad that it's not worse so I don't know much about the actual state of his disease. Aparently he is living with this disease for the past 40 years quite fine.
Avatar n tn I am a 31 year old male that has sinus tachycardia with normal blood presure and normal heart function I have had all the tests done but everytime I go to the ER I get mixed advice from the doctor some say I'll be fine others tell me that it could cause heart attack,stroke or even death.I am unable to take beta blockers or calcium channel blockers.
Avatar m tn Now my question, since my cholesterol level of 231 mg/dl is out of range does it mean I am on high risk to have cardiovascular illness or in particular stroke and heart attack? I would appreciate if anyone will care to reply. Thank you.
Avatar f tn which is probably mostly due to the ribavirin, memory problems especially short term, vision is worse off, panic attacks, teeth problems, headaches like I got on the treatment, mild stroke like 'things' that upon testing and ct's and mri's show no strokes and brain looks normal, intermittent ataxia..loss of muscle control, heart problems, chemical, drug...which keeps me from taking most pharmy drugs that may help... and food sensitivities, muscles all tightened up, ..well..the list goes on.
Avatar f tn Neuroimmunology From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Neuroimmunology is a growing branch of biomedical science that studies of all aspects of the interactions between the immune system and nervous system.
Avatar n tn Differentials include, Transient Ischemic attacks (TIA), which is a warning sign of a stroke, a stroke itself, or cardiac arrhythmias. Two major groups of arrhythmias are bradycardia and tachycardia. Bradycardia( is a slower heart rate than the normal, usually less than 60beats per minute. Sometimes it can be normal or related to a side effect of medications. The reason why these can cause syncope/nearsyncope is because the heart is not pumping enough blood to the brain.
Avatar n tn we were treated wrongly,while dctr told her that she had made a minor stroke, thats why she is getting weak 2her right hand. last year she was treated by dctr v.n.mathur in hyrdrabad. he took the medicine, "RILUTOR" for 6mnts. but day by day the diseases is being increased. she is also taken NIMHANS, VALOORE and also in SAMDEV'S SIVIR. but still her cond remains unchanged. plz suggest something, i love my mother very very very much.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your reply. I will compile all the answers to your questions & reply again. I can't remember the dimensions of the cyst on each MRI nor what was reported last. I was due for another MRI past October but my family Dr. has yet to send me -due to the fact he does not believe cysts can cause any problems. Why he has sent me for the follow-up MRI's, I do not know if he doesn not believe there's a problem. However, he did not send me in 2007.
Avatar n tn the did find on the cortex of her brain that there was a bluish green color on her scan , none of the doctors had ever seen this before , and the doctors decided it was rare but there was no signs of damage from stroke. so they sent her home and she is going back for another scan in 6 weeks .
Avatar f tn But from my understanding, the best treatment is intensive treatment using cognitive behavior therapy. That can achieve wonders if the patient is willing. MedHelp has both anxiety and OCD forums where people can discuss these issues. But so many people strongly resist the treatment that can help them towards happy lives, free from catastrophizing over minor health problems. It's such a waste when the resistance is strong.
252144 tn?1227426220 I found this on wikipedia...this was drought up in a previous post, so I thought I would give it it's own thread... "Dawson's Fingers" is a condition affecting the brain of Multiple Sclerosis victims. The condition is the result of a build-up of pressure in the veins within the chest cavity, which causes blood in these veins to flow backwards through one of the jugular veins, and into the brain.
Avatar f tn If the disability is treatment refractory schizophrenia my advice is look for better treatment and I can give specific information. The person should be recovered enough from their medication to understand why they need it.
Avatar m tn Well, the MRI went fine, but they only did the non-contrast MRI, not contrast and without like my doctor ordered. So, what I have is a report from the doc who read it. I have "no significant foci areas of abnormal signal intensity are signaled throughout the brain. Note is made of several punctate hyperintensities in the anterior mid brain, most consistent w/ brain cysts." Why did they even send me the letter? Everything that I have read on these relates to a stroke or MS.
Avatar m tn It's not an infection and antibiotics usually don't help. Google CPPS (spell it out) for lots of information; the Wikipedia article is good. After you read up on CPPS, please discuss it with your urologist. Some of your symptoms indeed are consistent with CPPS, but none are suggestive of any STD. If your antibiotic question is trying to figure out why your urologist prescribed cipro and not something else, you need to ask him.
Avatar m tn If you aren't highly athletic, mid 30's is probably lower than desired. Athlete's get slower beats because their stroke volume is greater than normal. According to wikipedia (see Bradycardia article), some healthy athletes have had rates as low as 27bpm. The wiki article outlines several possible causes, but I think your intuition about age is leading you towards the most likely diagnosis.
237500 tn?1189759431 TORADOLORAL (ketorolac tromethamine), a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), is indicated for the short-term (up to 5 days in adults), management of moderately severe acute pain that requires analgesia at the opioid level and only as continuation treatment following IV or IM dosing of ketorolac tromethamine, if necessary.
Avatar m tn I'm curious for your enlightenment on the above statement, as if I get it right, doesn't it mean that Simvastatiin itself can cause hepatic Cirrhosis?
Avatar m tn ((? It just freaks me out to feel like I'm suddenly losing my vision. Could this be yet another strange symptom of Lyme? Perhaps a neurological symptom or could it simply be a migraine aura without the headache? Seems strange that I don't get a headache with a "migraine aura". Has anyone experienced this before? I'm just so sick of all these strange things I'm experiencing and always feeling sick and tired :(.
695915 tn?1228669552 The best method of dealing with problem and the understanding of the changes made by angio treatment is yet to happen. For people to have treatment at this stage in the learning is personal choice once again. There have always been times of learning in any approach to 'disease' in medicine, when the 'treatment' is better understood is the time for people to be booking for treatment in my view.
Avatar n tn Ask the Doctor to explain what he/she has found, and ask him/her what the goals are of their treatment plan. If you have Low Blood Oxygen, and the Cardiologist has not found the cause, it may be time to pursue another Doctor for a cause not related to your heart. Please let the forum know how you progress. Best wishes for health and happiness.
Avatar m tn If mr hashimoto discovered this in 1912, why has nobody found a treatment yet for the cause? Why only treat the result of the body attacking the thyroid? To me, this doesn't make sense. I think it's backwards to just wait for a damaged thyroid and then supplete. Any help or answers would be much appreciated. Ps I'm starting my 3rd type of levo tomorrow hoping that my symptoms will go away and I will feel better finally. Kind regards.
1553907 tn?1367613186 (They look similar to beauty spots/freckles but are red) I tested positive for H.Pylori back in Novemeber, but as my alergies prevent any antibiotic treatment, I could only take Tecta & Pepto Bismol for treatment. I have a gastroscopy consult this month. Any suggestions as to the cause and treatments or exams to pursue would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Couldn't see ANYTHING right in front of me but could see things in periphery. Well, needless to say I thought I was having a stroke!!!! I've had two of these, and it turns out that my brain is "fine" (if possible :-) I know this because of a CAT scan and MRI. But I have optical migraines. I NEVER had ANY of this stuff before I had children, and have spent much of the last 7 years wondering what in the WORLD I did to bring all this on.
Avatar f tn You could have had a small stroke like what's called a TMI-that is serious. You could have a brain tumor. You could have some form of other mental or physical disorder that may be relatively minor OR not. The thing is: with that many symptoms (which are not 'normal' as you describe them) you should see a doctor as soon as you can!! Borrow the money or see about a payment plan if you have to. If you are low income and have younger children, maybe you are eligible for Medicaid.