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Avatar n tn Regarding follow up, it is important that you have a baseline neurologic exam with detailed motor exam performed by your neurologist, and subsequent exams after the treatment. Probably a week or two into the treatment. The follow up exams are more objective if performed by the same physician. According to this, and to what the patient experiences, the duration of treatment can be decided.
Avatar f tn The study concluded that although the 5-day intensive treatment delivery protocol used in this study involves a considerable commitment of resources, the alternatives are more costly. The medical and economic costs to society of PTSD sufferers, who would otherwise face many additional years of impaired functioning, are substantial. Energy therapy merits consideration as a treatment for PTSD and co-morbid conditions in veterans and other at-risk populations.
Avatar m tn Happy Birthday, and best wishes starting your new Harvoni treatment!
Avatar m tn Hi I recieved my 4 weeks blood test today. Before starting treatment my viral count was 1,470,000 and today my viral cout is 1,000. Im am very happy with result but apprehensive not sure if this is a good or bad sign. Can some one please give me some advice. Kind regards.
Avatar m tn A very good website for hepc treatment and statistics is Lots of useful information.
8411000 tn?1464556711 Does anyone know about the Shoemaker protocol? I talked to a gal on the phone today who works in an LLND office. She was kind enough to take some time out of her day and give me some info on their clinic. I believe that they utilize the Shoemaker protocol. She told me that some people are genetically predisposed in not being able to get rid of biotoxins. They do testing that costs $1500, but supposedly it's the best testing on the market.
Avatar n tn I concur with mammo. Your symptoms indicate an irregular cardio system. Don't wait for a stroke or heart attack to happen, get your behind to an ER and get checked out!
Avatar n tn My mother is believed to have suffered a stroke recently but we are not being told anything, after about a week of numbness and pins and needles she has lost all use of the right hand, there has been some numbness and slight slurring of the speach, she is now unable to hold a proper conversation due to forgetting what she was about to say mid sentence and gets headaches in well lit areas like shopping malls.
1346447 tn?1327862572 She could not stand. After treatment for stroke she now stands on the leg.She is 70 years old. She had left carotid artery completely blocked for long time. This was never noticed. Now in additio we observed that her short term memory is getting deterioted.In the past twenty years slowly it is observed that her blood supply to brain was getting reduced. This process was stabilised .But now we find that memory loss is occuring.At present she is practically all the time in the bed lying.
Avatar n tn What is the preferred optimal treatment for a 65 year old recovered stroke patient (only mild aphasia) diagnosed with Patent formanen ovale? Is it the use of the closure device or medication with blood thinners?
Avatar n tn While his CHADS2VaSC score is zero do you believe taking 81mg of aspirin would be called for? His doctor seems okay with no treatment considering his episodes have all converted on their own in less than 24 hours. I wanted to get you opinion on this decision. I know there are many factors that play into choosing the correct treatment and many different points of view on this. Thanks in advance for your reply. .
Avatar n tn The best approach to fully evaluate these symptoms is to be referred to a neurologist. He/she may want to obtain an updated MRI using a stroke protocol that includes DWI imaging. Also, an EEG would be needed to evaluate for epileptiform activity. If seizures are identified, your relative should be started on an anti-seizure medication.
Avatar m tn Hello dear and welcome to the welcome to the medhelp forum. Management of obstructive hydrocephalus from aqueductal stenosis is the same as for other causes. This could mean diverting the cerebrospinal fluid flow with a shunt or third ventriculostomy done endoscopically. The lesion at the posterior third ventricle needs to be evaluated. Whether it is a cyst or tumor, which is the cause for aqueduct stenosis, management would be different.
Avatar f tn Under NO circumstances should you use the ultrasound unit around your carotid arteries. The vibrations from the unit can dislodge plaque and cause a stroke as the debri flows upward into the bood vessels of the brain. This is the reason carotid massage (which was once a standard procedure in ER's to treat tachycardia) has been banned for the last three decades in most ER's. I have had cervical injuries and had ultrasound, and my belief is that the treatment is inappropriate.
Avatar f tn Yes there will be an issue and she will most likely not be accepted to the methondone clinic and then kicked out of the other doctors program. Treatment doctors have very strict protocol and very strict narcotic contracts as they should and will not put up with this kind of thing because if her suboxone doctors appt is two weeks away and she only has 4 days left that shows she is taking to much suboxone and running out early.
Avatar m tn What is the protocol for a suicide attempt. we were told that she was REQUIRED to go to a pysch ward for a few days for an evaluation. is this true? Also, can the psyche hospital keep her without her permission? she has very good insurance thru her father's job. Is there a risk that may keep her against her will, if their is papers sign.
Avatar f tn re using therapeutic hypothermia for ischemic stroke treatment but never considered it for aneurysms. Can intracranial hypertension cause aneurysms and that the dilatation is a resort to reduce pressure within the blood vessels?
Avatar f tn Three months ago, I believe my adult daughter had a mini stroke at Spin Class (horrible headache, coordination problems, she saw things melting, had trouble understanding simple questions and trouble with conveying her thoughts). She went to urgent care next to the gym and waited 45 minutes to be seen. She drank Gatorade while she waited. They told her they didn’t know what was wrong. They diagnosed it as syncope. She couldn’t drive.