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2059648 tn?1439770265 Ask your doctor what the medical term is for this treatment. Thought there was hope for some of you having to deal with anemia.
476246 tn?1418874514 I just don't understand why it seems such a hardship for them to tailor treatment to a persons specific numbers. I would advise any newbie who is in here to really learn these facts and how iMPORTANT being UND at week 4 really really is. A lot of doctors still don't even know it. Dr J was the first one I know of who was really onto this bandwagon (but that makes sense). If anybody needs a second opinion in order to get their doctor to work with extensions.........
Avatar m tn Good luck with your fitness regime, let us know how you fare etc. I just came across this book called "Moving on after treatment", thought you might want to check it out. Here is the PDF link:
962117 tn?1416362216 This is the hcvadvocate site that list trials with some notes added on a regular basis. Choose the pdf download and scroll down to find the different trials. Best of luck everyone and keep us posted.
Avatar m tn A radical group of doctors and law enforcement have submitted a petition to the FDA that would effectively eliminate treatment of chronic pain with opioids. The maximum treatment would be 3 months and the amounts prescribed very limited despite the amount of pain suffered or the amount of medication you currently receive. You may read the petition here: And respond to the FDA here:!
Avatar n tn Most of us who talk about post-tx sides refer to issues which presented DURING treatment and failed to resolve AFTER treatment. I sympathize with your situation, includng the horrible stress of going through a divorce, but I'm not sure you'll be able to construct a solid enough case that points to tx as the culprit for current problems with anxiety. The literature on post-tx effects is nigh to non-existent--I know, I've tried to research it.
Avatar f tn The « gastrointestinal doctor in Québec, Canada» Has given me the choice to proceed with the triple treatment but suggested that I wait for 3 to 5 years for an optional treatment which may have less side effects. I am wagering for the treatment because I am presently eligible for insurance coverage that will not be available to me in 3 years when my husband retires from his present employment.
Avatar f tn I agree with Stella - it's much better for us to put our energies into helping other people obtain the treatment they need, by passing along information, regarding what helped us get well; what they might be able to try, etc. There are some really good doctors out there, who will actually treat their patients, clinically, rather than simply by the old TSH standard....... there are also advocate groups trying to "educate" both doctors and patients.
Avatar n tn // These will cover all possible adverse reactions caused by pegasys and copegus. It would be best to discuss this with your doc as he knows your prior medical history.
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Avatar f tn I was put on Aggrenox/Aspirin after my stroke about 2 months ago. Does anyone on the same treatment take any kind of Vitamins/Herbs with this medication?
Avatar n tn pdf Your risk of stroke is calculated by looking at your risk factors and the acronym CHADS2 Congestive heart failure 1 point Hypertension 1 point Age greater than 75 1 point Diabetes 1 point Stroke or transient ischemic attack (stroke with symptoms that last less than 24 hours) 2 points If you have 0-1 point, your risk of strike low and the risk of bleeding with coumadin is greater than the risk of stroke --- therefore aspirin is sufficien
Avatar m tn Saw Nygirls post on the otherside and didn't want to go off topic, so thought I'd start a thread here. 72 weeks of extended treatment, -gosh it's been a long time since I can remember it being discussed here on MH as a possible path to svr. What a change a few years makes, eh? Hopefully the future of treatment will become even more promising. I have to admit, I don't believe I came through the 72 weeks unscathed. So let's rejoice in the new drugs and for those who get the access to them....
Avatar f tn The NIH has also failed its mission to research the disease, hiding it under CFS at the Office of Research into Women’s Health (ORWH) with a paltry budget, rather than placing M.E. at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke(NINDS) alongside similar diseases as M.S. and Post Polio Syndrome, where it should have a budget on a scale commensurate with the fact that more people are affected by M.E. than M.S. and are just as severely disabled.
Avatar m tn I am now 23 years of age and I have Parietal Lobe Epilepsy that is a result of a stroke I had when I was 9. It affected my right parietal lobe. I had no symptoms until age 18 when I had my first aura, which visual, the world looked scrambled. I had a few more of these until I finally had a seizure that generalized into tonic clonic at age 20. It also started with the visual misalignment as well as numbness in my left arm that spread into tonic movements throughout my whole body.
4113881 tn?1415853876 So...Im 11 months post HCV treatment and Im feeling pretty good these days. PCP retired so I moved on to a new doc. I really like this guy. He doesn't look at me all crazy because of my tattoos, etc. He actually treats me pretty good. So I went in to have a fingernail and some scar tissue checked out and he ended up doing a full on physical. Its all good...this doc is really big on preventative care and I got a really good PPO so I was game.
967168 tn?1477588089 // Prognostic Significance of PVCS and Resting Heart Rate -
1175033 tn?1492204828 Intramuscular corticosteroid injections or other medication injections—to relieve pain Prescription medications—such as pain medications, antiseizure medications or antidepressants (both of these may be used to treat pain) Lidoderm patches—applied to area of the spine where the cyst is located to provide temporary relief of pain and discomfort Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS)—electrical impulses are delivered through the skin to help control pain Nonsteroidal anti-inflammator
333672 tn?1273796389 // Dr. Simka of Poland has been testing and treating MS patient for CCSVI. Interesting, he noticed that "Within one hour postop patients’hands became warm (if cold before treatment) and faces pink (if pale before)." One of the first things I noticed post-procedure were that my hands and feet were warm, which for me was a minor miracle. Locations and etiologies of extracranial venous lesions in MS - Michael D. Dake
Avatar f tn My husband started Sovaldi + RBV treatment last week on his 68th birthday. He will be on this treatment for 24 weeks. He too got it in 1979 from blood transfusions. He had a liver transplant in June, 2012. Now he is post transplant with aggressive recurrent Hep C. He found out in December that his new liver has cirrhosis (a year and a half post- transplant). He is geno 1a. Every one is different so I don't think anyone can tell you whether you should treat pre-transplant or not.
263804 tn?1451104357 He was diagnosed of stroke at the first time. He was sent to Intensive Care Unit when he was found difficulties in breathing and was given heparin for the treatment. One week later, he started restoring his functions gradually. Then he learnt how to stand, walk and talk. He nearly totally recovered after few weeks. Unfortunately, on 28 September, he suddenly felt weak and cannot move his tongue in the morning again. The next day, he could not move his right limbs this time.
233488 tn?1310696703 According to this study, floaters have lower utility values than mild angina, mild stroke, colon cancer, and asymptomatic HIV infection. This indicates that floaters have a significant negative impact on the quality of life as compared to ocular as well as systemic diseases. It is interesting to note that there was no difference between acute (less than 1 month) and chronic (mean duration of more than 1 year) floaters.
Avatar m tn Oh and in case you have a stroke, which i don't wish' Piracetam has been found to improve cognition after a stroke. But yeah basically you want to avoid the stroke and go for the surgery. Carotid artery is something to be taken very seriously.
Avatar n tn Although it's unclear how, high triglycerides may contribute to hardening of the arteries or thickening of the artery walls (atherosclerosis) — which increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and heart disease.
Avatar f tn //www. simcms/userimages/File/Post-Discharge%20Issues %20by%20Arthur%20Gershkoff. pdf This is a link that defines/explains spasticity that I thought was good. It describes several treatment options as well: In what I was reading if I had small muscles constriction I would discuss with my neuro localized injections of botox. That however is just my opinion.
Avatar f tn I had to inform my endocrinologist's nurse today of what I knew about hep c, it's treatment and the sides effects from it because she was puzzled as to why I suddenly have developed hyperthyroidism...I told her that I felt the changes were probably temporary and may change after I'm finished with txing...she was talking about more permanent solutions like ablation or surgery...(Yikes!) And when I mentioned the possibility of taking a temporary medication, and it needing to be liver friendly..
Avatar m tn I think your assessment that the immune system is amped up while on treatment is spot on and that for some it may not return to normal after treatment. Besides the aches and pains plus fatigue I've had some floaters develop in my right eye and have had dental issues that were not there prior to treatment. I agree that it looks like from here on out I'm going to have to really stay on a strict diet to see if I can get back to normal if not I may have to go on disability.
Avatar f tn Howdy happy heppers! Wow, its been a while since I've checked in on you all to see what everyone's up to...I'm from the 2008 treatment "brat pack" and still SVR I might proudly add!!! How is everyone?!? Hey, a question for the "long timers"...Has anyone here ever been diagnosed with heart failure after finishing treatment? My Dr is suspicious that the chest pains that I had from the anemia during treatment (finally leveled out at HGB of 8.5 and HCT of 24.
356518 tn?1322267242 At present, there is no cure for PD, but a variety of medications provide dramatic relief from the symptoms according to the National Institute or Neurological Disorders and Stroke. The most common medication is Levodopa, which dramatically helps many of the most disabling motor symptoms. THE MANY MYTHS AND SECRETS: One of the many secrets of PD is that it's much more than just a movement disorder.