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Avatar n tn // These will cover all possible adverse reactions caused by pegasys and copegus. It would be best to discuss this with your doc as he knows your prior medical history.
Avatar f tn I was put on Aggrenox/Aspirin after my stroke about 2 months ago. Does anyone on the same treatment take any kind of Vitamins/Herbs with this medication?
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Avatar n tn I have not heard about Neuroaid until now (especially that it is not approved, yet). I googled this, and what I saw was that it is some kind of newly developed drug that is produced in China. Although there is some research being run now to test the effectiveness of this drug, I found an article about this drug (see the link). Based on the literature, this drug is being used in China in patient with brain injuries such as stroke 48 hours following a stroke.
Avatar f tn As far as analyzing your stroke fear, here is your chance of dying from stroke at age 21. Looks like it might belong in category 9 (circulatory diseases) but if so they don't even list that one , just diabetes mellitus. So it appears that you are focusing on a cause of death that barely exists at your age.
Avatar n tn I concur with mammo. Your symptoms indicate an irregular cardio system. Don't wait for a stroke or heart attack to happen, get your behind to an ER and get checked out!
Avatar m tn just finshed treatment 16 weeks ago.12 weeks lab results showed that virus was not detected.i have been virus free since the first month of treatment.should i still be concern about virus returning.i,am 61 years old and supect that i have had hep c for atleast 40 years.this is my 2nd time in treatment.the first time i relasped 2 months after i finshed treatment.
Avatar n tn My mother is believed to have suffered a stroke recently but we are not being told anything, after about a week of numbness and pins and needles she has lost all use of the right hand, there has been some numbness and slight slurring of the speach, she is now unable to hold a proper conversation due to forgetting what she was about to say mid sentence and gets headaches in well lit areas like shopping malls.
Avatar m tn ​What exactly are the abnormal lab values that have lead to the diagnosis of MGUS and Proteinuria? Lab indicators of too much protein in blood and urine? If I am understanding correctly, they have no symptoms​​ (other than possible tingling/numbness with MGUS), are not generally serious conditions, and are found quite secondarily of other lab tests.​ ​ When you say, "...have felt like everyone else", do you mean muscle/bone pain​, ​fatigue​, and never feeling well again​?
1346447 tn?1327862572 She could not stand. After treatment for stroke she now stands on the leg.She is 70 years old. She had left carotid artery completely blocked for long time. This was never noticed. Now in additio we observed that her short term memory is getting deterioted.In the past twenty years slowly it is observed that her blood supply to brain was getting reduced. This process was stabilised .But now we find that memory loss is occuring.At present she is practically all the time in the bed lying.
Avatar n tn What is the preferred optimal treatment for a 65 year old recovered stroke patient (only mild aphasia) diagnosed with Patent formanen ovale? Is it the use of the closure device or medication with blood thinners?
Avatar n tn While his CHADS2VaSC score is zero do you believe taking 81mg of aspirin would be called for? His doctor seems okay with no treatment considering his episodes have all converted on their own in less than 24 hours. I wanted to get you opinion on this decision. I know there are many factors that play into choosing the correct treatment and many different points of view on this. Thanks in advance for your reply. .
Avatar f tn re using therapeutic hypothermia for ischemic stroke treatment but never considered it for aneurysms. Can intracranial hypertension cause aneurysms and that the dilatation is a resort to reduce pressure within the blood vessels?
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Avatar f tn Hi, I am here on behalf of my mom who has cirrhosis. She is 68. Quit drinking & smoking several years ago. Hepatic encephalopathy was controlled with rifaximin & lactulose until she suffered a stroke Oct 13, 2013. Now her liver is decompensated & She is getting beat up by the HE. Doctors say there is nothing more to be done. "Put her in an institution." She is now on warfarin as well as other meds.