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3197167 tn?1348972206 1) Music heals Effective therapy for pain Overall, music does have positive effects on pain management. Music can help reduce both the sensation and distress of both chronic pain and postoperative pain. Listening to music can reduce chronic pain from a range of painful conditions, including osteoarthritis, disc problems and rheumatoid arthritis, by up to 21% and depression by up to 25%, according to a paper in the latest UK-based Journal of Advanced Nursing.
1821865 tn?1317525631 My friend family take her home after doctors told them there are nothing they can do for he, when she was in veg state, with all the loves from family and friends and all the help they can get. She had acupuncture therapy, physical therapy, speed therapy, and friends come to talk, read play music, joking, and pray for her. after 5 year she now can eat, talk slowly and learning walking now. So please do your best for your mom , and God bless you and your mom.
Avatar n tn My Dad, age 70, just suffered an ischemic stroke on the left side of his brain. He was at the hospital within 2 hours of the stroke, but the medicine to dissolve the blood clot didn't seem to have much affect. Right after the stroke he had no movement on the right side of this body, could not speak, and was having trouble swallowing. We have seen very small improvements...he is mostly swallowing on his own, he has said the odd word (but not when he tries)....thats about it.
Avatar f tn Jq, my twin sister is 24, she just had a similar stroke like yours a couple years back. She started with a real bad headache and then couldn't feel her left arm or leg, she's in intensive care now.
Avatar n tn My mother had a stroke in july (massive) appetite has gotten worse over time. Mom is now in a nursing home and says she cannot eat. She is able to swallow minced food but is suffering from a severe loss of appetite. She says either, she is full, the food is too sweet, she can"t get it down, she makes repulsed faces before she even gets it into her mouth. She cries that she can't eat. She is peg fed at night. She often throws up, water.
Avatar f tn My father had a massive stroke 4 months ago. He is still paralyzed on the right side and his speech is affected. He is getting more words out that we understand. My question is about his cognition. He is unable to follow commands and if we show him what to do he still does not do it. (ie - touch your nose.) Is there a chance this will get better on it's own? Is there anything we can be doing for him to help this improve?
Avatar f tn I have been praying using reiki healing, auric therapy. I found music therapy that I play for her 3 hours a day. She has pulmonary and physical therapy 3 times a day. She is breathing through a tracheostomy and eating through a gastric tube in her belly..sometimes it looks like she is swallowing saliva but I don't know if it is going to her belly or her lungs.. :S Is there anything else I can be doing? And does anyone know of anyone who has come out a coma after this long?
1041487 tn?1256331319 Mirror-box therapy, thermal stimulation therapy, music therapy, mental imagery, passive movement, bilateral movement. As numerous people on these sites have been told that they will not recover and immediatetly another survivor answers,"Don't listen to your doctor, he doesn't know anything, I was told I wouldn't recover and I am doing just fine." Read the book, Stronger after Stroke by Peter Levine and you will know more than any of the medical staff.
Avatar f tn Hi, 8 days ago my mother of 83 suffered a stroke & hear attack. She survived completely paralyzed and possibly in a coma. I brought her home yesterday with a fluid IV (not a central line) and cath. It appears that she may understand (or maybe just hear us talking) sometimes, as she makes grunting type sounds 1 -2 times a day. She has to be turned every 2 hours and I am trying to provide comfort for her last days. Any suggestions for a person in this condition?
Avatar n tn We get him out of bed every day and sit him in his favorite chair. PT and OT come in and work with him. I don't turn away any therapy. Since this stroke happened to our family my children and I have been driven to help my husband. He always said "we are four and we will remain four" . Today he smiled for me.!
Avatar m tn Hi All A long overdue update. My Dad is being cared for at home still. He has a reasonably good quality of life. He never recovered his speech and has only maybe 50% cognitive ability. Most of the time he's in good form, he reads books and papers but we can't tell how much is going through. He has vera very short attention span and is very restless often walking randomly around the house. Physically he's in good shape. Communication is very tough but we can understand each other now.
Avatar n tn She is in excellent health other than the stroke. She has no desire to even try physical therapy or speech. She has her own room, caregivers and is in a beautiful area. I cannot think of any way else to give her incentive to get better. She was in an AL and showed no interest in entertainment or other people. Now she has one on one care, but still no interest in even trying to talk. It is very frustrating. I have turned her over to the caregivers. I no longer have the patience.
Avatar n tn My 55 yr old mother had a "massive" hemorrhagic stroke Feb. 18/05. The neuro surgeon said it was a large deep bleed in the left side of her brain, apparently she is lucky to have survived it and without surgery. The latest CT scan 3.5 weeks after the stroke the blood has started to re-absorb and swelling is going down.
Avatar m tn If I listened to everyone I would have given up hope a long time ago. I read a study that music therapy helps stroke survivors suffering with dysphagia make connections and speak more. I am telling you it works. All I did is put and ipod on her favorite radio station and she started mouthing the words in sync with the song. Your wifes peg can be reversed, the trach can be reversed. Once her meds are correct she will improve. This will be a constant fight for both of you.
Avatar f tn Hello my sister age had a massive stroke 2 weeks ago, she opened her eyes after 6 days but she is unresponsive, she stares but has no response to anything, our voices, noise etc. Dr's have said they have very little hope that she will come back but we will never ever give up. She had a heart attack and stroke, and I do believe she is fighting as she is still with us when we were told she would not survive one day. We are continuing to talk to her and play her favorite music.
Avatar n tn It is against the rules of this forum to post personal information. Go to Read the posts in the stroke caregivers and also the stroke survivors forum. If you can think of a way I could contact you, I would be happy to tell you as much as I can about what happened with our mom. Hope I've helped. God bless...your mom and you are in my prayers.
Avatar n tn My sister-in-law had a hemorrhagic stroke with a intracerebral hemorrhage. This was on May 18th. They have done a Ventriculostomy. The gas man found her in the driveway. We figure it had been somewhere between 20-35 mins. before she was found. They have her in a medically induced coma where they say she will stay for the next 3-4 weeks. Is this normal? Also, they did a cat scan on the 18th, and 19th and we were told the bleeding had stopped.
Avatar n tn Hi I'm terribly upset. My dad has just had a stroke. He's 72 and is currently in hospital virtually asleep full time. We know that it is caused by a blood clot stemming from Atrial Fibrillation and it has affected his left side (No vision, left arm and leg) The doctor has painted a very bleak picture which was very devastating and right now at this moment it just seems that there is no hope. Can anyone re-assure me that if he survives there is some hope for quality of life.
Avatar n tn You ask about recovery, my opinion is that it's possible. my research is in the effects of sound waves on the human body. Also the attention you receive is vital for recovery. Being on the internet it's too difficult to explain in writing. But may i suggest that you obtain various types of music or chants, such as Native American, that is to your liking.
Avatar f tn My grandmother (83 years old) suffered a ischemic stroke due to arterial fibrillation going undiagnosed and a clot traveled to brain and caused a blockage to the middle cerebral artery . MRI shows more then half of the left side of her brain is dead and now 3 days later they are saying she is in critical condition due to possible swelling of brain and causing damage to the rest of the good tissue in brain that could kill her . she is breathing on her own.
Avatar n tn It's been seven month now, and she will be coming home this Tuesday. We are going to continue with her therapy. I hear that ACUPUNCTURE does mericales on stroke patience. But, the SOONER the better. We are going to get that done as soon as she gets home. My mother went through all those things you spoke of, It's ok, that's what they go through but make sure she is not on any medication that is not necessary.
Avatar f tn // Music a 'mega-vitamin' for the brain Listening to music in the early stages after a stroke can improve patients' recovery, according to new research published online in the medical journal Brain February 20,2008. Kenny Rogers Music Second to None at Healing Stroke Victims More research on music listening for the early part of stroke recovery. http://www.prefixmag.
Avatar f tn Ask your therapists for therapies that do not require physical movement like mental imagery, mirror-box therapy, thermal therapy,music therapy, passive movement. If they do not know of these they are way behind in keeping up with research. Good luck.
241234 tn?1220984156 // One of the main deficits that survivors complain about is the fatigue that seems constant. We do not have any solutions for this but to suggest that you try to increase your cardiovascular capacity. The second major deficit survivors complain about is spasticity, abnormal stiffness of your affected side. You will need to stretch those muscles.
1431003 tn?1283344673 Here is some documentation on music therapy, see if your doctors even know about it. 4. Music therapy, music has been proven to help initial recovery, So while you are in the hospital you will have a selection of music to listen to. http://www.epsychology.
Avatar n tn My mother in law had a stroke three weeks ago. She went through therapy at the hospital and is now in outpatient therapy, but for some reason she's not getting cognitive therapy in outpatient visits. We see this as her biggest challenge, even the nurses in the hospital thought so. Her motor skills are improving, and she is doing her home exercises (when we make her) but are there exercises to do at home to improve memory and cognitive skills.
Avatar f tn Do you ever wish there was some sort of inhaler we could take when we feel an anxiety attack/symptoms coming on, just something to stop it in its tracks so we can think logically about the cause of our symptoms instead of fast forwarding to "I've got......heart problems, cancer, MS, about to have a stroke" I suppose I can only dream......
Avatar f tn // Mirror-box therapy Rehabilitation of hemiparesis after stroke with a mirror Altschuler EL, Wisdom SB, Stone L, Foster C, Galasko D, Llewellyn DME, Ramachandran V The Lancet - Vol. 353, Issue 9169, 12 June 1999, Pages 2035-2036 You can register for this magazine and see the complete article. Mental imagery for promoting relearning for people after stroke: A randomized controlled trial1 , *1 .