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Avatar f tn I have been doing physical therapy and occupational therapy before I got out of the hospital in March 2010 and continued afterwards. I have also been doing strength training at the gym 3 to 4 days a week as well. The general concensus was that the stroke was brought on by my battle with terminal breast cancer for 2 years. I was declared cancer-free two weeks before the stroke occurred. I'm beginning to wonder if I can recover from this disasterous event and get my life back.
1821865 tn?1317522031 My friend family take her home after doctors told them there are nothing they can do for he, when she was in veg state, with all the loves from family and friends and all the help they can get. She had acupuncture therapy, physical therapy, speed therapy, and friends come to talk, read play music, joking, and pray for her. after 5 year she now can eat, talk slowly and learning walking now. So please do your best for your mom , and God bless you and your mom.
Avatar f tn Did your son go through that? We are taking her home this tuesday, but we are going to continue with therapy. We hear that ACUPUNCTURE works wonders with stroke patience, so were're going to try that as soon as we get her home. Try it. The sooner the better. p.s look for an acupuncturist that specializes with the brain.
Avatar f tn • balance problems (ataxia) • Vertigo and dizziness • Difficulty swallowing (dysphagia) and articulating words (dysphasia) • Sensory problems (issues with numbness) • Weakness that affects ability to stand and walk symmetrically • Arm weakness Recovery following a stroke depends on a number of factors {The Australian National Stroke Foundation} • Location • Type of stroke (bleed or block) • How much brain tissue damage has occurred • General health prior to the stroke (how active your father wa
1821865 tn?1317522031 I started providing such therapy to a 99 year old woman with partial left sided-paralysis secondary to a stroke, and it disappeared after two years. She is now 108 years old. The MRSA infection is far more serious. I am up on this because I have one now. I picked mine up in a hospital, and the antibiotics are expensive and not too effective. Surgery was necessary to remove my infection. You need a consult with an infectious control specialist at a teaching hospital..Do this immediately.
Avatar m tn I had a stroke in October 2010. Very little therapy was done on my left arm. Now 6 months later,will I still be able to get use bak of my arm?
Avatar n tn Our mom, Suzanne, who is 71 had a stroke on the back of her head, on the brain stem on May 23rd 2008. All of her memory and the part of her brain that makes her who she is, is all there. Thank god! Suzanne was diagnosed with a stroke 7 1/2 hours after being rushed to the emergency room. My family and I found this a bit odd since she had every symptom of having a stroke. And we all know that it is vital to get help and diagnosed as soon as possible, when a person apperes to have had a stroke.
Avatar n tn Hi, Brain injured patients may receive rehabilitation that involves individually tailored treatment programs in the areas of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech/language therapy, physiatry, psychology, and social support. A complete physical and neurological examination is needed in each treatment program. It would be best to discuss which treatment option is best for you with your doctor for proper evaluation and management. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn My father was 80 when he had his stroke and we were told that he would never be able to come home. But with a lot of fighting for more therapy he has been home with my mother caring for him along with a little bit of nursing help. He still cannot walk, but is able to transfer to wheelchair, toilet with just a little help. His memory is not very good and sometimes he still talks crazy, but he has come alot farther than anyone had ever hoped.
Avatar n tn My 30 year old sister had a massive stroke on Feb 9, 2009. She had surgery on her cerebellum and was in ICU for 35 days. She developed an infection on her surgery (Mersa), and also got meningitis. She went to rehab for a week before she ended up back in the hospital having to have a shunt put in. She went back to rehab for a month, but we decided to take her home after seeing she was only getting 3 hours of therapy a day and nothing the rest of the time.
Avatar m tn Does this mean no one has hearde of this therapy being used for stroke? There is a hybebaric oxygen facility in one hospital and there are two private facilities in my state that do this.
1041487 tn?1256327719 Mom has reached the 3-month mark of her stroke recovery. She is still in a nursing home, doing well with her speech therapy. She is able to slowly lift her neck, and slowly turn her head from the left to the middle. She is alert and talks with slurred speech, since she is still unable to completely control her tongue. She can, however, clearly say "yes, no and hi" On the negative side, she is still unable to move any of her limbs. Her left arm has contracted close to her chest.
Avatar n tn My mother recovered from a stroke that was on her right side, but after a two years of theropy . She started having some sore throat issues that made her sound: when talking, similar to when her stroke happened. We took her to a hospital for test and it came back with high cholesterol, but every thing else negative . They admitted her her and change her meds. she ate supper there that night and breakfast the next morning. They even walked her that morning.
620081 tn?1221442530 too little blood or ischemic stroke and too much blood or hemorrhagic stroke. Complications of stroke include: pralysis or loss of muscle movement, dfficulty talking or swallowing; aphasia, a condition in which a person has difficulty expressing thoughts through language, memory loss or troubles with understanding. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn Can anyone tell me what a medicaid patient is entitled to in terms of physical, occupational and speech therapy. My boyfriend at 47 has had his second stroke on January 30, 2013. It is now November and he is still in a nursing home in Long Term Care unit and not receiving ANY rehab. The reason the home gives is that he has "plateaued". People I have spoken to have said that he should still be receiving therapy.
Avatar f tn my husband suffered artery dissection causing a stroke in the thalama and cerebellum 2 months ago he spent 10 days on the stroke ward then was discharged home and received visits from ot and physio. one day his blood pressure was high and had to be monitired for three days hence his physio stopped. BP is now ok as on meds. my question is he is not seeing his consulant untill june and has had no more visits from the intemediate care team.
Avatar n tn Thank you both! We did get him an appoinment with a specialist outside of the nursing home and we are trying to find a way for the therapy to continue. The home stopped therapy because he "wasn't progressing" yet they refuse to let us have a therapist from outside come's crazy.
Avatar n tn My 49 year old brother had a massive left hemisphere stroke last August, leaving him paralyzed on the right side and he has made great progress with various modes of walking therapy. He now walks without any aids, albeit slowly and with difficulty. He does walk on a treadmill as part of his therapy and studies are showing that it's excellent for improving the gait to a more normal pattern.
Avatar f tn My son who is 38 had a stroke on Sept. 25, 2009. His left leg and left arm is paralyzed. He has been in two different sub-acute rehab facilities since Dec. 2009. The most recent one he has been there since Feb 10, 2010 but they only started the physical therapy on about Mar 7, 2010. The physical therapists and doctors are now telling me he probably won't get any better and we should be getting ready to take him home.
Avatar f tn my son had severe hemmoragic stroke 1 yr. ago, coming home from stroke institution and has had physical therapy for past 6mnths. will this l300 work for his paralysed rt. arm and leghe can walk with plastic brace in rt.
676565 tn?1226240090 Why are they sending her home so soon. My dad who was 80 when he had his stroke went directly from the hospital to a rehab facility. He stayed there about 2 months and then he came home with help from my mom and some care givers. You need to work on getting therapy for her so that she can improve.
Avatar f tn I had stroke at the age of 26. Do you know anyone that's happen to? My neurologist a Said they couldn't find any reason this should have happen to me.
976897 tn?1379167602 The rehabilitation process includes speech therapy to relearn talking and swallowing, occupational therapy to regain dexterity in the hands and legs, and physical therapy to improve strength and walking. The aim of the treatment is to restore as many, if not all, of the pre-stroke activities and functions of the patient. All there therapies may be carried out at home also.
Avatar f tn The Drs said it was the type of stroke that is fatal. 4 days later she is starting a very soft diet, physical therapy, and speech therapy. The stroke hit the left side of her brain and was bleeding. She is gaining little feeling in right leg, can move head to right(slightly) and attempting to talk. She responds by hand squeezing and smiles as well as slight laughter. She remains in ICU but we are looking for nursing home. She is receiving potassium due to slightly low levels.
Avatar n tn Hi, Thanks for writing in. It is very difficult to tell if he will be able to recover completely or not. There is no way of finding out for sure. Please continue with speech therapy. Hopefully he will respond to it. It requires patience and perseverance. Please be optimistic and do not give up. Good luck!
1127040 tn?1289718662 constant screaming *as if agony* but doctor said it could be due to mental illness caused by stroke. I am not sure, pakistani doctors can not be trusted much. And she is at her home being taken care by her children.