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Avatar f tn It sounds like you have suffered a stroke, that was likely caused in part by your diabetes. However, you are still young to have a stroke, despite diabetes, and it is important to exclude a predisposition to clotting, what is termed a "hypercoagulable state" in young people with stroke, even if they have other risk factors for stroke (such as diabetes). This is important because the treatment to prevent further stroke may differ. This can be tested mainly with blood tests.
Avatar n tn I guess that it's not fair that young people walking around, seemingly in perfect health, drop dead and people like me, who had a very unhealthy diet, have advanced 3 vessel CAD, and have been warned that I should aleady be dead without CABG surgery, are still kicking. I just tell them that I'm not a person who dies. Some people are, but I am not. Perhaps, I'm just too dumb to be left out of this world.
Avatar f tn I was unsure of what to do because I had been told that 28 is too young to have a stroke. Thank you for your help.
329994 tn?1301666848 I despise others who bring me down to make themselves feel better. Young people (20-30YR Range) have it much worse I think..
Avatar n tn My 71 year old stepfather recently suffered a major hemorragic cerebellum stroke. The doctors convinced my mother to have a tracheotomy and a feeding tube procedure. What are his chances for a normal life?
233915 tn?1218816727 Your daughter may have migraines, but the fact that she has had one stroke would make me worry about why that happened and why she is having neurological symptoms. Basically, your doctor may end up being right, but I think you may want to get second and third opinions first. At the very least your daughter should be tested for a PFO (paten foramen ovale) which is a small hole in the heart that causes many pediatric strokes and be tested for blood clotting disorders.
Avatar n tn The neurologist thinks these headaches are migraines and not related to the stroke, but he also says that the headache symptoms she describes are not typical in migraines. Could her headaches and cerebellum stroke be related also? I'm concerned that the doctor is being too quick to assume the stroke occured before birth when he also says that an MRI can NOT show the age of a stroke.
667937 tn?1227762298 Am i to young for a stroke? Could this have been a very minor one? If it helps I am a smoker, have been a light smoker since age 8 and a heavy smoker since age 12.
1154065 tn?1262188306 You're young and I hate to see young people suffering from anxiety at a time when they should truly be enjoying life. Take care...
Avatar n tn Once he is cleared for activity, the best thing is to have him be as active as he can manage as soon as possible (without overdoing it of course). Stroke rehabilitation happens through working through the symptoms. I had a stroke when I was in my late teens and I can't tell you how much I improved once I started physical therapy and slowly working my way towards being active. As for why the stroke happened, was your son ever tested for a PFO (paten foramen ovale)?
Avatar n tn I have BAM (Basilar Artery Migraine) with Aura. The aura is stroke like symptoms. I have had 27 full-blown episodes that render me unable to talk, walk, or control limbs on the right side. I have researched this to the hilt. If you will e-mail me at: ***@****, I will share my real experiences.
Avatar f tn I fortunately, had the same ER dr. he didn't seem to think I had another stroke, but just neurological symptoms from the migraine I was experiencing. My potassium was again a little low even after being on potassium pills. In the hospital I had been put on Aggrenox as a blood thinner and as I understand it put oxygen in my veins and arteries. I have since been taken off of it and put on 2 low dose aspirins a day. In these almost 3 weeks post-stroke, I have my good days and my bad days.
Avatar f tn It may not be PERFECT, but relationships seldom are. Surround yourself with people who appreciate you, not people who make demands and try to exploit you by hitting you where it hurts. By that I mean, taking advantage of your vulnerable emotional position, and the desire to see the little kids. Again, shame on them. Honest to GOD...I KNOW you're lonely, but if it were ME, I'd rather be alone, than treated like that.
Avatar n tn Have you checked at the free testing stations that are at most (all) pharmacies? Many people have higher than normal BP when at the doctor office.
Avatar n tn Your symptoms certainly sound TIA/stroke related. If it's a TIA your symptoms should have cleared within 24 hours. I had a stroke in June caused by a dissection of the carotid artery. if you have narrowing of the arteries to your brain at such a young age you are at high risk of stroke especially wiht a heart condition and should probably continue with blood thinners. Were both arteries narrowed or just one? Hope you are doing ok.
Avatar n tn I do hope that you do well in the future and remain Stroke free. you are so young and should not have to be dealing with this. I would love to know what they discover about the cause of your stroke and how things go for you in the future. Please if you would like write to me and keep me updated on how your doing..Your in my prayers and Best Wishes to you...
Avatar n tn hi there my name is jen. like you i had a stroke at a young age, i was 24 and feb 2005 i had a tia on feb 10 and a ischemic on feb 13. i was in the hospital for 2 1/2 months, i would have stayed longer but i wanted to get the hell out of there! it really felt like a constant hangover 24/7, dizzy the room spinning all of the time, vomiting 24/7, unable to move my whole left side. i felt like a doll being poked for blood 6 times a day!
429949 tn?1224695179 But a thorough neuro exam is also crucial. If everything you present with, including sensory symptoms not often seen in stroke, seem to indicate MS, then if I were you I'd quickly find a better doctor. Your cousin's stroke probably has nothing to do with you.
Avatar n tn Are there an online post stroke exercise routines available? P.S. Young stroke survivor - 32 years old. Thanks a bunch!
Avatar n tn I too am glad I found this page, it's comforting to know that there are other people my age to talk with about these things. I also had a stroke on my 28th birthday, so it's been about a year now. The doctors aren't sure if it was from the atherosclerosis (the plaque build up during the pregnancy) or the birth control pills. My daughter was about 3 1/2 months old when it happened. My husband & I would like to have another child within the next year or two.
Avatar n tn he did a stroke study on young women and I am one of them. My neurologist is the best...Dr. Wityk at Hopkins and people travel all over the country to see him. I would like to speak with you more at length regarding this if possible.
Avatar n tn Prayer. It works . My mother had a stroke left side brain stroke paralyzed her right side also affected her speech. The doctors we had did not give us hope they told us to put my mom in a nursing home that she probably would not recover. That was not an option for me my brother or my dad. Mom was in the hospital from Nov. 30th to Jan 14th. We went through physical therapy at the hopital with mom and we could see improvement in her even if a little bit daily.
Avatar n tn Hi there! I too am a young stroke survivor with left side weakness. The arm and hand are very frustrating, aren't they? Thankfully,I had my 2 daughters before my stroke, but my youngest was only 13 months when it happened. It took awhile for her to get used to me, but with some practice I eventually was able to change diapers, bathe the girls, and now 2 1/2 years later with some more progress under my belt, I can carry my 3 year-old to bed or short distances if I need to.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone my husband 56 yrs old had astroke april7,2010 left side parlazed he can move left hand uncontollable he can't walk speech is fine I regret putting him in a nursing home but I'm not able to care for I have three young children it's been almost thre monthes since the stroke will he gain any mobility on the left side
Avatar f tn I'm 43 and had a stroke about 4 months ago. It happened in the middle of a bad argument with my girlfriend. My jaw on the right side became numb like I had a shot of novacaine. The feeling traveled to my right arm and finally to my leg. I had trouble walking for a few minutes. Then it went away. I had another small episode 15 minutes later which went away as well. I went to bed and I woke up having a difficult time walking with my right leg and numbness in my right arm.
Avatar f tn This was the worst one of the 3 I've had in the past few months. Do people who have suffered stroke become more prone to migraines? Is adult onset of migraines common? Wouldn't they have started at a younger age?
927213 tn?1270014966 I didn't know a young dog was effected so quickly, but it stands to reason. Heat bothers even the young and healthy. I've learned a valuable lesson. If I find out the heat was the problem. I'll let you know what I find out. Thank's for the help.
Avatar m tn i had done drugs in my life i have been free from then for 12 years but the damage is done to brain because beening drug free for long i ended up have anonth stroke 2008.yes you could have had a stroke or a seizure or a seizure. or both together.
Avatar n tn My DX is vertigo, but I was told yesterday, by someone with vertigo, that is not what I have. They are staying away from the word stroke because it seems I'm too young at 35 to have one of those. What led to my dizinness and nausea is different, but I'm left with same. One day can be good with little dizziness, and some days bad, but the nausea has worn off. I don't get nausiated all the time anymore with the diziness.