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Avatar m tn Like if an area of the brain is affected, it causes certain results peripherally. In the absence of this, it is difficult to say that the symptoms are due to TIA or stroke. Many times with TIAs the imaging studies do not pick up any positive findings. If your symptoms persist or recur consult your doctor. Regards.
Avatar f tn I worked it by rubbing it and shaking it alot but while I was doing that I also got a sudden burst of numbness in the right side of my nose and mouth. The tongue became only slightly numb. This only lasted a few short minutes but made me go nuts at the same time. I have a 3 year old son who is very much a "Mommy's boy" and tend to hold him alot. I'm just wondering if he may be the cause to the numbness or if it really could be stroke related.
Avatar f tn Has anybody experienced stroke symptoms? All day Saturday my left arm was kinda numb and tingling and the that night out of no where the tingling went up my neck to my face, my lips and tongue went numd, got hot and my heart was beating fast...laid down and it went away.
Avatar n tn in ALS, do the symptoms preclude the atrophy of the tongue, or do the symptoms come after atrophy is evident. Also, the dividing line separating the two halves of my tongue is not centered and slightly favors the smaller side. Everything I read says the tongue should be symmpetrical in a healthy person. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I have had cramps in my tongue off & on for the last several years. This is very frightening & I've been worried about having tongue cancer, a stroke or a heart attack. I asked my dentist about it. He referred me to my doctor who referred me to an oral surgeon. None of them had ever heard of such a symptom. They all checked my tongue for tumors & found nothing wrong. Last night I was awakened from a sound sleep when I had a very strong cramp in my tongue.
Avatar n tn my 19 year old granddaughter was airlifted to a trauma center from her college with all the classic symptoms of a stroke (drooping face/eye, left arm weakness, left leg weakness, could not move her tongue to the left, could not inflate her cheeks on the left side pain in the right side of her head) after admission to the local ER her symptoms started to subside and after arriving at the new trauma center the symptoms continued to subside.
1015480 tn?1251136105 i had a heat stroke in the year of 2002.. now im have these seizures ive been going to a docotor who studys seizures.. but cant find what type it is.. now he saying my brain is shifting... i just want to know what type of it is...
Avatar n tn The tip of my tongue keeps feeling numb as does the right handside of my bottom lip. Its not totally numb but maybe more tingly. Can you help me figure out what could be causing this?
Avatar n tn My 32 year old daughter began having a numb tongue during her final month of pregnancy. Dr. told her it would go away after birth, it has not. She has also been having some dizziness with this numb tongue and a twitch beneath her left eye. She is terrified that it is a tumor or something extremely serious. Does anyone have any advice?
Avatar n tn Smile - An uneven or droopy smile is a warning sign Talk - Slurred speech is a warning sign Raise Both Arms Above Your Head - If you are unable to do this, that is a warning sign Stick Out Your Tongue - If your tongue is twisted, that is a warning sign Visit the stroke websites or health forums (such as this one) for detailed information: I hope your friend is okay!
Avatar m tn During the followup call I mentioned that the left side of my tongue was numb, and chewing ,swallowing and talking were difficult.The office said to call back if things were not normal the next day.To shorten the story I got an MRI,EKG,and an artery scope.No sign of a stroke was found.Has anyone heard of this?The operation was the left shoulder,and when I stick out my tongue it curves left.
Avatar n tn Stroke symptoms that "progress" are often due to a slow bleed. Often due to coumadin. Test for her sensitivity to sunlight, which is a hallmark of such a bleed. Try and see what nutrients she gets at night on the peg and the quantity. Be prepared to be ignored in this request. Ask to see her feeding log. And try to find out what PEG device was utilized. There are different ones. Some use an inflatable balloon that is a little too big for the stomach.
469720 tn?1388149949 Stroke Risk Factors Some stroke risk factors are hereditary. Others are a function of natural processes. Still others result from a person's lifestyle. You can't change factors related to heredity or natural processes, but those resulting from lifestyle or environment can be modified with the help of a healthcare professional. Fortunately, most risk factors are under our control What risk factors for stroke can't be changed?
Avatar f tn I find these symptoms worrying as you feel like you are having a stroke. All have been ittermittent/on and of everyday but not constant apart from the tongue numbness, it is painful to move my tongue and talk, feels weird. My question to the forum is: Does anyone know if migraines hit in the same spot each time. Like my numbness on my face is always on the same area (path pattern if you like) and same with leg.
Avatar f tn From what you posted, you should have gone to the ER with the start of your symptoms since this could be a stroke, and now we can treat strokes but only in the very first hours of starting. Now it has been > 24 hours. I suggest you call your doctor on-call and report your symptoms, and go to the ER anyway to get checked out. It could be something as simple as Bell's Palsy (a nerve that affects the area involved), but it could be more serious like a stroke. Please seek medical attention.
744637 tn?1250806622 Hi, It is difficult to differentiate complicated migraine from stroke. The symptoms of stroke develop very rapidly while the symptoms of complicated migraine develop insidiously. MRI and CT scan in patients of stroke shows the characteristic small vessel ischemic changes. The best treatment for migraine is recognition and avoidance of trigger. Medications like NSAIDS are used to abort acute attacks of migraine. Other medications include butalbital, isometheptene and botox.
Avatar n tn For the past 2 weeks on and off, my jaw feels funny and kind of achy if I open it too wide and during those times, I find it difficult to speak, as if I'm tongue tied. I feel that some of my words are fuzzy, but I haven't heard any comments from my family. I certainly find it difficult to speak in those times, in that I have to make an effort to speak. I also feel as if I'm salivating more than I should. No other symptoms. This has been happening for 2 weeks now, but on and off.
Avatar n tn I am currently experiencing numbness with my tongue that cause extreme fatigue and makes it difficult to talk, I also have trouble remembering simple tasks and focusing. I also have a lump under my chin that I was told was just fat but I know that it's not because some days it appears bigger and I will wake up with my jaw area feeling swollen and will last throughout the day.
444414 tn?1376579695 The thing that is making me wonder right now is the tingling in the lips and tongue. I noticed this a few years ago around the time I would get hungry or eat. I thought maybe it was a blood sugar related symptom but doctors have told me that this is not a blood sugar related issue. I've tried googling it and neurological symptoms keep coming up, either that or low blood calcium.
Avatar n tn for appointment times because that is physican related. Your symptoms might be from your stroke, and certainly the symptoms point in that direction. As far as resolution of the symptoms, that depends on the extent of the stroke and rehab.
Avatar m tn About 2 years ago she had a seizure during the early morning hours (around 5am) where she bit down on her tongue and had bled throughout her mouth, onto her pillow. I found her breathing heavily because her mouth was closed, and her teeth were clenched shut. I called 911, EMT's arrived and helped her come out of it. She had lost control of her bladder during the episode. While they were trying to get her onto the gurney she became very combative, and could not even recognize me, her son.
Avatar n tn It began right after lunch, I felt dehidrated, the left lower part of my occipital region of my lower cranial region felt painful, then I had a freind check my pulse and she said that it was 133 we went to the local Quick care where then I had trouble signing my name at all times IN MY HEAD I WAS AWARE! I could not hold the ther. under my tongue, I had diffuculty which speech, my BP was normal but high range of normal, 128/94 which for me is very high.
Avatar f tn When I first began having anxiety symptoms and then panic attacks, a friend suggested I purchase a small paperback book titled Hope and Help for Your Nerves by Dr. Claire Weekes. I would highly suggest anyone suffering from anxiety symptoms or having symptoms and just don't understand what is happening to them, this book will help you. I believe most bookstores carry it as it has been around along time. If not, have the store order it.
Avatar n tn I am a 26 year old female, and I have had complicated migraines for several years now, with symptoms of varying left sided numbness. My neurologist recently found that I had a small stroke, which must have occured within the past year (as I had a normal MRI a year ago). Now when I get neurological symptoms they are often more severe, with entire left sided numbness rather than just facial or hand numbness.
Avatar n tn My husband aged 54 had a (embolic) stoke in July, which affected his left side, he recovered quickly and was able to give a brilliant speech at our daughters wedding on august 9th 2008, then suddenly at the end of August his speech began to deteriorate, they detected another stroke which caused this. Now he has no other symptoms other than this speech slur, has anyone any advice. He has been referred to speach therapist, but as yet not seen anyone.
Avatar n tn She was admitted to the hospital prior to the stroke because of obvious symptoms but the MRI showed nothing. She was sent home and then returned because of increasing difficulties. The major stroke occurred in the NICU the second night of her stay. I was told she was not a candidate for the clot busting drug, tpa.
Avatar n tn My father had a similar sounding stroke on Dec. 8, 2006. He seemed pretty alert, spoke well, could swallow, etc. His major problems were left side paralysis and double vision. After about three weeks, he took his first steps and within 2 weeks of that was walking 40 feet with a walker. He was not able to start moving his left hand until about 4 weeks in. At that point, he could move all fingers and make a loose fist.
Avatar n tn I can relate to almost all of these symptoms. I have had swollen tongue, swollen lips and fingers, welts all over the body. One thing that I am sure about is that the lips and hands could be related to taking aspirin. I used to take an adult dosage and had severe reactions. Then I was determined to be able to take one baby aspirin. But if I have to get off the aspirin for surgery, then it comes back when I resume.