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Avatar m tn For several months now I have had a constant sweet smell and taste in my nose and mouth. I consulted the doctor and had all the blood tests required for diabetes etc. All the tests came back normal. The doctor said that it could be a sinus infection, and all he could do is prescribe an anti-biotic. Can anyone shine any light on my problem ?.
Avatar n tn Stroke symptoms that "progress" are often due to a slow bleed. Often due to coumadin. Test for her sensitivity to sunlight, which is a hallmark of such a bleed. Try and see what nutrients she gets at night on the peg and the quantity. Be prepared to be ignored in this request. Ask to see her feeding log. And try to find out what PEG device was utilized. There are different ones. Some use an inflatable balloon that is a little too big for the stomach.
Avatar n tn Hello Dear, You probably have hemiplegic migraine where , the symptoms are indicative of vascular disease and can be thought to be stroke. Migraine-specific abortives, the triptans and ergotamines, are currently contraindicated in the treatment of Hemiplegic Migraine because of their vasoconstrictive properties and concerns about stroke You should consult your physician and monitor your blood pressure for there may be chancec of hypertension with migraine. Refer http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.
Avatar m tn Recently I have been smelling foul odors in my nose and even sometimes having the same taste in my mouth. The odour smells very much like my feces which also has not been normal lately. Is this possible?
Avatar f tn A thorough check of your heart should be done to rule out a cardiac cause for your symptoms. Is your dizzyness constant or does it happen during position changes, or when on your feet? Do you happen to know what your heart rate is like? You definately need to have a Tilt Table Test, this will rule in or out several conditions. If I were you this would be my next step.
Monster I recently had a hemorrhagic stroke. Doc put me on two BP meds, a water pill and statin cholesterol pill. I have never had high cholesterol. I am tired all the time, lost sense of taste, and foggy brain function... I read this could be due to statins. Is it safe to just stop the statin drug?
Avatar m tn Chose this forum because a headache is involved. Symptoms started two weeks ago. Have never had before. Have not changed any of the meds i take. I get a brief intense moment of dizziness, feeling faint with a strange taste in my mouth. Hands feel a little tingly and my hearing is sometimes muffled and a bit of tunnel vision. Lasts about 2 minutes then passes. Afterwards i feel tired and have a headache at the back of my head and my eyes are very sore.
Avatar n tn in may of 2006, i awoke to have blurred vision, left eye was like looking at a tv with vertical hold taken to hospital and told that i had vertigo............had an ashy taste in mouth, slurred speech, memory loss on simple words-i walked like an old person--they did a CT and nothing, i was given mezclazine(?
Avatar n tn I recently joined a Stroke Support Group, I haven't attended my first meeting but I am looking forward to it. When I woke up after 7 weeks and figured out what had happened to me, I really wanted to talk with people who had like experiences. When my physical therapist walked me down a flight of stairs, that was fairly simple but getting back up was the hard part but it was worth the struggle.
Avatar f tn What causes my skim milk to taste off? I have thrown out many containers well before the due date thinking they were off, my husband says they are fine, our fridge is new too.....just seems to taste musty to me.
Avatar n tn All of a sudden my nasal/sinus passages seem to clear up and I feel like I can smell everything very clearly, even my clothes. I also have a bad taste in my mouth, almost metallic. I was thinking that it could be a migraine, but I dont get a headache. Could it be from not getting enough sleep? Over the summer I started to get it, then I went to bed earlier and it slowly went away for a while. Is there anything else that is associated with these symptoms? I am a pretty healthy person. Thanks.
Avatar n tn These are the symptoms I have. Some come and go periodically and some are present most of the time. Can anyone give me any suggestions as to what might be going on?
Avatar f tn Over the past two years I have had a decline in my sense of taste and smell. I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia. I also have degenerative disc disease in my spine, have had lung surgery, and a stroke at 35. Could this in any way be a misdiagnoses? Upon reading everything about Mitochondria Disease I would like to be tested for it but don't know where I should go for the testing and a reliable doctor. I live in N.
604197 tn?1292308636 I realized that the loss of smell was concurrent with the loss of taste. Neither of these symptoms have improved and I believe are in fact getting worse. I continued to experience constant ringing in my ears. The migraines are intermittent at this point and I successfully treated them with 2 to 6 mg of Zanaflex. This has been an amazing medication for my headaches and migraines. I also have visual distortion in the right peripheral vision of both eyes.
Avatar f tn Is there anything that I MYSELF can do? Could this be a sign that I had another stroke or mini-stroke during that blackout moment? For a year & a 1/2 I have tried to see a neuorologist (and accomplished seeing 2) but our health insurance has continously been cancelled & changed ever since & each time I get to actually see a neurologist, it takes months to get in & I have no insurance again by the time of the follow up.
354585 tn?1225916814 It sounds very much like narcolepsy. Recurrent "Bells Palsy," memory problems, insomnia symptoms, chronic pain, taste hallucinations, smell hallucinations, and twitchy feelings and weakness and paralysis in muscles are actually very characteristic of narcolepsy with cataplexy. In fact, often times, people don't have "Bells Palsy," but cataplexy. Viruses and some vaccines (namely the H1N1) can actually precipitate this, but it can happen seemingly in random fashion, too.
Avatar m tn Hi there, recently I noticed I am getting more a taste and smell in the back of my throat and in my sinus opposed to in my nose. When I in-hale normally I can get the taste/smeel in my throat but when I inhale through my nose alone its gone and the same applies through my mouth. A few months back I was sent of a scan of my intestines and stomach and they found that I had a stomach bacteria so I was prescribed 2000mg twice daily of antibiotics to be taken over 2 weeks.
Avatar m tn 5 months ago I was working out at the gym and felt light headed almost like a stroke or heart attack. went to doc said I had slight elevated liver enzymes said it was something I took. only thing I could think of was some supplements I bought from the gym (in another country) had EKG and head CT checked good. liver enzymes went to normal after a month or so. since then my digestive seems slow and few no matter how much I eat and I feel stomach bloat and stomach gas.
Avatar n tn My tongue has chged now, I no longer taste metallic now it is salt or asprin taste. I brush my teeth with cool minty gel and there is no coolness from the mint and it seem the more stimulation my tongue has the salter things are. If my tongue is not stimulated then it taste like asprin. I had an altoid the other day (cinnamon usally very hot)I could smell the cinnamon but my tongue had no sense of how hot it was.
Avatar m tn For the past couple months or so I have been having growing symptoms. First I had chest pain and after an X-Ray and EKG they diagnosed as cochondritis. Lungs in X-Ray were normal. Shortly after I started to experience a weird taste in my mouth that I can't really describe. Seems like a metallic taste; however, it isn't strong like if I were to put a penny in mouth.
Avatar f tn I've been to two doctors on this, but my symptoms have changed. I'm very freightened and don't know what's going on. Two weeks ago I became very light headed. It lasted for over a week and a half. One week into it, I lost my sense of taste and had a sore on the left side of my tongue. Also, one week into it, I found that I could not write or type well anymore. The first doctor had no idea what was going on. I got blood tests and a shot of b12 and nothing happened.
Avatar f tn The EKG, CT-Scan and blood work all came back normal and later during the week, so did the ultrasound on my neck arteries and the echo on my heart. My internist said it could be a mini-stroke but the symptoms persist a week later, with complete numbness of the tongue and lips. He told me it might be a side effect of my anti-depressant, Pristiq, and has taken the dose down from 100mg to 50mg. I am to report in next week to let him know what my symptoms are doing.
Avatar m tn Strangest thing is, since that happened again my body seems to be healing twice as fast as it has been the past few weeks and now i feel great except for some symptoms i have noticed.
Avatar n tn sensation, complete right side of the body. All of these symptoms developed withing 6 months after the stroke. I'm trying an homeopathic concoction of mixes to alleviate the nerve damage. I'm going after Chronic Stroke symptoms: Numbness, tingling, burning, nerve pain, "pins & needles." I was on Neurontin (Gabapentin)100mg, 3x/day (a "low" dose, by my Doctor's standards).
1522652 tn?1291241954 I also have salty taste in mouth and currently am up to monthly injections of b12. I was also low in vit. d and took 2 rounds of presription vit. d3, 50,000 1xwkly for 8 wks. (1 month apart). My problems began in May 2010 with fungus growth under my nail, pain in both flanks. Which was puzzling b/c I have had a left nephrectomy. I did experience some vaginal burning, and feeling of frequency to urinate, but was negative for uti, but for trace amount of bacteria.
363281 tn?1518219421 I just copied a list of all anxiety symptoms, you will be amazed. Here it is: I will post in section as I have been told it is too long.
Avatar n tn Because the physical symptoms started at the same time as the mental symptoms we as a family are convinced they are connected, but she is now going to be released from hospital and we are no closer to any diagnosis. can you help please - I feel like my mum is being forgotten just because of her age.
Avatar n tn This was after excluding dental issue, eyestrain or problems, TMJ, stroke, etc (fI have a serious family history and PAD, personally). The muscle relaxant my md gave me to try for a week last spring worked the best for the pain, but put me to sleep so I discontinued it. I went to a neurologist in August bec of 5 months of pain. It is located in front of ears, behind jaws, radiating up to eyes and down to throat--adams apple and the back of my neck feels stiff.