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Avatar n tn When I walked it felt like my left ankle was just going to give out on me, it felt really weak. I was also EXREMELY dizzy. I was admitted and these symptoms were strong and lasted for over a day. I was in the hospital for 2 days and they ran a CT scan, an MRI, blood tests, and all came back negative. Gradually my symptoms started to fade. They released me after they had done every test they could think of without knowing what was causing them.
Avatar n tn If I had that habit, I would expect to take 3 Darvocet (at first) as soon as withdrawal symptoms start (That's 300 mgs. of Propoxyphene and 1950 mgs of Tylenol). Now, different people react differently to Propoxyphene. If you have a HUGE Vicodin habit, you won't feel them that much, unless you really over do the Darvocet. If you overdo them - you will feel like you're high on Pot. I have actually had disturbances in vision from too much propoxyphene at one time - a crossed eyes feeling!
Avatar m tn Further, most of the symptoms in upper respiratory tract infections are caused by the body's own immune response, and not the infectious agents9. In sick people vitamin D supplementation increases infectious burden, and suppresses the immune system: monocytes – According to a 2011 interventional study in which patients with multiple sclerosis were given high doses of vitamin , peripheral blood mononuclear cells (monocytes) lose “abnormal reactivity” at 40 ng/mL.