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Avatar m tn Tissue plasminogen activator (TPA), needs to be given within 4.5 hours after stroke symptoms, this restores the blood supply to the affected part. Treatment of hemorrhagic stroke focuses on controlling the bleeding and reducing the pressure on the brain. Sometimes surgical interventions may be needed to control the bleeding. Cerebrolysin has beneficial effects on cognitive function. Depending on the clinical condition, a rehabilitation program is charted out.
Avatar m tn Hi, my dad suffered a stroke 3 months. He is 73 yrs old and was alcoholic and heavy smoker and had industrial deafness. He has lost his speech though now he starts speaking though you can only understand possibly 1 word out 20. He has loss use of his right side bodily functions and is incontinent. He cant even sit in a wheelchair and is bed ridden. What can i do and what is best case scenario???
478387 tn?1210765908 I suffered a stroke after dissecting my carotid. My carotid was not operated on and closed 100%. My doc says it is safer for me to leave it alone. A partially opened artery is a great risk for strokes. You want 100% open or 100% closed. He explained to me that the other arteries in the brain can supply the brain with enough blood. I think the operation risk outweighs the gain. I know that it can be a little hard to accept. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn my aunt got an stroke and she had an excellent recovery. Unfortunately after a while she started having visual problems such as double vision. She also complained about not being able to move her right eye to see the floor or to see the walls. What nerve or nerves might have been affected by the stroke? why? .
Avatar n tn Hi! The recovery depends on the brain/spinal cord area involved, the neurological symptoms, and the correction of vitamin B12 levels. This is difficult to predict on net. Please consult your doctor regarding this. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar f tn Hi, How is your mother-in-law? Recovery from stroke is a lifelong process and depends on a variety of factors such as how well the body is responding, type of stroke, severity of symptoms, how much the body is involved, medical condition of the patient ( presence of heart conditions), age, and over-all health. It is important that her heart condition is managed also as well as prevention of other medical complications that may arise.
Avatar f tn i've learned ppls symptoms can very and with all the new illnesses with similar symptoms they lucky to know. i had my stroke at the hospital while nurses were to busy chatting to have me admitted to be seen. the last thing i remember before was if they dont hurry it be to late. i woke up when a dr was yelling an i was being moved an all i heard before i watch the heart monitor flat line was him telling them he should have been called an they were to give me something..
Avatar f tn I would suggest that your father be seen by a psychiatrist or a stroke neurologist. He may need medication to help him through this phase of recovery. Thank you for this opportunity to answer your questions, I hope you find the information I have provided useful, good luck.
Avatar n tn As far as I 'm concerned, I'm afraid that modern medicine can do little in stroke recovery, so I suggest you can take some alternative medicine. Meditation, acupuncture, hypnosis, reflexology, herbalmedicine, and so on are all alternative medicine, and I think there must be one can help you. My friend's mother caught stroke and we are looking for any treatment to help her. I think Traditional Chinese Medicine should be my best choice.
Avatar n tn Hi, Stroke rehabilitation, or, in more optimistic terms, stroke recovery, is the process by which patients with disabling strokes undergo treatment to help them return to normal life as much as possible by regaining and relearning the skills of everyday living. It is multidisciplinary in that it involves a team with different skills working together to help the patient.
Avatar f tn My husband suffered from a massive stroke on June 4...We are now going through the recovery process but I have lots of questions. He has just restarted to gain movement in his arms and legs. His right side is a lot weaker than the left but his left eye is a lot weaker than the right. Is there anything we can do to help him along this road to recovery? Does anyone one know anything about Acupuntcure and the recovery process? For some reason the ammonia level in is blood his very high...
Avatar n tn I greatly appreciate your stories of recovery after hemorrhagic stroke. My 81-year-old husband had this type of stroke on 7/3. It was a rather large bleed in the back right portion of his brain. Many of your experiences sound exactly like mine. He is on a ventilator and feeding tube, although he has been breathing for up to 10 hours without the vent. He has just begun opening his eyes and blinking them, and also lifting his right arm a bit.
Avatar n tn Excluding a new stroke, do symptoms several months after a stroke get worse than symptoms at the time of the stroke. The symptoms after the stroke should get better or stay the same but not get worse, right? New scans show resolution, but symptoms persist.
Avatar n tn We did not lose hope and we are very active to help in her recovery. It has been about 10 days since her stroke and improvement is on a scale of 1 to 100 i'll give it a 5. Now when we ask her to squeeze our finger she can with her left hand but not with the right. But it is akward that she can move her right arm up and down and does the same with her leg. Vicky She can respond with simple head nod yes or no but cannot speak.
580765 tn?1274922960 I have noticed no correlation between the occurrence of the episodes and any other conditions, other than the progression of the stroke- like symptoms in and around the time of the racing episodes. A neurologist that I saw Tuesday ruled out MS and other neurological conditions, based on several clear MRIs, nerve conduction tests, and lumbar puncture results. He said that all of my symptoms were likely due to an electrial misfire in my heart.
Avatar m tn For ischemic strokes, thrombolytics can be used to help dissolve the clot quickly. Ideally, thrombolytics must be given within 3 hours of the first stroke symptoms. And if he is at risk for bleeding, its best he continue with plavix only. Most functional recovery occurs within the first 3 months. After this, further recovery is possible, but it is generally limited. So, if his symptoms are improving you can be optimistic. Continue with his medications and physiotherapy. Good Luck. Regards.
Avatar n tn my father had a mild stroke last dec.12,2007, how many months he would take to live a normal life? mild stroke can cure? and it will return to a normallife?
2144912 tn?1336273613 There is a high possibility that I will be having decompression surgery for CM- Type1 within the next month. I have read all sorts of recovery stories, mostly with very lengthy recoveries... please share with me your story! I am new to the forum & would like to hear YOUR CM story: how you found out, symptoms, docs, how surgery & recovery went, etc. I am nervous, excited & also looking for relief!! Thank you!!
Avatar n tn Hi, You have to get your blood pressure checked for a few times to see if it is in the normal range. The symptoms you had could be due to various reasons and stroke as a definite cause cannot be said because of the prompt recovery you mention. Have you had the symptoms again? Have you consulted your doctor about this? Were any investigations done? Are you eating well? Let us know about how you are doing now and if you have any other doubts. Regards.
Avatar n tn Hi Gooch, I am sorry to hear about your father’s Stroke. Recovery of the stroke happens in phases. It goes on over a period of time that can range from a few weeks to a few years. Every stroke is different and the extent of damage varies in each patient. Recovery does occur even if a part of the brain is damaged. The brain is a remarkable organ. When the blood supply to a part is cut off, new pathways can take over and supply blood to that damaged area.
Avatar f tn His speech is slightly slurred, but no other stroke symptoms apply (dizziness, vomitting, blurred vision, etc..)... within the last 48 hours, he has lost the ability to swallow (even water)... many tests have been run and more are scheduled, but not one Doc has given us any ideas or suspicions. Any ideas out there?
Avatar m tn Hi,my 57 year old mother suffered a hemorrhagic stroke,she was pretty healty before this,but she does smoke.The doc said it was 4 cm and it was on her left side,her vision is affected and her capability to read. She was in the hospital 5 days,her blood pressure,blood work,everything looks good which is very weird!Other then that she was conscious all the time,no memory loss or anything like that. My question is why the docs didn't give her any medication while in the hospital or after?
Avatar m tn Hi there, My gran who is 86 recently had a stroke. She was at the top of her stairs and fell down the stairs. She's been in hospital since Tuesday and my family and I aren't sure if her symptoms are normal. She seems to be sleeping a lot, every time we go to visit she is sleeping. She isn't getting her usual blood pressure tablets and her blood pressure is high, she's nil by mouth but the doctor says they can't bring the blood pressure down too much.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am really sorry to hear about your father’s condition. Recovery from a stroke is normally a very long process. The greatest amount of recovery occurs in the first 2-6 months in most of the patients, but slow improvement may occur for several years. The recovery time is different for each person and takes longer with more severe strokes. Respiratory dysfunction associated with strokes may result from discrete or diffuse lesions to key components of the respiration controller.
Avatar n tn Hello My father lives in a semi rural part of Australia and I have had some concerns about his health care. In 1992 he had an AMI and stroke around same time. routine CT scan showed cerebrovascular diseas in the deep white matter. In 1994 he had DVT so was put on Warfarin. In 1999 he had an episode where he could not speak properly for a few seconds and was confused. We took him to the local hospital and the Doctor said he had a TIA and as he was on Warfarin there was nothing more to be done.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend of the past 9 years recently had a hemmoraghic stroke. He seems to have no use of his left side and of course, has the slurred speech. This stroke happened 4 days ago. The neurosurgeon told us today that he will have to have surgery as the blood is not re-absorbing and the swelling has restarted. My question is---how successful is this surgery? How dangerous? I realize that without it, we will basically watch him lay and die.