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Avatar m tn I have a vague symptome of sudden shutdown of my energy/syncope/shock for only few seconds. No ppt or relieving factors. No pain ,chest symptoms or unusual stress. This problem repeated over two weeks and becomes more frequent lastly. no other medical condition.
Avatar f tn My weak ess is overwhelming. I can't even talk. I sounds like someopne who had a stroke. I feel terrible because yesterday i told the kidsnthat I would take them to the mall and thethis morning i can barely move. They just don't understand. Alll that we can tell them is that mommy is sick. It seems like mommy ks always sick. I am nervous because i thought I was in a relapse and waiting it out already.
712042 tn?1254572809 I was awake/conscious for most it and was even pleased when the docs were able to reproduce my symptoms! Unfortunately the recovery drug just didn't work therefore the confirmation of cardiac microvascular dysfunction. Emory, Mayo and U-FL,all researchers working on the same NIH study protocol for this dysfunction had not seen a case so severe. Needless to say a rough few days at Emory until they got my meds correct..............loads of IV nitro.
Avatar n tn We consulted with our doctor and was told that the symptoms were not related to the shot. In my 65 years, however, I have seen a lot and "never say never" to anything! All has resolved now. Thanks for answering!
162948 tn?1205256292 s i am however getting the same symptoms too aswell as some of these symptoms from feeling symptoms are peeing allot....cramps..back ache my temperature fluctuating allot...feeling very tired even though i go to bed early....and very thirsty and about 10 mins after having a drink wanting to go again...and a bubbly feeling in my stomach not like butterflys or the feeling of gas but more kinda like electricity, i have not tested yet >.