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Avatar f tn I have been told by different doctors differnt things. Eg. TIA stroke, because of Stress, in my own head. I am very frustrated at this all. I cant drive my kids to schoool, cant do normal duties etc etc. This time i had a friend with me that mentioned the nurse/doctor said it looked like i just had a silent seziure. I was there awake but not there. I cant remember much of the past couple of weeks. I am very tired. The other day i was awake 4 hours out of 24hours. and weak, exhausted.
Avatar m tn Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Bell Palsy Brain Abscess Guillain-Barre Syndrome HIV Infection and AIDS Lumbar (Intervertebral) Disk Disorders Neck Trauma Sarcoidosis Spinal Cord Infections Spinal Cord Injuries Stroke, Hemorrhagic Stroke, Ischemic Subdural Hematoma Syphilis Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Tick-Borne Diseases, Lyme Transient Ischemic Attack Trigeminal Neuralgia Pertinent Findings on History AIM is to exclude the diagnosis of every other disease on
Avatar m tn // "Magnesium: The Stress Reliever" by Leo Galland M.D., F.A.C.N. (online article) "The Importance of Magnesium to Human Nutrition" by Michael Schachter M.D., F.A.C.A.M (online article) "Magnificent Magnesium" by Priscilla Slagle M.D.
363281 tn?1518219421 I just copied a list of all anxiety symptoms, you will be amazed. Here it is: I will post in section as I have been told it is too long.
Avatar f tn They do include tremors, fasciculations, weakness, myoclonus, Parkinsonian features, MS features, ALS features, vertigo, dizziness, alterations in hearing- vision- sense of smell or taste, neurologically mediated stiffness, sleep disorders including sleep apnea, loss of balance, all manner of speech disturbances and psychiatric disorders as listed elsewhere, stiff neck of the meningitis variety, neurologically mediated changes in bowel and bladder function, pinched nerve syndromes, neurological
Avatar n tn No tear in the retina. Epilepsy hasnt ever come up. symptoms are always described as strange. Any thoughts would be much appreciated, or if anybody has similar symptoms. Additional information about me - my posture (neck) is a little hunched, could this be causing some sort of tension that causes the above? I use the computer a lot. never had a serious illness. have smoked marijuana before. not a lot though.
Avatar n tn 1) Can sinus cause the daily head pressure and tinnitus? No pain, just a heavy and tight feeling from my eyebrows, temples to the back of my head. Wake up with it. Only goes away when outside exercising. Constant dust inside and outside this place with pollution. Extreme heat going from AC into 120 degree. Has cooled off now, but symptoms remain.
Avatar f tn I had a work up to rule out a stroke it was thought that I may have had a TIA related to inflammation from Lupus. The drooping almost completely went away. Then on Sep 1st I woke up with the right side of my face drooping again this time much more pronounced and my right arm feeling very heavy and I was having difficulty grasping things.
Avatar n tn html PEGASYS can cause serious side effects, such as mental health problems and suicide, heart problems, stroke or symptoms of a stroke, new or worsening autoimmune problems, and infections. Some of these side effects may cause death. Tell your healthcare provider right away if your loved one has any of these symptoms while taking their treatment with PEGASYS.
Avatar n tn pdf Your risk of stroke is calculated by looking at your risk factors and the acronym CHADS2 Congestive heart failure 1 point Hypertension 1 point Age greater than 75 1 point Diabetes 1 point Stroke or transient ischemic attack (stroke with symptoms that last less than 24 hours) 2 points If you have 0-1 point, your risk of strike low and the risk of bleeding with coumadin is greater than the risk of stroke --- therefore aspirin is sufficien
Avatar n tn In individuals without symptoms and blockages of 60% or less, medical therapy alone is appropriate. This involves the use of an anticoagulant, which may include: Aspirin, Coumadin (warfarin), etc. Endarterectomy is three times as effective as medical therapy alone in reducing stroke in individuals whose blockages are 70-95% and have symptoms. You may find the statistics you are looking at this site: http://www.americanheart.
Avatar m tn I am now 23 years of age and I have Parietal Lobe Epilepsy that is a result of a stroke I had when I was 9. It affected my right parietal lobe. I had no symptoms until age 18 when I had my first aura, which visual, the world looked scrambled. I had a few more of these until I finally had a seizure that generalized into tonic clonic at age 20. It also started with the visual misalignment as well as numbness in my left arm that spread into tonic movements throughout my whole body.
Avatar f tn I have had two episodes now of right hand weakness, facial numbness without actual numbness, and difficulty with pronouncing words. They thought may be stroke but all ECG bloods, ct scan etc not indicative. Went for MRI and am seeing him Monday but have the report here with scan on disc to take with me. Looked at report and states this.....
1351619 tn?1276888437 Yes, those can be attributed to chiari...but there r many conditions with similar symptoms, but having low lying tonsils points u in the right direction to get more tests done to see if chiari is really the culprit. U need to see a Chiari specialist, so be sure to get copies of ur MRI to show the more test will need to be done if not already. A MRI of ur brain w./wo contrast, a cervical , thoracic and lumbar spine MRI and a CINE MRI....
Avatar f tn He then went on to contradict himself and said one of his other patients developed Parkinsonian symptoms from Sinequin. He has left me confused. Should I be concerned about recommencing this drug?
1175033 tn?1492204828 An increase in pressure in or on the cyst may increase symptoms and cause nerve damage. Symptoms can vary from person to person. If you have any of these symptoms, do not assume it is due to Tarlov cysts. These symptoms may be caused by other conditions.
356518 tn?1322267242 At present, there is no cure for PD, but a variety of medications provide dramatic relief from the symptoms according to the National Institute or Neurological Disorders and Stroke. The most common medication is Levodopa, which dramatically helps many of the most disabling motor symptoms. THE MANY MYTHS AND SECRETS: One of the many secrets of PD is that it's much more than just a movement disorder.
Avatar f tn The NIH has also failed its mission to research the disease, hiding it under CFS at the Office of Research into Women’s Health (ORWH) with a paltry budget, rather than placing M.E. at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke(NINDS) alongside similar diseases as M.S. and Post Polio Syndrome, where it should have a budget on a scale commensurate with the fact that more people are affected by M.E. than M.S. and are just as severely disabled.
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2034625 tn?1392646892 Laura *********** Most Common Diagnoses for Patients Without MS --------------------------------Colorado-------------Dalhousie-----------------Marshfield ---------------------------------(N  139)----------------(N  52)----------------------(N  70) Psychiatric disease-----63 (45%)-------------14 (27%)-------------------53 (76%) Migraine headaches-----29 (21%)--------------7 (14%)---------------------2 (3%) Stroke or TIA----------------7 (5%)----------------3 (6%)-----------------------2 (3
Avatar n tn )This place calls them self a stroke center but no MRI on the weekends or holidays. I was wondering how bad could this be, if their waiting. They dont know if it still growing. He has always otherwise been healthy. They say it is shifting the brain, what would they most likely do? What is an outcome for something like this? I m worried about my brother, please anyone have any insight for me.
143746 tn?1301278422 I have had many symptoms of Adrenal Insufficiency for about 7 months. I just had my cortisol level checked for the first time and it was 8.8 ug/dl at 8:25 AM. It is in the "normal" range (3.7 to 19.4 ug/dl before 10AM) and my doctor didn't seem concerned. Nevertheless, there are a lot of resources on the internet that seem to suggest this level is too low. Could someone help shed light on the topic? Is it too low or is it normal? I am new to this and it is confusing.
Avatar n tn or to develop IIH after PDF surgery for many of the symptoms do sound familiar. And I know there r many issues with similar symptoms, but no relation to each other...which is y it can be a long road to a dx.
Avatar m tn The fact your doc said nothing is wrong with the heart means you go way down below the normal tiny chance those of your age have of cardiac death too. Over-analyzing yourself actually creates fear which makes the "symptoms" real as you sweat and feel short of breath etc. In the ER the only time I went the doc said if I had a heart issue all week like I feared that I would be dead so that convinced me that she was right and I forgot about my symptoms.
Avatar n tn If this is what you are indeed experiencing, ectopic beats, pacs or pvcs, in an otherwise healthy heart are not a concern unless they cause troubling symptoms like shortness of breath or passing out. The fact that you work out regularly is a good sign that you heart is likely healthy but considering your family history of heart disease I might go and get checked out by a doctor if you haven't in the recent past.
333672 tn?1273796389 com/docs/Simka-hamilton%20-ccsvi-1.pdf Dr. Simka of Poland has been testing and treating MS patient for CCSVI. Interesting, he noticed that "Within one hour postop patients’hands became warm (if cold before treatment) and faces pink (if pale before)." One of the first things I noticed post-procedure were that my hands and feet were warm, which for me was a minor miracle. Locations and etiologies of extracranial venous lesions in MS - Michael D. Dake
Avatar f tn Bell's Palsy and depression are well known symptoms of Lyme Disease, as is a reduced capacity for stress. It can also cause brain lesions (I have 20 of them and was worked up for MS before my neuro decided I probably didn't have MS and referred me off to a teaching/research hospital). I don't know where you are, but cases of Lyme have been reported in every state in the country, far more in some than others.
800495 tn?1237673960 I know how rough migraines can be, I have complicated ones, have had a mild stroke from one and was in the hospital for 3 days from it in 07 and another episode a month ago, in the hospital again for 3 days, they swear from all the tests it was just the neuro symptoms w/o stroke or TIA. I suggest you hang in there, talk it over with your neuro and press on until you get some answers. You have every right to have an answer to your MRI scan in what the black spots were.
177275 tn?1511758844 While many patients complain that this is bothersome, ophthalmologists tend to pay little heed to these symptoms other than to rule out anomalous PVD3, 8 manifesting as either peripheral or posterior retinal pathology. Once the absence of disease has been assured, the typical eye care professional ceases to be concerned about the issue of floaters.
233488 tn?1310696703 While many patients complain that this is bothersome, ophthalmologists tend to pay little heed to these symptoms other than to rule out anomalous PVD3, 8 manifesting as either peripheral or posterior retinal pathology. Once the absence of disease has been assured, the typical eye care professional ceases to be concerned about the issue of floaters.