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Avatar m tn why mca stroke occurs more common than aca stroke or pca stroke?
Avatar m tn My father aged 75 suddenly went unconscious 2 years back, had fall with head injury. He was admitted to hospital - cerebral conscious - MRI says narrowing of blood vessels to brain. Ever since fall has loss of balance, loss of coordination, difficulty in sitting, standing, walking, dullness. Thrice he felt near fainting with sweating. His blood sugar fluctuates. Also his BP has difference between sitting and standing, whenever he changes position feels giddiness.
Avatar n tn Hello Can someone tell want an average is for scans after a stroke my mom suffered a servere mca right brain stroke and has had 1 scan in five days now tommrow we have to move her to a home shouldnt they check with another scan to see whats has changed?
Avatar m tn Blood work including glucose levels and Thyroid tests normal. EKG normal. She had a L MCA stroke at birth w/ seizures for 2 days, R side weakness for 1 year; now without residual effects. No official diagnosis at this time by Neurology....they point to anxiety/stress. Psychiatry eval's x2 have r/o anxiety and panic. Looking for avenues to research to find a diagnosis and treatment.
Avatar m tn 63 yr old hypertensive male developed left MCA and right PCA stoke.craniectomy done before off ventilator.vitals stable.on tracheostomy.but still unconcioud.pls give opinion for further plan?
Avatar m tn 63 yr male had stroke.left mca and rt off ventilator.vitals stable.hypertensive.still unconscious.
Avatar n tn I had a stroke 6 months ago and my recent MRI is confusing. I hope you can explain this to me. Findings: The ventricular and sulcal configuration demonstrate a focal area of encephalomalacia in the right MCA territory also extends to involve the most lateral aspect of basal ganglia consistant with a remote area of infarction.
Avatar f tn My friend suffered the MCA stroke early of March 2008, which affected his right arm movement. Recently, the obvious movement (lifting) of his right arm was observed when he was asheep in some days. May I know if it is a good sign of his arm regain mobility soon or anything else? Thanks for your advice in advance.
Avatar n tn Aneurysms can be incidental findings. A 2mm MCA aneurysm if not causing any symptoms is usually monitored through repeat MRIs. Usually a 2mm aneurysm does not cause any symptoms and is not at risk of bleed, especially if it has not grown since last MRI. However, it would be best to discuss this with your neurologist. Take care!
Avatar n tn changes in arteries that supply the brain (probably responsible for the stroke). If this has been a recent stroke, improvement may or may not be noted over the next few weeks (which may not be complete); while if it has been more than 6 months since the stroke, massive improvement is unlikely. I would suggest discussing the situation, the appropriate management plan and the expected prognosis in detail with his treating neurologist. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar n tn Changes consistant w/ the residua of a previous ischemis insult in the distribution of perforating arteries of the middle cerebral artery (MCA) as well as the left MCA M1 Segment. Associated mild hemiatrophy & crossed cerebellar diaschisis is identified. No other significant parenchymal signal abnormalities are present.There is no extraaxial mass or fluid collection.Orbits,sinuses,sella turcica & petrous temporal bones are unremarkable.
Avatar n tn Hi Sheldon, Your symptomatology suggest that you might have suffered or suffering from TIA involving right MCA. You have done CT scan already, which is reported normal. I feel if your symptoms are suggestive, if there is positive clinical examination and there high suspicion of TIA by your PCP, then I think you should be started on Aspirin. CT scan always does not detect a bleed or clot. Investigations like CBC, PT/PTT needs to be done to evaluate the etiology of TIA.
Avatar f tn I am a 30 yr old female wanting to get pregnant soon. I had a stroke in 2006 as a result of occluded middle cereral artery and was subsequently diagnosed with Moya Moya. I had a stent that failed and then had STA-MCA bypass and EADS in 2007. The prognosis has been improving (at last check, the artery was wide open again, and I had good flow through the bypass). I have been on Plavix daily and recently switched to aspirin 81mg.
Avatar n tn A focal wedge shaped hypodense lesion is seen in the deep periventricular white matter in right fronto-parietal region suggestive of nonhemorrhagic infarct in the right MCA territory.Few lacunar infarcts in parietal periventricular white matter bilaterally.Rest of the brain parenchyma shows normal attenuation.Brain stem and cerebellum are normal.No evidence of recent intracerebral hemorrhage or extra axial hematoma.No significant midline shift is seen.Visualized parts of skull vault are normal.
Avatar n tn It was theorized that new clot formed after the Plavix was stopped and embolized when it was resumed since he suffered a right MCA stroke 21 days post op. He is now on Coumadin and needs right hip replacement. Bridging with Lovenox pre and post op is planned. Should he have TEE during or after this surgery? If clot is detected how would it be treated? Would Pradaxa be considered instead of Coumadin post op? Thank you for your input.
Avatar f tn A CT scan was non specific, an MRI showed a massive stroke originating in the MCA decimating the basal ganglia, entire caudate and lentiform areas of the brain. She followed this first stroke with a hemorragic stroke further damaging the brain. Another point of interest is that your neck/head pain could possibly be migraine. Migraines come in different shapes and forms. Not just the I've got a migraine, I need to lay down for a while type.
Avatar n tn We just learned that one of my 10mth old twin boys had a stroke in utero. He was born with torticollis which resolved completely with our own stretching exercises. He later presented with left arm weakness and closed fisting. My husband and I believed it was due to the nerves having been stretched in his neck and despite the lack of concern from our pediatrician, I took the initiative to start PT months ago and he has been progressing well.
Avatar n tn Her right carotid artery is 100% occluded and she suffered a right MCA territory stroke affecting the basil gangila and parietal lobe. She has paralysis on her left side, mainly her left leg, and severe weakness in her left shoulder. Surgery was not recommended and not even discussed as the right carotid is 100% occluded. She is very scared and just wants to know what her chances are of this happening again and what her estimated life expectancy is.
Avatar m tn Right rmca VM 72 sec 53 raca 55 65 sec Roca 29 61 Rica 46 56 Eva 38 71 l MCA 1.57 ba VM process 37 80mm ba VM distal mm l MCA 59cm sec 60 l aCA 32 cm 72sec location 23 cm 59 sec lica eg VM 37 cm 57 sec L CA VM 30 cm 67 mm LV MCA/Viva radio 1.
Avatar n tn Mom, age 55, had a stroke 2 weeks ago affecting her right MCA territory. She has a 100% occluded right carotid artery. Luckily, she only has left leg paralysis, but this morning she had left facial numbness and we went back to the hospital. They are saying it was a TIA. My question is, does this mean she will have another stroke, or is it just an after effect from the first one? And, does this mean her risks for suffering another stroke will be greater?
Avatar m tn Blood work including glucose levels and Thyroid tests normal. EKG normal. She had a L MCA stroke at birth w/ seizures for 2 days, R side weakness for 1 year; now without residual effects. No official diagnosis at this time by Neurology....they point to anxiety/stress. Psychiatry eval's x2 have r/o anxiety and panic. Looking for avenues to research to find a diagnosis and treatment.
Avatar n tn Also I am searching for any published articles or scholarly papers on this topic as well as cognitive changes post stroke when MCA with speech loss was the area of ischemic attack.Can you point me in the correct direction?