Stroke symptoms getting worse

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Avatar f tn lbs I do regular exercise daily but the effects of the stroke is getting worse I feel numb inside and now its cramping and there is a constant pressure just over my ear running down to my neck reaching at the base just at the shoulder my bp during the day is avg 155/85 70 beats however I don't sleep properly in the nite and wen I wake in the mrning it always reads around 190/110 60 beats they have run bt CT scan ut ecg and has even found my body healing but doc the stroke effects r getting w
Avatar f tn This is the first entry i've written regarding my sickness. I've had "vertigo" for 3 months now and it occurs so frequently that it has completely invaded my lifestyle. I'm afraid to leave the house, drive a car, watch my neices, go to work, etc. Before the symptoms started, i was a very strong, brave, independent woman. Now i feel weak, helpless, and completely dependent. I even used to travel at a young age to various coutries alone without fear.
Avatar f tn as i loose weight the desire to binge is increasing getting more symptoms of muscle fatigue going dizzy getting close to blacking out.
Avatar n tn Roughly two years ago I was prescribed Adderall XR 30mg once daily. I read the info and warnings enclosed with the medication so I could have some idea what to expect. A couple of months into it I started feeling tingles, tics and numbness on the right side of my body. The first time I experienced this I went directly to the ER as instructed by the pharmacy. Within a couple of hours I was sent home and told it probably wasn't the medication.
Avatar f tn For the past couple of weeks I have been experiencing off and on headaches and nausea. With 3 vomiting occurrences, once after eating some pizza weeks ago, yesterday after waking in the morning and drinking milk, and today after waking but was not productive my abdomen muscles did not budge. Today was the most uncomfortable.
1706608 tn?1318875234 Getting worse. Always very tired . Muscles are very painful especially stretching .. I am ready for this to be over !
1194973 tn?1385503904 Not sleeping, not wanting to eat, hardly come out of my room. I'm wondering how long the mask will last. Phil knows something is wrong and I can't hide it much longer from him or anyone else. The thoughts are coming back. I'm tired of the nightmares, of reliving my childhood over and over, tired of feeling. It feels like a whirlpool inside my head and it's just sucking me down. I know I should get help and I have no excuses for why I'm not.
Avatar f tn symptoms are getting worse. I'm back to 80 mg baclofen and 1200 mg neurontin (tapered to mid-Feb for EMG). Waking up in the middle of the night with leg pain. Limping is worse, dragging left foot and holding left arm close to me. Eye pain is worse, especially towards the end of the day.
Avatar m tn My partners fever went away within 24 hours, but the next day she got an extremly sore throat, nasty cough, and canker sores on her tongue. these symptoms seem to be getting worse. would a subsided fever and onset of other symptoms be consistant with the ARS?
Avatar f tn I have suffered from these symptoms my entire life but they seem to be getting worse lately. Does anyone know what could be wrong with me?
Avatar f tn I'm sorry to hear about your worsening symptoms ... if you can hold out, for the sake of school, you MIGHT find that the severity of your symptoms cycles. I know mine did for years (before I was diagnosed) .... definitely get in to see your doctor and discuss it with him. Was this the only doctor you've seen? a second opinion might also be in order. I hope you get some relief.
755322 tn?1330269114 Has it helped, yes and no. I feel my brain is sharper in that I can concentrate for longer periods of time than before. My over all fatigue is better but not as good as just after the procedure. I have slipped back a bit over the year. Walking is worse. I am not sure clearing internal jugular blockages and blockages in the Azygos vein has much to do with walking performance. It helped in the beginning a bit, but that could have been a placebo effect. My walking has deteriorated pretty badly.
959691 tn?1259410214 It's been a while sine my last post. My symptoms are getting worse. My muscles are tensed, I still feel internal vibrations, many time I have burning sensations in my head.
Avatar m tn weather changed - walked to doctor and got very cold- symptoms getting worse
338734 tn?1377160168 Went to hospital ER due to stroke symptoms. Had CT and MRI as well as bubble echo. Suggestion of shunt. To follow up with TEE.
Avatar n tn Agree to test cholesteral based on history of stroke symptoms
619439 tn?1282094079 left foot is getting worse. everyday becomes red and hot and I have to prop it up. right foot is beginning to do this also. right hand is also feeling weird, like it is numb.
353148 tn?1293061164 Well, as many of you know my dad has been ill w/ Lung Cancer and then a blood condition caused by the chemo he was taking. Well, after spending 2 weeks in ICU he was finaly sent home. Not because he was better, but because the DRs just don't know what to do any more. The good news, his cancer is shrinking on it's own and is almost gone. However, after being home for 3 days and complaining about headaches and blurry vision the DR finaly did a scan to see if the cancer was in his brain.