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Avatar n tn Hi- My mother had the same thing happen to her in the hospital, double vision and blurred vision. It turned out to be a build up of her sleeping medication, ambien, that gave her these symptoms.
Avatar f tn i have had double vision in my right eye for about 16 months, it started with a massive vertigo attack, i use the word vertigo lightly! I had lose of feeling in parts of my body with no balance at all,could not even crawl without falling over. being sick, what ever it was it left me with double vision in my right eye. I was ill for about three weeks & lost a stone weight,the funny thing is I can`t remember a lot of what was going on.
Avatar n tn He had no previous symptoms of a stroke. The only side effect was double vision. It has been almost two weeks and he still sees double. Are there any other options available besides a patch and prism glasses? Is there a surgery procedure available, or is he just suppose to go on with his life with a patch on his eye, like the nurosurgeon told us?
Avatar n tn Things which could result in a lesion in the brain which causes double vision include stroke, CNS inflammation, masses, elevated intracranial pressure, and aneurysms. Depending on your age this list would have to be modified. Having an MRI with contrast, and with orbital cuts would be a good starting point. This will help to exclude many of the disorders I mentioned. Lastly, if you are a diabetic, this could be related to your diabetes.
Avatar n tn That being said double-vision is a flag for a stroke, which is why they went to general quarters. It can also be caused by something as simple as vitamin B-12 deficiency. If the MRI comes out uneventfully, take B-12 with folic acid sublingually and they will undoubtedly prescribe a patch to be worn over one eye. Often this condition will resolve naturally within two or three months. The only variation on this protocol I would suggest it to vary the eye on which the patch is worn.
734312 tn?1231798500 I have been seeign double vision now for 3 weeks straight. I have seen 3 doctors, spent 11 hours in the ER, done 2 estensive MRI's and 2 sets of blood work. I still see double, clear and distinct double vision, I do not have MS or a legion in the brain, I have spoken and been seen by a neurologist and he is pretty sure I have a swollen optic nerve. I have called for a follow up, and have yet to hear back from him.
Avatar m tn There are so many reasons for double vision from Graves Disease and hormonal issues to neurological issues to autoimmune disorders such as Lupus. Some people with Celiac's disease even have neurological symptoms such as double vision and even ataxia. Have you seen a rheumatologist? If you're concerned about MS, have you considered seeing an MS specialist? It can be a long road, but don't give up. Once you get it all sorted out, the search will be worth it.
Avatar f tn I also have double vision. I don't know what is expected or not?? any advice or anyone who has been through this would be apprecated.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately after a while she started having visual problems such as double vision. She also complained about not being able to move her right eye to see the floor or to see the walls. What nerve or nerves might have been affected by the stroke? why? .
Avatar n tn I had cataract surgery in my right eye one week ago and in my left today. Interocular lenses both eyes. Distance vision is significantly improved. Monocular double vision persists in right eye (both in the vertical and horizontal) and (although it is too soon to judge this) still exists in left eye (horizontal only). Based on your experience, can I expect any change in this Monocular double vision over time ? And if so -- how long should this take ?
Avatar n tn Recently that has been somewhat resolved with still the occasional numbness, but now he says he is having double vision only if he has both eyes open, if he closes one eye (either one doesn't matter) he can see fine. I keep urging him to go to the doctor but i think he is scared. i want to research this so i can at least tell him what to expect...
Avatar f tn I am a 52 year old white female with 2 1/2 months of double vision. I awoke with it one morning. Was admitted to hospital and had whole stroke work up including multiple labs, CT, MRI, carotid dopplers & echo. All were normal. The double vision subsided after 1 week but persisted when looking to the right. For the last 2 weeks the double vision has returned completely. I have since had another MRI which was normal.
Avatar n tn Since roughly my last trimester before my son's birth in November 2006 (yes, you read right) I've had vertical double vision/ghosting in both eyes...At first it was intermittent, and I went to an optometrist this time last year & got new glasses w/ prisms for the diplopia...Since the summer it's gotten much worse & in the fall it became more prevalent--since then it's been all the time & most noticeable w/ objects at a distance...
Avatar n tn Hi My mother had a stroke 3 years ago and did all the exercises etc to help improve her vision. Her left eye seems partially paralyzed since the stroke. It appears to go to mid line only. She suffers from blurred and double+ vision. This has created a terrible imbalance and unsteadiness on her feet. (she now uses a walker to help with this) Her quality of life has diminished substancially. She is on waiting list to see an Opthamologist (over one year wait-Winnipeg).
Avatar f tn 3) Considering the MRIs are clear (although the first MRI was 2 months after the double vision appeared), what else could be causing the double vision last november and the optic neuritis and the numb toes? Is it possible these could all be random, unrelated events? I understand you can't make a diagnosis without examining me, I would just like some idea of what the chances are of eventually being diagnosed with MS considering my situation, and also what information I need to give my doctors.
Avatar f tn 3) Considering the MRIs are clear (although the first MRI was 2 months after the double vision appeared), what else could be causing the double vision last november and the optic neuritis and the numb toes? Is it possible these could all be random, unrelated events? I understand you can't make a diagnosis without examining me, I would just like some idea of what the chances are of eventually being diagnosed with MS considering my situation, and also what information I need to give my doctors.
Avatar n tn I wasn't sure how much info to give but after reading some of the others I probably need to give more. I am Fish02 adding to my original question. I am 47 years old and have been getting dizzy for about 4 months. I had a bunch of blood work done and everything, thyroid, sugar, chloresteral, etc came back fine. I don't know whether to go to the dr's as it might just be a weird thing and nothing is wrong. But I am pretty concerned.
Avatar n tn you have the same symptoms as me, my double vision started about 16 months ago after a massive vertigo arrack! not normal vertigo. i think i had a stroke` but doctors don`t listen.
Avatar f tn 8 days ago I went to Urgent care for a bad cold and also double vision in my left eye. If I close my right eye there is no double vison, however things I look at with the one eye slightly flutter. All symptoms hit me at the same time. I ended up getting a CT of my head/eyes looking for eye stroke or tumors. All were negative. I was put on Sipro/Steroids/Inhaler/MucenixD. This is now day 8 and not better. Primary Care doc says I have acute sinutus & bronchitis. I now have an appt.
Avatar n tn On Levothyroxine 125mcgs daily. Still had many symptoms, e.g. muscle fatigue/double vision/neurogenic bladder/severe constipation/exhaustion/total lack of appetite/myxoedema/drooping eyelids - on waking in the middle of the night and in the evening/buzzing like electricity through my legs and my back/numb right heel/numb toes on both feet (at different times.) Had MG tests which were negative. A few weeks ago my doc diagnosed me with subclinical Addison's and I'm waiting to see an Endo.
Avatar f tn I'm still not sure whether they were stroke or MS symptoms. I have right eye double vision and extreme weakness - especially of the right side with right facial numbness. I chalked it up to drinking green tea with ginseng and then having stopped it for a couple of days along with all stimulants (including Provigil) for a test that I later had to cancel because of these new symptoms. I just slept for 14 hours. I hope you get your proper diagnosis and treatment.
Avatar m tn Starting 3 days ago I woke up with double vision (only present in the center visual area when both eyes are open, normal vision if an eye is closed). Later in that day I started to have coordination problems, stumbling a bit. The following day the coordination problems seemed to increase and the double vision was still present. I went to the ER to get checked out. They did blood and urine tests and a MRI. The ruled out stroke, tumor and anything else from the tests.
Avatar f tn i have weakness in right arm and leg. but now im getting double vision. The leg has got bit stronger but not arm. cant grip anything. am also getting spasms History- Epilepsy, recent mri in jan, - temporal sclerosis in the past have had problems like balance, walking, swallowing and still do on occassions.
Avatar n tn To be frank there is no technique for restoring vision loss after a stroke. Most such vision loss is bilateral, affecting both eyes and tends to involve the peripheral vision more than the central vision. There may be some improvement spontaneously over the 4 to 6 month period following a stroke but it is usually precious little when accurately measured. Most 'improvement' comes from adaptation and adjustment on the part of the patient.
Avatar n tn I stutter a bit when I am tired. Double vision still occasionally occurs.
Avatar m tn His speach really started getting worse and his also started complaining about double vision. The double vision only occured when he was laying on his back. When he raised his head the double vision would go away. At that time I asked the nurse to call the neurologist. The nuerologist orderd another MRI. The second MRI came back clean again showing no signs of a stroke. The neurologist stated that he had never seen anything like this and is at a loss.
Avatar f tn This summer she began to experience double vision, loss of memory, unsteady on her feet, and is always at a loss for words. These symptoms are constant. She is 65. If you didn't know her - you would think she had been drinking alcohol all day. She had a MRI with contrast and it came back negative. She has been tested for everything and the doctors are saying she might have had a small stroke but can't be sure.