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Avatar f tn I also sometimes experience electric zingers quickly zip through my head, and a quick burning sensation in my nose. Almost like the smell of burnt toast right at my nose. So, this scares me, and I think I am going to have a seizure. Only because I watched a Canadian Heritage commercial on a historic moment in history when doctors were able to find the place in a person's brain, where the seizure begins, and what symptoms are experienced by the patient.
Avatar m tn JJ, Because my heat intolerance symptoms seem to be more overheated like, I very much agree with you in the normalcy of it. The only problem is I'm definitely not dehydrated (I drink more than a gallon of water a day), and all of my sugar tests always come back normal, but I was thinking it sounded more hypoglycemic as well! I think the reason it takes so long to cool down is because everything is hot here...
2015036 tn?1333001388 Hey JJ! Even though you live around the world from me, it seems like you know me very well!! I am going to report all of this to my neuro (I was really hoping it was for some other reason), but it may well be that I am overdoing it again! I love the expression you use "burnt toast"! I use it now too! (Oh, and it's a speaking part, not singing. Trust me,no one wants to hear me sing, LOL!
Avatar n tn I thought it is part of my mild Multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, but now that I have a lot of symptoms that could be a brain tumor they are trying to do a MRI. I have become Claustrophobic so there was no way I could take that plastic tube they put your head in now before going in the tunnel, not even on the open MRI machine. So now they are going to do a sleep study ( have all those symptoms to) to make sure it will be ok to put me to sleep for the MRI. God bless.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have been diagnosed with anxiety and I am currently taking 10mg Lexapro which doe not seem to be helping. I have really bad physical symptoms and I think there is something else medically wrong with me, even though the various health test that I've had all came up negative. My question is, does anyone of you suffering from anxiety feel constantly tired all of the time, feel like you are out of your body, like on drugs or living in a constant dream? I guess it's called depersonalization?
Avatar n tn I could just take most or all of your symptoms aand say yes I have those too...driving me crazy and making me ill!...any news on what these smells may be?.....also my lips and nose burn when the smells are strong.....
Avatar n tn Red wine seems to be worse than white, but I find even white causes the symptoms, but to a lesser degree. If you are having the same symptoms, but don't drink wine, I would suggest trying to figure out what could be in the food you are eating that is also in wine. Maybe sulfites or maybe just because the wine is aged in a wood barrel. Not even sure if it is all wine or just some.
604197 tn?1292308636 I can smell actual smoke but only iof a certain kind! how weird is that! if i burnt toast - not a thing, but if I lit a turf fire and smelled my hands after it I can smell the smoke from them. I really feel for you guys on here and really hope - for myself and you - that our senses return.
Avatar n tn I thought maybe a pinched nerve in neck could also cause , but anyway.. what other symptoms do you have . Mine is most likly diff than yours. I am getting a lumbar puncture .Take care and your not alone.
407149 tn?1211736107 at first i had zero idea that there was a smell in my nose; i just thought the burnt toast that morning stayed in my nose.gradually, the smell got worse and also more clearly gas - fumish. hard to define. i also have sinus symptoms like post nasal drip and feel fluish, feverish, achy neck and body etc. my doctor referred me to an ENT. i see the specialist tomorrow. after i told my doc i researched fungal and bacterial issues in my sinuses, my doc said yes it could be fungal or bacterial.
Avatar n tn Symptoms that are caused by change it position is usually due to blood pressure or blood volume change, but unfortunatly, theres no way to ever know for sure why you get them at these momenths
Avatar n tn It isn't like a smell I can identify but the feeling one would get when smelling something like a burnt match or wet burnt wood maybe. I couldn't understand why others didn't smell it until I realized I was experiencing the samething at home, in the car and at work. I don't know if this is the same as what everyone here is talking about. I am trying to find some answers, I go to the Dr. Sept. 13th and want to be able to express this problem in a way that won't lead to dismissal.
Avatar f tn Do you take any medications shirl000? I have Behcet's and take quite a few meds. I have had the internal shakes on and off for years, sometimes daily for a month at a time. I also get visible shake but only slight and only once where other people could see it going on. I don't know if my shakes are due to meds or just part of the disease. So many effects of the disease and so little knowledge about it.
Avatar n tn I've laughed while eating and had (of all horrible food) a bit of Pot Noodle come out of my nose. Also the same thing with melted cheese on toast (which really hurt!). Recently however I've had probs with my nose / breathing. I'm now snoring to the point where it's actually woken me up, and I regularly wake up with a massive amount of horrible gunk in the back of my dry throat.
233616 tn?1312790796 Unfrtunately my GP did not listen to any of my symptoms and assured me nothing was wrong with my liver, so I went looking on my own and found this deficiancy fit the profile of my symptoms to a T. Of course some symptoms overlap with those of HCV as I later learned. Hwever, I do think this has improved my chances of fighting this and perhaps generating some newer, healthier liver tissue.
Avatar m tn Gotte That's very interesting. The symptoms you describe fit mine. From what I understand, CSR is diagnosable on a dilated exam, of which I've had many. my symptoms have also occurred over a 9-year period, so if it's some chronic recurring form of CSR, you'd think I'd have a diagnosis by now. I haven't been able to isolate any "triggers" for my spots, which is why my doctors are now suggesting some form of migraine variant. Do you have migraines with aura?
Avatar n tn Have been drinking lots of fruit and veg drinks, taking vitamins and trying to be healthy but to no avail. The symptoms I have are like flu symptoms, but it's been 2 weeks now. Reading through the other threads this seems like a long time as a few people mention that after 1 week they feel better. What do you all think? Is it normal to take so long to feel better from taking such a low dosage in the first place? Any replies gratefully received. Take care all.
Avatar n tn themselves into having symptoms. I know I have done it! And unfortunately, most of the early symptoms of pregnancy go hand in hand with the symptoms of the menstrual cycle. (Sore boobs, feeling tired and hungry, etc.) So it's hard to distinguish between them. The best and only sure way of getting an answer is waiting until the day you are supposed to start. Although it is SO tempting, there is no need to go out and buy tests a week before your period is due.
Avatar n tn I don't know if has to do with weight gain. I did gain quite a bit of weight with my pregnancy, but I lost it all pretty quickly (since I was only 21) I have since had another child and lost all of my weight after her as well. It does not seem to matter if I'm heavier or not. I almost wonder if its a hormone thing, since I never had this before I was pregnant.
162948 tn?1205256292 s i am however getting the same symptoms too aswell as some of these symptoms from feeling symptoms are peeing allot....cramps..back ache my temperature fluctuating allot...feeling very tired even though i go to bed early....and very thirsty and about 10 mins after having a drink wanting to go again...and a bubbly feeling in my stomach not like butterflys or the feeling of gas but more kinda like electricity, i have not tested yet >.
1294995 tn?1330666336 I agree, we are "past the symptoms" and bad side effects, we have come such a long way that we can even guide new ppl on the symptoms. Anyways, my prayer is that we have come a long way and we need to be more positive because things can only get better. Our bodies are adjusting to clomid and definitely making changes, big and small. I got a call from the doctor's office saying that my progesterone was at 11.