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1056589 tn?1273750702 That's a very interesting set of dots you've discovered. Sister - lupus, thyroid Mother - heart disease, stroke, dementia Father - heart Sam (+ lower spine SBOcculta - hmm, would this impact on cervical spine probs....?
1656925 tn?1302280387 Have they done an MRA/MRV to check for signs of TIA (mini-stroke) activity or other blood vessel abnormalities, such as aneurysm? It seems they must have seen something in the basilar area on a test? Why did they think it was seizure activity at first? Was it based on an EEG? The article indicates it's difficult to identify basilar migraine with testing- did they take an MRI or CT scan right on the heels of an attack?
Avatar f tn i have been having all the AF signs but i'm refusing to let the thought sink in.i'm really praying for more BFP this cycle.if you have any news please share with us.atleast that keeps us going.they say problem shared is problem half solved. and for those who did not have a BFP this month,it's okay.they say a journey of amile begins with a step.we've started the journey already.
Avatar f tn I am extremely positive and hopeful that everything that is happening are signs of improvement! I am experiencing a mirrored feeling on my chin whenever I trace my bottom lip, and vice is super bazaar and crazy; as if my nerves are reconnecting wrong or are still inflamed and are touching other nerves. I noticed it a couple weeks ago and it still happens regularly.
Avatar f tn Well as far as my files, this is my feeling. He has this woman who works at the front desk who in my opinion, is a snake in the grass. Had I been around the block a few more times I would have not fallen for his sales pitch nor their total unethical billing, not to mention file tampering. I admit, in the beginning I went in there wanting to hear how he could fix all my problems and he basically gave me a response I wanted to hear.