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Avatar f tn In the acute setting, if the history is suggestive of a stroke, physicians will often get some brain imaging (CT or MRI) though neither of these is 100% sensitive to the very smallest of strokes. Reducing your stroke risk, however, can be accomplished by getting your LDL cholesterol down (after a stroke it's recommended to get it below 70), stopping smoking, attaining tight control of blood pressure and diabetes, losing weight, and exercising.
Avatar f tn As my father is affected by Acute Brain Stem Infarct (Pontine Stem Stroke) which has all the vital functions like breathing, swallowing, sleeping, thinking, movements etc. He got the stroke on 2nd Mar 2012 and now he is able to breath by himself. Swallowing is not properly done, so Ryle's tube is inserted through the nose for his feed. He is not able to move and he is bed - ridden. On 26th Mar 2013 he vomited some black particles through the Treacheostomy tube.
Avatar n tn Hi, Thanks for writing in. People with MTHFR mutation have been found to have an increased risk of stroke. However the exact correlation between MTHFR mutation and elevated cholesterol levels has not been worked out as yet. Hope this helps!
764912 tn?1322715443 Hey all, Well I am still at Mayo clinic in MN. They did confirm a stroke and did a TEE--to look at my heart. Today I have neuropsych testing due to memory and change in personality issues. Then Tues I see my Neurologist again. I sure hope we get some road to take....thinking of you all.
Avatar n tn My 55 yr old mother had a "massive" hemorrhagic stroke Feb. 18/05. The neuro surgeon said it was a large deep bleed in the left side of her brain, apparently she is lucky to have survived it and without surgery. The latest CT scan 3.5 weeks after the stroke the blood has started to re-absorb and swelling is going down.
Avatar n tn My sister-in-law had a hemorrhagic stroke with a intracerebral hemorrhage. This was on May 18th. They have done a Ventriculostomy. The gas man found her in the driveway. We figure it had been somewhere between 20-35 mins. before she was found. They have her in a medically induced coma where they say she will stay for the next 3-4 weeks. Is this normal? Also, they did a cat scan on the 18th, and 19th and we were told the bleeding had stopped.
Avatar m tn The test, which is simple and could be used on a large scale, will help doctors determine if someone is at risk of developing FTD long before symptoms appear.
Avatar m tn Those Eating Most Chocolate Had Half the Risk of Stroke During the eight years, there were 166 MIs (24 fatal) and 136 strokes (12 fatal); people in the top quartile had a 27% reduced risk of MI and nearly half the risk (48%) of stroke, compared with those in the lowest quartile. The relative risk of the combined outcome of MI and stroke for top vs bottom quartile was 0.61 (p=0.014).
242516 tn?1368227505 we reduced the risk of a heart attack by 54 percent, the risk of a stroke by 48 percent and the chance of needing bypass surgery or angioplasty by 46 percent" reported Paul Ridker of Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, who led a new study released yesterday at the annual American Academy of Cardiology meeting. It involved 17,802 people with high CRP and low LDL cholesterol (below 130) in the U.S. and 25 other countries.
Avatar n tn It is also very important to control blood pressure, in terms of the risk of stroke. As far as the other symptoms go, I don't have enough information here to provide a comment. Check with your GP and for an referral to a neurologist.
Avatar m tn Hello, Without being able to review your entire history it will not be possible to give an exact answer, but generally speaking you would fulfill the criteria of "lone" atrial fibrillation, i.e. without structural heart disease and no risk factors. For that population the ACC guidelines recommend aspirin of 81 mg or more to prevent stroke. As the rate of stroke is very low in the "lone" atrial fibrillation population , 81 mg is usual prescribed dose.
1367233 tn?1316108135 Our hypothesis was that because chocolate appears to have a pronounced effect on blood pressure, chocolate consumption would lower the risk of strokes and heart attacks, with a stronger effect being seen for stroke,” explained Buijsse.
137307 tn?1330977597 I know they say that is a risk but I have never met anyone who has been paralyzed by the surgery and the same goes with risk of stroke or death.. my dr said the last time anyone suffered stroke from the operation was 10 year ago and it was not by my surgeon and that is why they use doppler and other advanced technology.. the risks are much less now.
Avatar n tn The Framingham Heart Study was started in 1948 to study 5209 men and women between the ages of 30-62 without heart disease to track the incidence and progression of heart disease in order to better understand it. They are now continuing with offspring studies. It is this long term study that has been cheifly responsible in identifying "risk factors" to heart disease, stroke, and other disease processes.
1115572 tn?1258808096 What is going on in this world? My father was diabetic which probably contributed to a stroke. I have seen how a diabetic patient suffers. In my case, my mood disorder don't seem as serious as many about whom I read about in forums and other websites like this. I am putting these 2 on a weighing scale - take seroquel and run the risk of getting diabetes, getting cataract and needing eye operation, etc. etc. Stop medication and run the risk of a relapse.
Avatar n tn I had my gallbladder removed in 1995 after some extremely severe episodes where my pain was so bad my BP shot up so high the Dr. thought I was going to die from a heart attack or stroke. I had a nuclear medicine study as well as other tests and it was confirmed as gallbladder disease and was so severe that I MUST have it removed or risk dying. So, I had it removed laparascopically in July of 1995. Since then I've continued to have similar symptoms, but without the rise in my blood pressure.
Avatar n tn I've read that really low cholesterol levels can be serious, and increase your risk for stroke, and other diseases. I'm not sure why it's so low. My GP only said not to worry about either number, but I disagree. Anyway, I've laid out my history, just wondering if anyone can piece something together that makes sense, or what direction I should go, in terms of what should be evaluated and why.
Avatar n tn My husband was diagnosed two years ago with white matter disease, ( an enormous amount)., not related to stroke. The recent MRI shows a 30 to 40 % jincrease in the disease. Would one expect the disease to continue to increase at the same rate?
Avatar n tn Given the high success rate of valve repair at our institution and the low risk we are sending people earlier to surgery. We do not wait for symptoms to develop. In fact once symptoms start to occur it is an indication that damage has already taken place. If you would like to be evaluated here for mitral valve repair I would suggest seeing Dr. Griffin, Grimm or Stewart. You can make an appointment with one of them by calling 800-223-2273 and asking for cardiology appointments.
Avatar f tn Have you seen a doctor for your hypertension / are you on any medications for it? Chronic hypertension will put you at risk for stroke and/or MI and will eventually cause irreversible damage to your kidneys so please get that taken care of. As for your dizziness, you can see if getting a prescription of phenergan (promethazine) or zofran (odansetron) to see if it helps. Phenergan is much cheaper than zofran so you might want to try that first. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I know they consider me high risk/heart diseased because I have a history of stroke (even though I was 24 when i had the stroke and it wasn't due to high blood pressure or high cholesterol or anything like that). So I think the range numbers are lower than for someone with no stroke history, I suppose they want it lower than normal to compensate for health history. How do you figure out ratio? Brooke - Thanks. My blood was drawn at 7:30 AM so there was not 12 hours in between.
401095 tn?1351395370 Regardless of the type of treatment, patients with a fifty-percent decrease in their Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HDS) score showed a significant increase in plasma SAMe concentration. These results suggest that one of the ways in which tricyclic drugs exert antidepressive effects is by raising SAMe levels. Folate, B12 and B6 are necessary for efficient use of SAMe.
1896811 tn?1323981959 ) My mom loves that...LOL. High risk for stroke, thrombosis, and other vascular issues...sounds yucky! I also tested positive to the Cardiolipen Antibody Screen which is often an indicator or an autoimmune disease. the neuro does not even want to touch me until I am seen by a hematologist to see if the scaring in my brain could be a result of small strokes or other blood/gene related issues. I feel like I am starting all over again!
469720 tn?1388149949 I am, or at least I WAS at fairly low risk. Family history MI (sister, brother, mother, father) - good Stroke - none Hypertension - no High Cholesterol - no Diabetes - no Smoking - never Sedentary lifestyle - no Obesity - greater than 20% of ideal weight -yes claudication-calf or thigh pain with walking exertion -no However, I think an important point to drive home to your colleagues is THERE ARE OTHER CAUSES OF HEART DISEASE. In my case a virus infected my heart.
Avatar m tn Your heart begins working harder to pump blood, which can lead to congestive heart failure. You're also put at risk for a stroke or heart attack, as well as damage to your kidneys. If you can come up with the $100-$200 to be seen by a doctor, it will be very well worth it. I take a beta blocker for a rapid heartbeat and high blood pressure and it's less than $4 per month without insurance.
340668 tn?1274743396 This could not cause the mitrochondrial encephalopathy in this child. It can increase the risk of cancer, because cancer can develop from a single mutation in a single cell that causes it to become neoplastic. Conclusion This is a unique and idiosyncratic case that raises more questions than it answers. In my opinion as a neurologist, with the information provided, the child has a mitochondrial encephalopathy.
Avatar f tn I had to quit working last year due to heat stroke and kidney problems. Ive had repeated kidney infections(6-8) a year for 13 years now. I recently visited the ER yet again. My CT scan results shiw a small atrophic left kidney an enlarged right kidneyand the iliac artey has calcification. Also an enlarged liver and a fat containing umbilical hernia. Im 6/7 165 lbs and Im also hypoglycemic. My diet is very strict I survive on salad and fresh fruit and sugar free oatmeal.
Avatar n tn Hi all, I had a stroke when I was 21 years old, It was a small stroke and due to my age and stamina only took me 4 months to recover, since then I have been on no medication. I am now 30 years old and now looking back have begun to realise that the problems I am experiencing could be due to TIA's and side effects of the stroke. I am very "up and down", have (which is the opposite to some) very bad hearing.
Avatar n tn In regards to your stated health problems, diabetes may increase your risk of another stroke, but should not adversely affect atrial fibrillation and the previously pacemaker. It's hard to comment on the effects of diabetes on CHF without knowing more of your medical history. I hope you find this information useful. Information provided in the heart forum is for general purposes only. Only your physician can provide specific diagnoses and therapies.
Avatar n tn There is no essential difference in treatment of heat exhaustion or heat stroke between a diabetic and non-diabetic. As far as heat goes, encouraging hydration is the best way to prevent the problem. Salt tablets are issued in the military, but that is a decision for your medical director. Generally, reassurance, holding their hands or wrists, having them lie down and elevating the feet slightly (eight to ten inches) is all you can do.