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Avatar n tn After having a stroke (bleed ) in feb 2003 my recovery of movement has been slow. I have had variouse treatments that have kept my muscles all ok. I can walk with a stick but my toes curl and my foot drops to the left. My left upper arm has some movement. I can close but not open my hand I have always had feeling They just will not work. Q I recently started meditating and consentrating on the movement of my hand. Then I started with a swellin on my lip left side that droops a bit.
Avatar f tn This is a insurance/HMo term, not a medical term. Stroke recovery is extremely slow but it does keep going. You need to ask your medical staff about neuroplasticity, recovery can continue for years. Sinbce they say he is not going to get better, ask for a specific reason they are saying this(they will not be able to provide it but keep pushing). Most doctors have no clue on which people can recover past the standard 6-12 month spontaneous recovery.
171473 tn?1224517107 Stroke rehab is a LIFELONG process. There often is a plateau where recovery slows down but I have seen patients gain function with practice for years and years after the incident. It is very important to realize that just when patients are discharged from rehab the rehabilitation doesn't stop.
Avatar n tn does anyone know what the recovery time is for this type of stroke and the prognosis? we have done alot of praying and the doctors can't tell us anything. they want us to give up on her and place her in long term care...but we plan to bring her home and give her the love and attention she needs along with therapy...
Avatar m tn My Dad has been diagnosed with having delirium after a stroke. He is continuously restless and agitated, he is always pulling at the bedclothes or taking off his own clothes. Is there any treatment for delirium and is it reversible?
Avatar n tn It is a glorious sunday and I just spent three hours with my sweety-pie. Thinking back to when we had an agency in, and the many things that were done that caused her displeasure I will discuss them. First, was the "rule" that she be snugly strapped in her little wheelchair at all times. I concede this may be necessary when outdoors, but within the apartment, where she is always attended, it is totally unnecessary. She always grew annoyed at the strap.
Avatar m tn My mother suffered a brain stem bleed almost four years ago during my Senior year of high school. She was 43 at the time. Her recovery seems to have hit a plateau and I want nothing more than for her to totally recover, or at the very least gain back her ability to walk and function on her own again. Here is some background information about her condition. When my mom first suffered her bleed she was unable to feed herself, talk, let alone walk.
Avatar f tn i know i have come a long way in my recovery......i can walk, dress myself, drive but now seem to have hit a plateau in my recovery and am very frustrated and worried. finacially we are taking a huge hit since i am collecting disability and not my normal pay. i fear i will never be able to return to my very physically demanding job. i am not in a position where i will risk not coming home to my girls and husband because somebody wants to fight the 5'4 - 140 lbs girl cop. help!!!
Avatar n tn Most gains in a person's ability to function in the first 30 days after a stroke are due to spontaneous recovery. For a stroke survivor, the rehabilitation goal is to be as independent and productive as possible. That may mean improving physical abilities. Often old skills have been lost and new ones are needed. It's also important to maintain and improve a person's physical condition when possible. A person's family has a key role in rehabilitation.
Avatar f tn Anyone functioning well enough to answer, to discuss your coping with stroke deficits that have remained for a year ago or longer. My stroke was more than 3.5 years ago and I still have some resentment about everything that I can't do. I would like to get a better attitude about it. But either way you are handling it, it would be helpful for me to hear about anyone else who still struggles with problems.
544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome Tramadol Warriors! We ... turned .... 40 ... LOL Welcome and I hope you will make yourself at home. Snuggle down, get comfy. There's a lot of information and experience here with getting off Tramadol. It's not impossible, lots of peeps here now living Tram Free Lives! Love & Healing!
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1431003 tn?1283344673 This is not the ADL recovery. What has been done and still needs to be done to prevent another stroke? What area of the brain was disabled by the stroke? What functions did they cover? What type, clot or bleed? Show me a 3d map. How big was the penumbra? What areas did it affect? What clinical trials are going on right now that the patient would be a good candidate for? What treatment options have been discovered in the last 5-10 years for stroke rehabilitation?
Avatar f tn I know each stroke is different and that each recovery is different. I was wondering if anyone had any stories or experiences of recoveries that were very slow, but eventually the person regained functions. We had a strange situation where when she was in ICU and her eyes were swollen shut and she had to be intubated for some time she was very responsive and quick with hand signals and could answer memory questions accurately, also.
Avatar n tn One would expect that the initial trauma produced what damage it would, and after a period of possible partial recovery, the recovery would reach a plateau. The encephalomalacia appears late, but the damage was already done and this just reflects a change of appearance of dead brain tissue rather than any new pathologic process.
Avatar n tn Hydrocephalus can occur at any age, but is most common in infants and adults age 60 and older. According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, hydrocephalus is believed to affect approximately one in every 500 children. The majority of these cases are often diagnosed before birth, at the time of delivery, or in early childhood.
1561628 tn?1294927598 I had a negative EMG test and My symptoms slowly got better although the final 10% seemed to plateau. I finally had no symptoms right before Christmas and for a couple days after. However, we had a wedding shower and I was loading/unloading tons of gifts, doing a lot of sitting in bar stools, and a two 4 hour drives. So my symptoms started to come back mainly in my foot and leg. Since then I started on a very low impact stretching and walking routine to keep the blood flowing.
Avatar n tn org I know almost twenty persons that took floxin, had mild or moderate symptoms shortly after the treatment, then reached a plateau of some months, or got nearly recovered, and by month 15 on average got plagued with several symptoms identical to yours, and extremely debilitating. It is not the norm, and indeed a rare situation but it is also a posibility, not so remote.
Avatar m tn Why did I want to achieve some perceptive plateau or mental state that was not what my brain could do on it's own, but for the ingestion? I hold out to you that while there is great clinical and therapeutic importance in whatever is known about the impact of substances, so we may be treated properly -or at least not misdiagnosed- there is also much to be gained by looking at the circumstances and conditions which brought us to where we were and will give shape to the future.
Avatar m tn I've been on Dex for over a year and a half now majorly. I've taken enough to reach to 20th plateau. I'm happy to say i'm still alive but i feel crazy every second of every day. wich by the way goes by like years. i repeatedly look at the clock to to find out that time is standing still i've been two feet away from people that i couldnt tell you what that looked like or even if they were white or black, male or female. This is THE most powerful drug i've ever taken and today i stop.
Avatar f tn so i'll hold on to some hope. today i started feeling a burning sensation, seems like there are steps in the recovery hopefully its recovering.
Avatar n tn Anyhow, I went to the ER whrethey ruled out stroke and saw a neuro who ordered an evoked potential, MRI, etc and ruled out MS. As soon as all teh tests came back clear, my symptoms seemed to subside. Anyhow, during my pregnancy last summer I experienced the same life threatening problem and went thru a great deal of stress but delivered (via section again) my daughter with no complications.
Avatar n tn This is a drug I feel should not be prescribed. While I've suffered for anxiety my entire adult life, I've been on this for 13 years, and before that Ativan. I've never been able to successfully get off of this medication. It really does make me feel like a drug addict. If I don't take it one morning, I am a mess. If I run out and can't get the medication refilled over a weekend, I will be suffering horrible withdrawel all weekend.
Avatar n tn You must make up your mind that you want to quit. It sounds as though you have not reached that plateau. Methadone should be accompanied by counseling from a substance abuse counselor and twelve step meetings are a must. These two treatments are available at most methadone clinic. Make up your mind and go you life WILL improve if you get legitimate help from a well rum methadone clinic. Besides methadone most clincs offer Laam as an alternative.
356518 tn?1322267242 It's so hard to cope with the massive lifestyle changes I've had to undergo after my initial injury (medial tibial plateau fracture, strained ligaments, sprained muscles, meniscal tear, etc. etc.). Even after six years I still can't deal with it as well as I would like and I don't really know how to even begin truly accepting that I will be living in pain the rest of my life with no real reason as to why or way to relieve it. Any suggestions or advice anyone may have is always welcome.
Avatar n tn The 5 pounds came in the first 6 days. Nothing since. Isn't it too early to already reach a plateau? I haven't lost any more inches either. It's frustrating since I was really hoping to be down a little more - esp. since I have about 35 pounds to lose. Has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar n tn and let me tell you it *****!! i could stroke out or have a heart attack any day, even though im on a couple different pills controlling that control my hypertension pretty well. it still has its own way of thinking and goes up real fast real high, all just depending.
Avatar n tn My husband developed migraine headaches after a sever stroke about 5 years ago. He went thru all the depakote, etc. for depression, and then in early 2005 had another stroke. He was then started on Topamax. He has lost 40 lbs, and he cannot afford to lose any more. But, I am seriously contemplating asking my MD to prescribe Topamax for me for weight loss.