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Avatar m tn Hi callingallangels, My guess is that a TIA recovery period has some common characteristics akin to a major stroke recovery process. Two months ago, I suffered a TIA out of the blue. Three days in the hospital with all the necessary tests (MRI, CT-scan, catorids, etc.) showed no pre-existing conditions. But the aftermath of the TIA has been an up and down experience, largely dependent on whether I've had a good night of sleep.
Avatar n tn Very sorry to hear about your stroke. I applaud your courage and motivation in what sounds like a tough recovery period. To accurately comment on prognosis or outcome of your stroke, I would have to examine you personally and see your imaging studies to know exactly what was damaged and how far you've come. To be honest, I'm not sure that anyone can tell you whether or not you will ever reach your high baseline functioning status.
Avatar f tn He was unconsoius when brought to the hospital. The doctors said that he suffered from stroke since he has a HIGH BLOOD. Diagnosis was hemorrhagic stroke and said it was fatal. MAy i know if he has the chance to recover considering the period of his coma. I sthere achance to recover if the the doctor says his brain is dead already. How come yesterday he responded to any pain when pinch. is this a good sign?
Avatar m tn That is what strokes r about, lack of oxyginated blood to the brain. Hope this helps somewhat, esp. the stroke foundation, can help u all. I am no doctor, just a stroke sufferer. With all do respect!
Avatar n tn Hi, Stroke rehabilitation, or, in more optimistic terms, stroke recovery, is the process by which patients with disabling strokes undergo treatment to help them return to normal life as much as possible by regaining and relearning the skills of everyday living. It is multidisciplinary in that it involves a team with different skills working together to help the patient.
Avatar n tn Everyone please remember, they can hear you and need to be kept informed with what is going on not just with their recovery, but also family issues, the weather, success stories about stroke recovery etc. Strokes cause extreme depression so it's good to constantly reinforce that they are not fighting alone and that you are striving to help them improve. We have combined an arsenal to fight for my father's recovery. Prayer, faith, hope, love, energy healing, research etc.
Avatar f tn Hi Auntsissi , A stroke occurs when there is a sudden deprivation of blood and hence oxygen to a specific area of the brain. Lack of oxygen causes areas of the brain to die or become functionless .The cells do not function normally due to swelling from lack of blood and oxygen . Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy reduces swelling and causes formation of new blood vessels thus allowing fresh oxygen rich blood and nutrients to reach the damaged tissue .
Avatar n tn Acupuncture treatment, used in its aftermath and recovery period can also be used in the acute phase. In recent years a large number of shows, stroke acupuncture treatment time is very important, no matter what type of stroke should seek early treatment. In addition, some recent acupuncture workers started to attach importance to the cause of stroke and certain mental obstacles to the treatment of mental disorders.
Avatar f tn My husband suffered from a massive stroke on June 4...We are now going through the recovery process but I have lots of questions. He has just restarted to gain movement in his arms and legs. His right side is a lot weaker than the left but his left eye is a lot weaker than the right. Is there anything we can do to help him along this road to recovery? Does anyone one know anything about Acupuntcure and the recovery process? For some reason the ammonia level in is blood his very high...
Avatar m tn However the chances of complete recovery are greater. Find out about canine stroke recovery period and how to look after your dog post attack... Dogs usually suffer from strokes only after they are over 8 years of age, unless there is something drastically wrong with the dog's health. Strokes never do come with a warning and often just happen without any prior signs. If your dog is twitching on the floor or has fallen unconscious, the probability of a stroke is very high.
Avatar n tn I had a stroke last year on october 29 th. it was ischa a ischemic stroke and caused the paralysis of left hand and left leg. through rehab I have recovered almost 80 %. but lately. muscle spaticity of left upper limb is really bothering me. is there any treatment for it. what diagnostic test are there to dtect the reason of muscle spasms and what treatment with minimum side effects are available.
Avatar n tn My 79 year old Oma had a 2nd stroke... it is still within the 72 hrs wait period. The docs in Germany say she will either die or be a vegetable. What is the likelihood of better recovery?
Avatar n tn Hi Gooch, I am sorry to hear about your father’s Stroke. Recovery of the stroke happens in phases. It goes on over a period of time that can range from a few weeks to a few years. Every stroke is different and the extent of damage varies in each patient. Recovery does occur even if a part of the brain is damaged. The brain is a remarkable organ. When the blood supply to a part is cut off, new pathways can take over and supply blood to that damaged area.
Avatar n tn sir, I am from india. my grand mother have 87 years she had a stroke because of blood doctors asked me that there is no chance to regain because of her age..blood is cotted in her left side is in the paralysis stage..can you help me sir..
Avatar n tn It is true that with a large enough stroke, there may be a lot of swelling in the brain for a period of time and the doctors need to watch him very carefully. It is also tricky to have blood thinners while this is happenning as this may cause some hemorrhaging in the brain - but it's a catch 22. Depending on how big the stroke is, his recovery may be very good and his speech as well as movement will start coming back, perhaps, not completely in the next several months.
Avatar m tn It was a hemorhaggic stroke. The Stroke is on the terminal of the brain. He is still unconcious until now. He is in the ICU. He does not respond to pain. What should we do. We have been praying and hoping that he will wake up.
Avatar n tn There may be some improvement spontaneously over the 4 to 6 month period following a stroke but it is usually precious little when accurately measured. Most 'improvement' comes from adaptation and adjustment on the part of the patient. In this forum I have discussed a technique touted to improve peripheral vision loss after a stroke or tumor that uses visual training to try and recruit uninjured parts of the brain to take over the function of the damaged areas.
Avatar f tn Brain injury is difficult to predict. The time taken for recovery after stroke and crainectomy depends on the site of clot, degree of stroke, neurological problems associated, general condition of the patient and other such factors. It is difficult to predict when one will come out of coma. Only the treating specialist can throw some light on it. In all probability he too may not be able to give a clear cut picture. Wish you luck!
Avatar n tn Hi I had a stroke, TIA 23 days ago and right now all residual effects are better,The stroke was on my left side clot on right side, followed by numbness,facial drooping,unable to speak correctly with slight lisp,I am feeling better except for fatigue,when I fatigue my hands have a strange sensation almosts feels like loss of circulation and slght heaviness in arms.If I keep going I feel like collapsing, But if I rest it is better,until I need to rest again, I try to pace myself.
Avatar m tn I can understand your worrying concerns about post-stroke recovery. Unfortunately, rehabilitation is the only effective way to help the patient regain function to the possible extent and prevent from permanent losses. If rehabilitation program is appropriately instituted, most of the stroke patients can regain maximum functions with appropriate therapy, training and support services.
Avatar n tn Debbie the causes, types and location of strokes are so varied, it's tough to project any outcome reliably - I suffered an Ischemic stroke (clot in my right carotid artery) turns out the extent of my stroke was more significant than one would have expected due to an genetic abnormality in a vascular structure called the circle of willis.
Avatar n tn and i wish and pray for your good health. Yes I am patient, ready for a long recovery period , as for my wife, i am worried about the lump still visible, last week the surgeon thought i after viewing CT scan that this lump may be due to concentration of water in the operated area. He gave AZM tablet but after taking 3 tablets for a day she felt some reaction so he stopped it....he said that if it remains then they may have to install shunt...
Avatar n tn I encourage you to continue this research. There are no easy answers for stroke recovery as every stroke and every brain is DIFFERENT. ...
Avatar n tn I have read and been told that the recovery time is usually 1-2 weeks (with PACs being a typical symptom). For a pulmonary vein procedure as described above, what could be expected in terms of symptomology and time, based on experience at your institution? Your reply will be greatly appreciated, since I am quite worried that I may never get away from these PACs.
Avatar m tn Physical therapy and other retraining methods are greatly improving rehabilitation and recovery. After a stroke, some spontaneous recovery takes place for most people. Abilities that may have been lost will begin to return. This process can take place very quickly over the first few weeks, and then, it may begin to taper off. REHABILITATION- This phase usually takes place while the patient is still in the hospital.