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Avatar n tn You ask about recovery, my opinion is that it's possible. my research is in the effects of sound waves on the human body. Also the attention you receive is vital for recovery. Being on the internet it's too difficult to explain in writing. But may i suggest that you obtain various types of music or chants, such as Native American, that is to your liking.
Avatar m tn Physical therapy and other retraining methods are greatly improving rehabilitation and recovery. After a stroke, some spontaneous recovery takes place for most people. Abilities that may have been lost will begin to return. This process can take place very quickly over the first few weeks, and then, it may begin to taper off. REHABILITATION- This phase usually takes place while the patient is still in the hospital.
Avatar n tn does anyone know what the recovery time is for this type of stroke and the prognosis? we have done alot of praying and the doctors can't tell us anything. they want us to give up on her and place her in long term care...but we plan to bring her home and give her the love and attention she needs along with therapy...
Avatar n tn there are some people had there stroke attack at early age.. i had a patient before.. she's 18 years old.. it's because of her dietary lifestyle.. she keeps on eating chicken skin, actually a lot of cholesterol..
Avatar n tn Hi Brenda, I would say never! I am dealing with the same question. I had SSHL in November. Left ear completely deaf. I was told there was a minimal chance of any recovery. I saw numerous ENT's. The recovery timeframe I heard differed with each doctor & seemed to be based on their personal experience with the few SSHL patients they had cared for. Most people seem to think there is a primary recovery time & a longer term recover time.
Avatar n tn Robot Therapy Stroke and found a lot of related articles. Good luck.
241234 tn?1220984156 Stretching and icing are short term facilitation methods. Has anyone there overcome their spastic muscles and how?
Avatar n tn My 49 year old mother had a massive stroke Aug 2005. Since the stroke she has recovered in being able to use her arm again and her speach returned in a few months after the stroke occurred. I understand the emotional affects that are happening to her and that depression and mood changes can occur. At times she is just down right mean- not only to her family but to anyone.
Avatar n tn My wife (50 years old) has just experienced her second stroke in three months; one affected the left side of her brain, the other affected the right (both considered "minor"). She is very emotional (weeping at the drop of a hat)and extremely fatigued. Is this normal? Will her condition improve over time? Thanks!
Avatar m tn Marginal improvements are noticed but the rate of muscle recovery is very very slow. What methods are available to speed up nerve recovery? Does 'electric nerve stimulation' help?
Avatar n tn Bottom line is that I feel my surgery was very successful and recovery will be quick. I know there are others out there that have had success. Yes it was scary deciding on the surgery, but I'm glad I did.
Avatar n tn The recovery of motor abilities depends on the age of each patient, the size of the initial lesion, and the presence of othe medical problems that might impede the rehabilitation process. Most of the recovery of a stroke occurs within the first month after the event, and the improvement comes from the resolution of the initial tissue edema/ swelling. As a rule-of-thumb, deficits (motor, sensory, or cognitive) that has not resolved after aprox. 6 months, are likely to be permanent.
Avatar m tn My 62 year old father just suffered a pons stroke. I am looking for any information I can get about recovery and rehabilitation. 90% of his pons is damaged now and we I are trying to find out what type of recovery is possible, the steps we have to take, and recommended rehabilitation centers in MN and other states. We want the best for our father and are willing to make it happen! He is presently paralized due to not having any use of his voluntary muscles and he cannot speak or eat on his own.
Avatar n tn Diseases known to increase creatinine levels include glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, diabetic nephropathy, shock and congestive heart failure.
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Avatar n tn You alsolutely need to find out what caused the stroke so the next one can be prevented. For a bleed survivor book there is A Stroke of Insight by Jill Bolte-Taylor or Teaching Me to Run by Tommye K Mayer. For a clot survivor story there is Change in the Weather by Mark McEwan While there may be nothing the doctors can do, if she survives the survivor has lots that can be done to recover.
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Avatar m tn Now both hands fingers are crawled and not back to normal hand. What all are the best physiotherapy methods and needs to take any medicine?. Now I am taking only Neurobion tablets only.
Avatar n tn Can you tell us anything about the surgery...and how long the recovery usually is? He is 49 years old, and except for being extremely tired all the time, he is in good health. He had a stroke one year ago next week, and feels if he doesn't have the open heart, his chances of having another stroke are good, is that true? Thank you.
Avatar f tn After trying many recovery methods, i found a great online community called SMART Recovery. They use REBT, something like CBT. Anyway, it's peer to peer support so there really is no medical questions answered there. I began in my 40's before that rarely drank, or anything. But for some reason coke and me hit it off. I've noticed that I'm almost completely gray, not much before that. I believe I have had 3 stroke like problems.
Avatar m tn Both have commented on how slowly the brain heals and to expect extreme fatigue throughout this first year of recovery. The physical therapist said that all of the stroke patients she sees struggle with extreme fatigue and to expect such fatigue even after such a "simple" task as reading. We will be seeing both later in March and I will attempt to get references to support their comments.
368646 tn?1208397487 Around 3 1/2 yrs. ago I (F,37) had a hemorrhagic stroke due to burst cavernous hemgioma with subsequent brain surgery to remove it. It was a mild stroke, but I still have many deficits (double-vision, ataxia, etc). Aftertrying many drugs and therapies, my Neurologist is at a loss. I have the HSV-1 virus and was doing some research on how the virus can be reactivted during brain surgery. I have posed this to my Neurologist and she prescribed Acyclovir (400 mg 5x/day orally).