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Avatar m tn My 60 year old mother is recovering from her 3rd stroke . This current stroke was a massive one & she can not Talk or Walk or respond to commands... Her right side is paralyzed. All she can do at the moment is open her eyes and look to the Left and stare. The Doctors told me that this is how she might be for the rest of her life. Im scared to death because she is so young and i cant picture my life without her in it .
Avatar f tn They are using the slowness in recovery - normally called plateau - inorder to stop treatment. This is a insurance/HMo term, not a medical term. Stroke recovery is extremely slow but it does keep going. You need to ask your medical staff about neuroplasticity, recovery can continue for years. Sinbce they say he is not going to get better, ask for a specific reason they are saying this(they will not be able to provide it but keep pushing).
Avatar m tn Hi Brodo256, I also had a stroke and have been looking for groups/message boards for young people who have had strokes. I haven't found too much, but there are a few groups on facebook. It seems like all the resources are for parents of young kids/babies who have had strokes or much older people who have had strokes. When did you have your stroke? How have you been doing since?
Avatar n tn I enjoy reading that research is leading to new breakthroughs to help victims of stroke. I have also read that although most recovery for stroke patients is seen within the first 6 months, that patients may recover for YEARS after stroke. I personally believe that a persons will and the support they receive greatly assist in their ability to recover. Researchers are also making breakthroughs to assist in the treatment of aphasis, dysphagia, paralysis etc.
Avatar f tn It can leave a person with vision loss, speech impediments or even cognitive issues and personality changes. Many people experience some sort of depression after a stroke. Some people heal quickly and some it can take months or even years to recover. It's all up to the brain. The information that DrNavneetMD gave you is good for knowing what kind of therapy that is out there for a stroke survivor. All those therapists are crucial for the recovery of a stroke survivor.
Avatar f tn Just wondered if there are any "young" stroke survivors out there. My very healthy athletic husband had an unexplained massive right side stroke Sept 2014 at age 47, (yah, no spring chicken I know, but still...) He got the TPA in time, however he had a bleed anyway causing more damage and an emergency craniotomy for the swelling. He is lucky to have survived but the stroke has taken it's toll on him, but he is fighting hard to make a comeback.
Avatar f tn Hi Jillian, When I was 18 I had a stroke while I was at a concert. Luckily I had my friend and girlfriend with me. I knew exactly what it was when it happened. My vision blurred, my right arm hurt and my lower back hurt (Although the back pain was probably a result of standing for too long and not stroke related. The reason I mention it is because of the psychological effects it still has on me).
Avatar m tn It's been 2yrs since my stroke and I have no voluntary movement in my left arm or hand. Is there any possibilty that i could recover any movement? My neurlogist told me that if within 6month of the stroke if I didnt have any movement that my hand will stay paralyzed?
Avatar m tn My nearly 84 year old mother suffered a "major" stroke 2 days ago. She has not opened her eyes, though she shows signs of awareness and can follow directions when asked. She is sleeping allot. Initially she lost movement on her left side, but it very slowly seems to be coming back. She is saying words, though they are hard to understand. She is receiving IV fluids. The doctor said they would give her another day and see if she "wakes up".
Avatar n tn It was about 8 weeks after the stroke that he could walk and that was with a walker. My husbands stroke was in July 2007 and today he walks without assistance except if we're going to the mall where he has to walk a long distance. He'll get tired easily on long walks. He has made a miraculous recovery considering the type of bleed he had. My husbands left side was partially paralyzed but now he moves it just fine, although it's not as strong as before.
Avatar m tn I am sorry for your boyfriend to have a stroke at a very young age. The younger the better for recovery but also depending on severity of damage by the stroke can delay the healing process. He will be very tired following a stroke and doing rehab, but stimulating him to relearn what he lost will be the best you can do for him so he can have a chance at a recovery.
1041487 tn?1256327719 Mom has reached the 3-month mark of her stroke recovery. She is still in a nursing home, doing well with her speech therapy. She is able to slowly lift her neck, and slowly turn her head from the left to the middle. She is alert and talks with slurred speech, since she is still unable to completely control her tongue. She can, however, clearly say "yes, no and hi" On the negative side, she is still unable to move any of her limbs. Her left arm has contracted close to her chest.
Avatar m tn I work in a neuro ICU as a nurse, and from my experience, recovery from stroke can be a very long and gradual process. Your sister is withdrawing from pain, which is a good sign. The extent of her disability will depend on the location and extent of brain tissue damage. And honestly, it'll be hard to guage her disabilities now. First you'll have to get her through the critical phase. I'm sure the doctors are working on this. Be patient, and take it one day at a time.
Avatar f tn First, what a young man to have had a stroke. Any reason why that they pinpoint that he had it? Stroke is such a unique journey of recovery for everyone. I'm glad he is responsive when you bring an issue to him but understand what you mean. Sometimes you just want to talk about it without feeling like you can't because they react so badly to it. I have to say . . . some men are just like this even without a stroke affecting them.
Avatar f tn Everyone is different. Even if 2 people had a stroke in the same spot on their brains, the effect could be totally different. The fact that the doctors told you what would and would not happen is BS. They do not know any better than the next person. I am 23 and my mom had 2 strokes over 2 weeks ago. She is getting better each and every day. The doctors never told us what her limitations would be, and we have just continued to look forward.
Avatar n tn Do you mean a physical trauma to someone that is recovering from a stroke? Or memory loss due to a stroke? Strokes can definitely cause memory loss. If trauma after a stroke, what kind? Trauma to the head? How long ago was the stroke? I know that the doctors and therapists were very worried about setbacks if my husband were to fall or hit his head by banging into something in the first few months after his stroke.
Avatar m tn How are you? These are links about stroke recovery stories: I hope this helps. Don't give up hope. There is life after stroke. Take care and keep us posted.
1821865 tn?1317522031 My mother had a stroke back on 11/15/2012 at work. She had suffered a schemic stroke on her right side which paralyze her left side completely. She was given tpa a week later she had a cranial bleed. They removed her right skull a few days later she had a second stroke where she lost her ability of speaking. Since she has not said a word. Now she is at a nursing home rehab where she makes 5 steps behind then forward now the place told us they are going to drop her because she is not improving.
Avatar m tn Hi callingallangels, My guess is that a TIA recovery period has some common characteristics akin to a major stroke recovery process. Two months ago, I suffered a TIA out of the blue. Three days in the hospital with all the necessary tests (MRI, CT-scan, catorids, etc.) showed no pre-existing conditions. But the aftermath of the TIA has been an up and down experience, largely dependent on whether I've had a good night of sleep.
Avatar f tn m m only 30yrs old and I had a massive stroke way back May 2015,I am still in recovery,I walk using a cane and my right arm is still dead.My speech was not affected nor my memory,I am just temporarily disabled.I am willing to answer questions email me at sienna.
478387 tn?1210762308 Certain therapies, such as repositioning and range-of-motion exercises, are intended to prevent complications related to stroke, like infections and bed sores. People should stay active within their physical limitations. Medicine may be needed to control high blood pressure. Blood thinning drugs, such as aspirin, may be needed for 3 to 6 months. You can learn more about this through this link: I hope this helps. Tale care and regards.
Avatar f tn i have an uncle who is now in coma for 4 days. He met a vehicular accident. He was unconsoius when brought to the hospital. The doctors said that he suffered from stroke since he has a HIGH BLOOD. Diagnosis was hemorrhagic stroke and said it was fatal. MAy i know if he has the chance to recover considering the period of his coma. I sthere achance to recover if the the doctor says his brain is dead already. How come yesterday he responded to any pain when pinch. is this a good sign?