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Avatar m tn In regards to people with elderly family members who suffered a stroke, did they have feeding tubes or sources of nutrition provided? I am really struggling with this and feel like it is giving up. She is conscious and aware.
Avatar m tn Hi,my 57 year old mother suffered a hemorrhagic stroke,she was pretty healty before this,but she does smoke.The doc said it was 4 cm and it was on her left side,her vision is affected and her capability to read. She was in the hospital 5 days,her blood pressure,blood work,everything looks good which is very weird!Other then that she was conscious all the time,no memory loss or anything like that. My question is why the docs didn't give her any medication while in the hospital or after?
691463 tn?1227419054 we have an elderly cat of 17, he is suddenely much more lethargic than usual, as if in a daze and drooling heavily, we wonder if he may have had a stroke, he experienced something like a seizure couple of weeks ago.
Avatar m tn m afraid with stroke recovery anything goes. What may be real for you might not be the reality for other survivors. Can I ask when your stroke was?
1821865 tn?1317522031 My mother had a stroke back on 11/15/2012 at work. She had suffered a schemic stroke on her right side which paralyze her left side completely. She was given tpa a week later she had a cranial bleed. They removed her right skull a few days later she had a second stroke where she lost her ability of speaking. Since she has not said a word. Now she is at a nursing home rehab where she makes 5 steps behind then forward now the place told us they are going to drop her because she is not improving.
1821865 tn?1317522031 She was put on antibiotic for 15 days now it still look like it has drainage. For those of you whose been experience this type of stroke can you help me. I am afraid i may lose her. she is at home improving very welll i am worried abt her since its been so long no words yet.
Avatar m tn If you have access to a gym you could work on the exercise machines that require two arms and start exercising with both arms and slowly remove the good one and keep going with the bad arm at the lowest weight setting.. Read the book Stronger After Stroke by Peter Levine for lots more ideas on what recovery will look like.
Avatar m tn My 60 year old mother is recovering from her 3rd stroke . This current stroke was a massive one & she can not Talk or Walk or respond to commands... Her right side is paralyzed. All she can do at the moment is open her eyes and look to the Left and stare. The Doctors told me that this is how she might be for the rest of her life. Im scared to death because she is so young and i cant picture my life without her in it .
Avatar f tn If he is having a heard time talking, perhaps you can ask him to blink once for yes and twice for no and see if you can get to the bottom of what he is trying to say by asking him questions. The doctors should be able to tell you what the prognosis is, are they telling you anything?
Avatar m tn How are you? These are links about stroke recovery stories: I hope this helps. Don't give up hope. There is life after stroke. Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar m tn s been 60 days since she had the stroke. My question is does anyone know if someone with similar stroke recovered even partially and if so after how long. I know that every patient is different and their recovery won't be same. We are doing physio but all cases we heard so far are accident cases and they do seem to recover after a while but I never care across any patient like my mom who recovered.
Avatar n tn Do you mean a physical trauma to someone that is recovering from a stroke? Or memory loss due to a stroke? Strokes can definitely cause memory loss. If trauma after a stroke, what kind? Trauma to the head? How long ago was the stroke? I know that the doctors and therapists were very worried about setbacks if my husband were to fall or hit his head by banging into something in the first few months after his stroke.
Avatar f tn What is your opinion on oxygen therapy for stroke recovery? Has anyone had any experience with this?
Avatar m tn I have been involved in stroke rehabilitation for the super elderly with great success. Without exception, I have found the professional services not worth the powder to blow them to Mars. The "consultants" charge $200 an hour. First of all, do not give up hope. (1) Hire your own help to assist in rehabilitation. A person does not need a degree to hold an elderly woman's hand. There is no substitute for TLC and love. (2) Spend as much time as possible with the person.
Avatar f tn i have an uncle who is now in coma for 4 days. He met a vehicular accident. He was unconsoius when brought to the hospital. The doctors said that he suffered from stroke since he has a HIGH BLOOD. Diagnosis was hemorrhagic stroke and said it was fatal. MAy i know if he has the chance to recover considering the period of his coma. I sthere achance to recover if the the doctor says his brain is dead already. How come yesterday he responded to any pain when pinch. is this a good sign?
139792 tn?1498585650 In addition the return valves, which are necessary for one-way flow, tend to become degraded in the elderly. In addition, the heart is required to provide the blood flow to the lower extremities. It is a therapeutic modality that has a niche.
Avatar n tn Thanks so much for your help and concern. I did take my kitty to the vet and he "cleaned" her surgical site, gave her an antibiotic and pain meds. Unfortunately, he also said if this doesn't clear up, she will need an x-ray and biopsy, due to the possibility of cancer. Hopefully she will be fine.
Avatar f tn Risperidone can help some people with dementia who have symptoms such as aggression and agitation (getting upset easily). But elderly people who take this drug for dementia have an increased risk of having a stroke. Risperidone is no longer considered a safe treatment for elderly people. What is it? Risperidone is an antipsychotic drug. It is normally used to treat people with serious mental health problems like schizophrenia.
Avatar n tn My Father is 55 years old, he has had AF for 15+ years now. 4 days ago he had a massive stroke due to his AF. His brain has been swelling, but medication has slowed it, basically it has not improved or become worse. He is paralyzed on the right side of his body, but can use the left, he can not speak or swallow.
Avatar f tn You need to ask your medical staff about neuroplasticity, recovery can continue for years. Sinbce they say he is not going to get better, ask for a specific reason they are saying this(they will not be able to provide it but keep pushing). Most doctors have no clue on which people can recover past the standard 6-12 month spontaneous recovery. Read the book Stronger After Stroke by peter levine and a couple books on neuroplasticity by Sharon Begley.
Avatar n tn My PT fitted me with a brace that ran from my thigh to my foot on the third day and set me to trying to walk, He actually had to kick the leg to get it moving, It weighed too much I couldn't move it. I think I was actually walking at the end of the first week with lots of verbal cues from my PT and a AFO and cane. I never had any pain in any of my extremities. I don't think pain, or lack of it, says much about recovery.