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Avatar n tn Hi, Sorry to hear about your dad :( Recovery from stroke is slow. Your whole frame of reference changes, whay would seem insignificant changes to others become huge milestones. Is he getting therapy? Speech therapists can help with the swallowing. I don't know anything about the foods, sorry. Encourage him to keep doing his exercises & doing as much for himself as he can & lots of rest - his brain needs time to heal.
Avatar f tn My father had a stroke 5 years ago and has not yet fully recovered my question is that prior to his stroke he went to the doctor with neck pain and blurred vision and headaches the doctor sent him for a MRI should the MRI have show the clot he is blocked 100 percent n his cartiod artery I just need to know if this could of been prevented
Avatar n tn There are several references of stroke recovery ad one full chapter on stroke recovery. I have a 4 year daughter that has suffered a stroke and has left hemiparesis and epilepsy. She also has mild dysphagia. I have a exp working with stroke and TBI pts and have had training in a number of therapies. IMO, the absoulte best and most effective treatment out there for stroke pts is constraint induced movement therapy. I have been doing this with my daughter and she is making tremendous strides.
Avatar n tn Hi, Stroke rehabilitation, or, in more optimistic terms, stroke recovery, is the process by which patients with disabling strokes undergo treatment to help them return to normal life as much as possible by regaining and relearning the skills of everyday living. It is multidisciplinary in that it involves a team with different skills working together to help the patient.
Avatar n tn Everyone please remember, they can hear you and need to be kept informed with what is going on not just with their recovery, but also family issues, the weather, success stories about stroke recovery etc. Strokes cause extreme depression so it's good to constantly reinforce that they are not fighting alone and that you are striving to help them improve. We have combined an arsenal to fight for my father's recovery. Prayer, faith, hope, love, energy healing, research etc.
Avatar n tn I greatly appreciate your stories of recovery after hemorrhagic stroke. My 81-year-old husband had this type of stroke on 7/3. It was a rather large bleed in the back right portion of his brain. Many of your experiences sound exactly like mine. He is on a ventilator and feeding tube, although he has been breathing for up to 10 hours without the vent. He has just begun opening his eyes and blinking them, and also lifting his right arm a bit.
Avatar m tn 1 year ago my mother had a hemorrhagic stroke that left her paralyzed on the right side, unable to swallow or do anything for herself. Today my mother's weakness on her right side is almost undetectable. she is eating regular foods, and walking around with a walker. The best thing you can do is get involved and learn as much as you can about her specific stroke and what to except. Use them for a guide, but remember everyone heals differently. I remember my mom did the same thing to me....
Avatar m tn I don't think you should worry about lifespan. Your mom needs to concentrate on what make her have a stroke. Many people who have had strokes have led a long and normal life. If she had high blood pressure she needs to get it under control. If she led a destructive lifestyle (smoking, drinking, fatty foods, no exercise) then she needs to change it. Most people who have had a stroke worry about having another one. The risks are lowered if we take better care of ourselves.
Avatar f tn Hello and hope you are doing well. The prognosis for the stroke depends on where the bleeding has occurred. If it closer to the vital centers, then the prognosis is not good. Also, the potassium levels may not indicate a bad prognosis, it could sometimes be dietary or due to the medications. Some stroke patients do appear to have 100 percent recovery. And many regain a great deal of their abilities.
Avatar n tn I was overcome with heat stroke in 2001 and ever since frequently suffer from heat exhaustion very quickly. The problem is, I'm an endurance athlete who needs to spend many hours outside training - be it in the heat, humidity, cold, etc. For the last 2 weekends, I've been overcome with heat exhaustion during events. I keep trying to train during the week - but I seem to be getting more fatigued and exhausted.
Avatar f tn We are just watching his diet on a low salt and low fat foods. I also want to know the recovery time for a stroke patient. He suffered stroked last November 2012 and its been almost a year, with medicines and therapy he is not walking yet? Does recovery coincide with how old he is?
Avatar n tn The prognosis of persons with paralysis secondary to stroke would depend on the severity of the stroke as well as the area of brain involvement. The main concern here, aside from stroke rehabilitation is prevention of another stroke from happening. This would entail adequate control of her blood pressure as well as thrombolytic therapy. Has there been any improvement brought about by physiotherapy and ayurvedic massage?
Avatar n tn I was just wondering how you are doing now. They say every stroke is different and every recovery is different....
Avatar n tn Mom (78 yo) had an ischemic stroke overseas where she lives. It was severe; but, she is definately 'present' and struggling to 'come back'. Their focus is on what she can't do. No promotion of skills she can demonstrate. To them everything is wishful thinking or 'reflexes'. Any negative aspect is a reason to give up. They won't even look. We have to videotape her controlled movements and stick it in their face. Even then we get a bunch of broken promises.
Avatar f tn I am still suffering severe pain in my neck and shoulders and heavily depend on pain relief (Endone) I feel like I am never going to be normal again. Has anyone had the surgery and what was your recovery long until the pain subsides?
Avatar n tn Hi Brenda, I would say never! I am dealing with the same question. I had SSHL in November. Left ear completely deaf. I was told there was a minimal chance of any recovery. I saw numerous ENT's. The recovery timeframe I heard differed with each doctor & seemed to be based on their personal experience with the few SSHL patients they had cared for. Most people seem to think there is a primary recovery time & a longer term recover time.
542724 tn?1214226005 hi! i really don't know if i can be much help to you but my grandfather just had a quadrople by-pass surgery two weeks ago tomorrow. my pop-pop is also 78. sorry to hear about your father. was his surgery an emergency or was it scheduled? the doctor said that having the surgery following a heartattack makes them weaker. so he probably just needs to rest. does he respond to pain? i feel really bad for you. this whole ordeal has been very scary for us.
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome back!! and Thanks for the update : ) May I ask did they check u for cerviocranial instability?.....Ehlers-danlos? If u r doing exercises but still having this issue, it may be u have another underlying issue... keep using the heat but no more then 15 mins at a time...b4 and after u exercise ur neck and u should be increasing how long and how many times u do the exercise to help with those muscles....but the bowling ball description sounds more like instability.
Avatar n tn I am 54 and I had a small stroke 5 months ago and have the same problem; I get exhausted very easily. I have tried exercising to build up my metabolism but that seems to just tire me out even more! I was a diligent exercise person before and naievely thought that just increasing my exercise levels would bring my strength and stamina back. This has been disappointing. Your husband is probably extremely frustrated too. I have not seen a relationship between hard efforts and energy recovery.
8512984 tn?1398466958 far from the truth pain drive a person to insanity it's no way to live. i had a sever stroke couldn't feel my feet hands was a mess still don't know much or how long i was in the hospital. i was in CCU an ICU i remember leaving the ICU to a reg room. my memory was lost it was hardest part of it all. i couldn't remember ppl faces names or words an i see things they was all foreign to me..
Avatar n tn My brotherinlaw is recovering from a very severe stroke which pretty much shut down the left side of his body. He spent a couple of weeks in ICU, then a few weeks in a stroke care section of the hospital, then 4 months in a skilled nursing facility (SNF). He was 67 when the stroke occured. He is now home, and my sister is his primary caregiver - a fulltime job at this time. He is now able to walk across the house, and go up and down stairs.
Avatar n tn It may be weeks before you really know how much damage was done. Typically, the first 90 days after a stroke will show the best rate of recovery. The next 90 days will be a bit slower and so on until one year out. Typically after one year, the rate of recovery slows to a crawl. I'm told that the brain recovers at a 20 to 1 ratio. That is to say as an example, if you bruised your arm and it took 1 month to heal, the same insult to the brain may take 20 months.
Avatar n tn Bottom line is that I feel my surgery was very successful and recovery will be quick. I know there are others out there that have had success. Yes it was scary deciding on the surgery, but I'm glad I did.
Avatar f tn I'm a 47 year old male that had sepsis and multi-organ failure. I'm a trainer and am having a hard time with this slow recovery...I was in the ER Dec. 12 and out Dec 24, 2009. When I entered the ER, my bp was 60/40, hr 184 and a fever of 104.5. They thought that I wouldn't make it. So glad that I did! It is now Feb 16, 2010. Any idea what kind of recovery time I should expect? I feel that that I am 50 plus % of my old self right now...please advise. Thank you!
Avatar n tn In my opinion, recovery from a stroke can be slow. As I understand it, speed of recovery may be gaged by the patients health and age prior to the stroke. You might want to ask your doctor if they would allow adding liquid amino acid sup. to their diet to start. Apparently, stroke victims have a hard time with the uptake of food proteins.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hello Tramadol Warriors! Welcome to Part 61! Please make yourself comfortable. It's a bumpy ride. But I promise you have come to the right place if you want to get off Tramadol. Forever. This is a place to find support and give support from those who really know what it is like. Understanding is essential! You can do this. And yes. Eventually you will heal!
Avatar f tn Anyone functioning well enough to answer, to discuss your coping with stroke deficits that have remained for a year ago or longer. My stroke was more than 3.5 years ago and I still have some resentment about everything that I can't do. I would like to get a better attitude about it. But either way you are handling it, it would be helpful for me to hear about anyone else who still struggles with problems.
544292 tn?1268886268 Welcome Tram Warriors! Part 60. Wow. Over the years of recovery and reading about others, seeing others recover the main thing I have learned is that everyone's life is better without being a slave to Tramadol. You might be stuck and scared right now, but you can make the decision to get yourself off the hamster wheel of Tramadol dependency and even addiction. You don't have to live that way. There's lots of people here to help.