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1821865 tn?1317525631 My mother had a stroke back on 11/15/2012 at work. She had suffered a schemic stroke on her right side which paralyze her left side completely. She was given tpa a week later she had a cranial bleed. They removed her right skull a few days later she had a second stroke where she lost her ability of speaking. Since she has not said a word. Now she is at a nursing home rehab where she makes 5 steps behind then forward now the place told us they are going to drop her because she is not improving.
Avatar m tn My dad had a stroke on 2/3/15 (65 yo male) - I received a call from HR at his work that he had been taken to the hospital. I believe at that time they had said he had a stroke...? Not sure. He stayed in ICU for almost two weeks and also got pnemonia. Feeding tube was put in... no ventilators. He is now at rehab and started speech and physical therapy. He had a intercranial hemmorage on the Left side of his brain. He has paralysis on right side (both arm and leg) and inability to speak..
1821865 tn?1317525631 For those of you whose been experience this type of stroke can you help me. I am afraid i may lose her. she is at home improving very welll i am worried abt her since its been so long no words yet.
Avatar n tn Hi, Stroke recovery is multidisciplinary in that it involves a team with different skills working together to help the patient. These include nursing staff, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and usually a physician trained in rehabilitation medicine. Some teams may also include psychologists and social workers and pharmacists. Patients may demand access to state of the art treatment with the help of their own doctor.
Avatar f tn We hear that ACUPUNCTURE works wonders with stroke patience, so were're going to try that as soon as we get her home. Try it. The sooner the better. p.s look for an acupuncturist that specializes with the brain.
Avatar n tn Do you mean a physical trauma to someone that is recovering from a stroke? Or memory loss due to a stroke? Strokes can definitely cause memory loss. If trauma after a stroke, what kind? Trauma to the head? How long ago was the stroke? I know that the doctors and therapists were very worried about setbacks if my husband were to fall or hit his head by banging into something in the first few months after his stroke.
Avatar n tn Because you are so young, and apparently self-motivated (I'm assuming that you, not your spouse, wrote this message) I suggest you look into the home program offered at You can work on your own at home. Don't just settle for letting nature take its course. There's a lot you can do to establish new connections in your brain, if you're willing to spend several hours a day doing the exercises Dr. Vasa recommends.
Avatar m tn Initially she showed some response on her left side but while she was still in the hospital she had a seizure and then she completely lost all responses. Neurologist gave up and asked us to take her home/nursing facility however a neurosurgeon at another hospital placed shunt as the latest CT showed lot of brain fluid. She now has shunt, peg for feeding into the stomach, urine bag and tractotomy to breath via her neck. It's been 60 days since she had the stroke.
Avatar m tn My 60 year old mother is recovering from her 3rd stroke . This current stroke was a massive one & she can not Talk or Walk or respond to commands... Her right side is paralyzed. All she can do at the moment is open her eyes and look to the Left and stare. The Doctors told me that this is how she might be for the rest of her life. Im scared to death because she is so young and i cant picture my life without her in it .
Avatar m tn Techniques such as exercise, manipulation, massage, skills training and electrical treatment are used. Consult a neuro physiotherapist and follow the instructions at home. To improve memory functions, you could try a lot of ‘brain teasers’. The brain can retain only a certain number of ‘facts’ and everything else is recalled based on its relationship with these facts. Make him say small words, repeating them, he can try small arithmetical calculations and build up from there.
Avatar m tn com/category/medical/page/3/ It confirms my thoughts on magical stroke recovery. Here is a clinical trial but I couldn't read it. If this truly worked scientists and survivors would be all over this. Probably good as a placebo or just the normal 6-12 month spontaneous recovery attributed to the drug.
Avatar n tn One of these forums asked what was the most disruptive deficit of their stroke and about 80% mentioned fatigue. It very slowly gets better. I look at it as your affected side is only working at maybe 50% but you still are trying to push it to 100% to overcome spasticity and your good side is working at 200% to make up for your affected side. So in order to keep to what was a normal day your are expending 3 times as much energy. You mentioned tennis.
Avatar m tn Because of my nature, I worked super hard at my PT, begged for more and got out of the hospital after 26 days to rehab at home and I still do all of the exercises, have never missed one day at the Y, pool and now swim 2500 yards, but some things are still lacking. I have numbness still somewhat in my left foot/leg, tingly left arm (had a setback accident of a serious wrist fracture 10 weeks ago and just got out of cast a month ago).
Avatar n tn Now she is home and we are her PT and OT for now, until we can get something start at home. Possible 1 hour a week of PT and OT three times a week. (so not much, but something) what if any are her chances of a recovery of arm and leg. and how long will it be? I know noone around here that has experience with strokes is there anyone that can tell me what to exspect and for how long? Well she recover or are we beating our head against a brick wall?
Avatar m tn My father, at the age of 65, went from COMPLETLY bordering at catatonic... he had a stroke 5/8...had complete loss of expressive language, and mild loss of receptive language...his major problem was in his mouth/tonge and throat...he was unable to swallow, talk clearly etc...but he was making improvments everyday...talking more, begining to try and eat etc... then 5 days ago (5/21) he had another stroke...this one was a "mini stroke.
374661 tn?1199915475 At the age of 44, my aunt had a massive stroke. That was about, I would say over 5 years ago. They didnt think she was going to make it. They told my parents 2 prepare, that she is basically a vegetable. My aunt was not responding and after a few months in the hospital and in recovery, she did a 360 and is almost back to "normal" again. Although paralyized on her right side (and of course she is a righty) she has an aid with her but does everything herself.
Avatar n tn I was talking about women parachutists like they were real and in reality there was a show on about that. She also added that your sister is lucky, she has a excellent chance at a full recovery. Good luck to you.
Avatar f tn It is crucial that your Father is motivated to do all the therapy he is given. He is probably like My Father and tires easily and may be in pain. There are lyacaine patches and radiation for pain. My Father was very motivated to "get home" but he has no feeling in his left leg from paralysis. Also his arm (I don't know if your Father's shoulder has separated shoulder joints as is typical after stroke then your father may complain of pain constantly.
Avatar m tn Hello, My 89 year old grand mother, residing in India, has recently suffered a hemorrhagic brain stroke. She lives at home, but stays on a bed for the whole day as she does not have much control. When we talk to her she cannot respond and tears leak out of her eyes. She can now unconsciously move her legs and her right wrist. When we bring a glass (she only takes liquids) near her mouth she opens her eyes and her mouth a little so we can pour some into her mouth.
1041487 tn?1256331319 If he does prescribe a physical therapy plan for my mom, I'm not sure if mom will have to go to another physical therapist, or work with the physical therapists at the nursing home. The physical therapist at this nursing home, don't seem to be very interested in doing much with my mom. Like I noted before, the director of PT is ordering the CNA's to do all of mom's therapy. On a positive note, I got my mom's left leg to bend 4 times, during her PROM exercises.
Avatar m tn Prior to this, he was living at home actively participating in his daily living skills and community life. My sisters and I immediately went to be with him, but have now left. None of us live in the same state as he does. He is currently in a skilled rehabilitation facility which provides him with all the necessary rehab. We have all gone back to our prospective states and are worried about not being there to assist in his recovery process.
Avatar n tn You will be amazed at how he bounces back. My husband (56 at the time) had a stroke last July and he has problems with his eyes. He has developed double vision. He, at first, was paralyzed on his left side but all that came back. He's almost back to his old self. So, chin up and smile. Although, no one knows the extent that your husband will recover you can be assured that he's on his way. Make sure you find out what kind of stroke he's had (bleed or clot) and ask about deficits...
Avatar n tn Progress can continue years after the stroke. Passively waiting for stroke recovery will not accomplish anything. Your parents are now enablers of his passivity. Read Peter Levines blog on cavemen and strokes. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Hi my grandma had a stroke Saturday. We are not sure when she had it but we think it was 18hrs before we found her. She had scans done on her brain and they said she had a massive stroke and brain bleed. When we found her she was breathing on her own and had a heart beat but wasn't responsive, she is still like that today. The doctors say she has less than 5% chance of surviving and not to revive her if she has a heart attack as she will end up with no quality of life.
Avatar n tn That is why all of the OTs give you all of those exercises to do at home. Unfortunately there are different therapists who are at different points in their career experience. When searching for rehab setting I would encourage family to seek facilities who have therapists who have lots of experience. Having someone who is trained in NDT (neurodevelopemental treatment) is a huge plus as well. Hope this helps a little. God bless you during this difficult journey.
Avatar f tn my mom had mri it shows if the artery is clogged hers did they set her surgery asap she had a stroke before they got to the second side she wasn't feeling well so my aunt took her to the hospital an then the dr sent her home told my aunt she had taken to much Valium the parametric was at my aunts home right after they got back when my mom took turn for worse an she called 911 in less than 15 minutes the same dr wanted to know why she was back my aunt told him because the paramedic's brought her
Avatar f tn My father had a major stroke Sept. 30, 2012. Luckily, we were home with him and able to take him to the hospital immediately. He was given a medicine TPA stating that most people recover almost immediately with it but 6% of the people that take this medication may have a dangerous side effect and of course my father did!!! He was rushed in a helicopter to a specialty hospital for Neurosurgery.
Avatar n tn My mother at age 86 had a hemmoraghic stroke. I was told at the time that she had 4 days to live. She certainly looked like it, barely conscious, on oxygen. But she was in a rehab facility. She kept getting better and better and was soon walking the halls with a walker and attendant. She had a number of small strokes after that and lived another 2 years with a perfect mind to the end.