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Avatar m tn focus on both long term and short term events and jot it down and get it cross checked and keep improving on speed and efficiency. And do get adequate sleep; it’s supposed to improve cognitive functions. I know it’s easy to talk but difficult to practice, but perseverance is the key here keep at it and you will see a drastic improvement. Regards.
Avatar n tn It's been a year and a half and my husbands short term memory has greatly improved. He has regained movement in his left side and is driving and doing things on his own. He does have double vision because he got hit in the occipital lobe. All the doctors were telling me that after a year he won't heal anymore but that's just not true. He's getting better and better. It's awesome to see the little improvements that happen through the year.
Avatar n tn It always takes a lot longer than we want it to, but it gets better everyday. Talking to other stroke survivors was a big way for me to help the recovery start quicker and helped me understand things better than my doctors did. I will ask you any questions you may have. I wish you well.
Avatar n tn did any body have a stroke and in recovery did the person just start talking to them selfs like someone there.
Avatar n tn The neurosurgeon did not offer much hope for us to survive the stroke nor in her recovery. She has already beat the odds. My mom was in ICU for 3 weeks and step-down 1 week and in rehab hospital for two months now. I have come to learn the dr.'s don't like or really now prognosis on recovery because everyone recovers differently. I have been told over and over again they don't know why some gain more function than others. My mom pulled out her breathing tube which she had for 2.
Avatar n tn I greatly appreciate your stories of recovery after hemorrhagic stroke. My 81-year-old husband had this type of stroke on 7/3. It was a rather large bleed in the back right portion of his brain. Many of your experiences sound exactly like mine. He is on a ventilator and feeding tube, although he has been breathing for up to 10 hours without the vent. He has just begun opening his eyes and blinking them, and also lifting his right arm a bit.
Avatar n tn Hi, Iam am new to this forum, but also want to say"dont lose hope" and donot stop doing any of the therapies you have been taught. Even the slightest neglect will cause a "backslide"We have found that the simplest things, like chewing gum, can stregthen the face muscles, and a tennis ball, or nerf ball, held in the weak hand(contantly)will make you aware of your "neglected "side.
2175879 tn?1338358628 Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event. As your doctors have ruled out stroke and suggest that your symptoms could be due to PTSD, you could go for professional counselling and see if it helps to resolve your symptoms. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Next month I will be three years post subarachnoid hemorrhage and stroke. My entire left side was affected and I spent my first two months in ICU and inpatient rehab relearning how to walk, talk, write and everything else related to everyday living, like getting dressed. Although I am far better than I was three years ago, I'm still recovering; I want to be as close to my pre-stroke self as I can be, if not better.
Avatar f tn She had a heart attack and stroke, and I do believe she is fighting as she is still with us when we were told she would not survive one day. We are continuing to talk to her and play her favorite music. Has anyone heard of someone waking up but being unresponsive? I know no one can say if she can ghet better but I guess I'm just looking for someone to talk to and people who understand. It is so heartbreaking and I can't stop crying but I also know I have to be strong and think positive.
Avatar n tn It's getting to the point where I feel like I'm going to pass out of the freeway and have started driving in the slow lane to and from work in case this happens. My doctor says it's fatigue and stress, but it happen even after a good night's sleep. If anyone knows anything more about this, please let me know!
Avatar f tn I had a ischaemic stroke in April 2009, went to sleep and woke with my left leg and arm not working, I have made a full recovery, once in a while when I am speaking a word will pop in my sentence backwards. The week before my stroke I was very tired, so tired it that when I was driving home from work I had to place my arms in the steering wheel to hold them up, on my mri that saw that I had two other silent ones.
Avatar f tn Mitral heart valve replaced and wad just TN releaded last week on IV antibiotics, oral antibiotics and PT fir strength. He had panic attacks at night and can't sleep. memory issues also but getting better. Appetite better and he is walking slowly. I like so many wonder how long before some kind of normal returns. He is so frustrated. We thank God he is with us and are grateful fir the blessing. we just wonder how long before he will start to feel normal.
Avatar n tn Your dads recovery and what has occurred seem similar....My stroke was this past May and I was diagnosed with colonus on the left side.(shaking of the body parts). I have recently had an EEG and I am awaiting the results of same....Did your dad lose consciousness as they told me they were partial seizures....only the EEG will tell....I understand that strokes may cause or set off epilepsy...
Avatar n tn Hi, I suffered a small pons stroke and have been lucky enough to regain most of my functions. I do have some balance, coordination and vision (double vision) problems. I understand from rehab that doing vestibular exercises will not help, but I am wondering what exercises you can recommend to strengthen my stability. I walk on a treadmill, and try and use a balance board. Is there anything else I can be doing to improve balance. I do not buy into giving up.
Avatar f tn Her Dr mentioned something about a Chiari Stroke but we done alot of research and could never find anything about the strokes. And as of today, April 26, 2012 she is in so much pain. She did head her head a few days ago and she had this weird feeling come across her for a couple of hours. The hit did not knock her out. She said the feeling just went away like a normal hit would do. The next morning she woke up and had to have help getting out of her bed.
452063 tn?1324078516 I came home from work and read some of the posts and alot was being said about NA and addiction specialists Don't get me wrong, I think that this is the best advise and best chance for recovery. Myself and many people I've talked with are really in the closet with our addictions..noone knows. The company I work for owns my medical insurance. I really feel that I will be able to make it with the knowledge that Ive gained through previous relapses and info on addiction and this forum.
Avatar n tn I have read so many different opinions on recovery time and when to resign myself to the fact that its permanent. Its all very depressing and I am really struggling right now. Just reading that you have had some hearing return after 6 weeks gives me hope that I still am in with a chance of getting a little better. Can you tell me what condition your hearing was at week 2 ? I hope you continue to get better hearing returns for you...
Avatar n tn During my fifth month of pregnancy I did have something like a mini stroke while I was driving. I spent a week in the hospital and was immediately put on bed rest. He was born 2 weeks early by a planned c-section and was born not breathing. He was under weight and still has health problems like asthma, allergies, and an immunity defense abnormality. My body suffered as well. They were unsure if I could even carry this baby full term, let alone deliver.
Avatar m tn When did your dad have the stroke and what kind of stroke? Sounds like he's doing what my husband did while in the hospital...pulling his clothes off and exposing himself.
Avatar n tn I am 32 and suffered a stroke at 30. My husband and I would like to have a child, but are unsure about my health issues and pregnancy. My stroke was due to a dissection in my left vertebral artery and I have been told that it has healed completely. However, I experience dizziness and unwell feelings around menstruation, which I'm sure is due to hormones, which makes me nervous about pregnancy. Any information would be helpful.
Avatar n tn I survived a stroke 2 and a half years ago at age 32, no cause discovered. I had 2 healthy pregnancies prior and have 2 precious daughters. I would also like to become pregnant, as my only "career goal" in my life was to mother and raise 3 or 4 children. I very much enjoyed being pregnant and don't really want to consider adoption. I can't seem to get any of my doctors to say if I it would be okay or not...
Avatar n tn My husband has suffered a hemorrhagic stroke also and it has affected the base of his skull similarly. He had the stroke in late June and is finally coming home. During his stay in Rehab he suffered a pulmonary embolism and at that time was off coumadin. He had a filter put in and is now back on Coumadin because the filter is blocked--non removable type. His legs are so swollen it looks like they could pop, but he keeps going.
Avatar f tn We had a flood in our basement, my grandmother passed away, and my mom just about had a major stroke (had several TIAs and finally had a stent placed). Sooo...not sure how all this has impacted everything. I have no complaints otherwise, and surgery couldn't have gone better. I'll do a little research and see how things correlate with what's going on. Thank you!
Avatar f tn Hey there...My mother is 60 years old and had a hemorrhagic stroke two months ago. She's doing great...she's lost some eyesight which is her biggest thing but she also struggles with short term memory loss. She really has trouble remembering names and mostly things to do, some details from conversations. Her long term memory and even memory from a couple of days ago is good. Her neurologist told her it could be the start of Alzheimers...
Avatar n tn Your whole situation is really strange to me. Good Luck with finding answers and your recovery. I wish you well and I wish you enough...
Avatar n tn I still no return to left arm since brain bleed and surgery due to avm in July. I can walk with a cane thank god. but I am getting very frustrated with slow progress from my arm. I am so young(34) and I have 3 kids that need me. What can I do besides therapy that doesn't seem to be helping? how long is normal to get some kind of movement back?
Avatar f tn also, depression is a huge problem with stroke recovery and can impede recovery greatly. it can also mask itself as exhaustion. a stroke sufferer may feel genuinely tired or they may feel overwhelmingly depressed.. i personally have found that movement, especially when i don't want to do it, has been very helpful in regaining energy and stamina. we bought a wii fit and the balance excercises with the yoga have helped me.
Avatar n tn Not even her doctors can and they are simply amazed at her recovery. She walks and talks normaly and goes to work everyday. She drives but with me in the car. In my opinion, she has recovered over 90% to date. Search the internet and READ, READ, READ. Take charge. Find a doctor who will listen and help. NEVER GIVE UP! THEY NEED YOUR HELP EVERYDAY.
531005 tn?1286519132 My brother and I were hiking for over an hour. On the car ride home I bought ourselves some drinks. Water for him, and a Slushy for me. He then laid down on the back of the car in his "recovery" position. Sometimes during hard workouts he begins to "get there" as he calls it, and gets into that position. It's laying down on his side with his arm extended up. All of a sudden, he fainted completely. It lasted for about 2 minutes.