Stroke recovery after one year

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Avatar f tn I take her to her appointments, shopping, banking, special events and aphasia group sessions during the week. After one year, since her stroke she is sometimes still having a hard time getting the right words and sentences communicated to be able to talk with her family, neighbors and friends. (It various, she talks around nouns and you have to figure out the main topic to be able to be part of her conversation.
755322 tn?1330269114 Has it helped, yes and no. I feel my brain is sharper in that I can concentrate for longer periods of time than before. My over all fatigue is better but not as good as just after the procedure. I have slipped back a bit over the year. Walking is worse. I am not sure clearing internal jugular blockages and blockages in the Azygos vein has much to do with walking performance. It helped in the beginning a bit, but that could have been a placebo effect. My walking has deteriorated pretty badly.
Avatar n tn Very sorry to hear about your stroke. I applaud your courage and motivation in what sounds like a tough recovery period. To accurately comment on prognosis or outcome of your stroke, I would have to examine you personally and see your imaging studies to know exactly what was damaged and how far you've come. To be honest, I'm not sure that anyone can tell you whether or not you will ever reach your high baseline functioning status.
Avatar n tn My doctor had told me that i had to get bk to doing everything i was doining before the stroke , within 1 year or else after that my progress will stop , that I should concentrate on my muscles and get them to be strong. So i had to race angainst time and finally every little thing like my drooping chin to getting bk to doing aerobics i got bk.I even got bk my speech within a few days and only had to work on speacking more and more till I became perfect.
1821865 tn?1317522031 I started providing such therapy to a 99 year old woman with partial left sided-paralysis secondary to a stroke, and it disappeared after two years. She is now 108 years old. The MRSA infection is far more serious. I am up on this because I have one now. I picked mine up in a hospital, and the antibiotics are expensive and not too effective. Surgery was necessary to remove my infection. You need a consult with an infectious control specialist at a teaching hospital..Do this immediately.
Avatar n tn I am so sad. My 34 year old cousin had a stroke one day ago. One side of her bocy is paralized and she can't speak. I can't believe it! She was very active and in fact, was at the gym when she fell down. I live far away from her and I don't know the details, but I am so scared for her right now. Is it possible for someone to become un-paralyzed when they have a stroke? Is it a bad sign that she can't talk? I am in such disbelief this could happen to someone so young.
Avatar n tn 41:44: : On 10/10 of this year, my wife (47 yrs old) suffered a deep vein hemmoragic stroke located above her right ear which affected both the frontal lobe and parietal lobe. She was transferred to the Hershey Medical Center's Rehab hospital about 11/16. Suprising everyone, she has responded to rehab well. They initially thought she'd not be much more than an intelligent veggie but she's just blossomed.
Avatar n tn Left Side neglect after stroke posted by CCF Neuro MD *!* on December 28, 1997 at 16:17:26: : : On 10/10 of this year, my wife (47 yrs old) suffered a deep vein hemmoragic stroke located above her right ear which affected both the frontal lobe and parietal lobe. She was transferred to the Hershey Medical Center's Rehab hospital about 11/16. Suprising everyone, she has responded to rehab well.
1821865 tn?1317522031 She had acupuncture therapy, physical therapy, speed therapy, and friends come to talk, read play music, joking, and pray for her. after 5 year she now can eat, talk slowly and learning walking now. So please do your best for your mom , and God bless you and your mom.
Avatar m tn My 59 yrs Mom had stroke due to hypertension. CT Scan says "Large left thalamic hematoma extending to ganglio capsular region & corona radiata along with intraventricular extension". Doctors drained lot of blood/fluid and finally they put a stunt. Initially she showed some response on her left side but while she was still in the hospital she had a seizure and then she completely lost all responses.
Avatar m tn any positive stroke recovrry stories out there?
Avatar n tn Is it true that the (stroke) recovery that one makes 6 months or 1 year later is probably the most they will recover?
Avatar m tn My 60 year old mother is recovering from her 3rd stroke . This current stroke was a massive one & she can not Talk or Walk or respond to commands... Her right side is paralyzed. All she can do at the moment is open her eyes and look to the Left and stare. The Doctors told me that this is how she might be for the rest of her life. Im scared to death because she is so young and i cant picture my life without her in it .
Avatar n tn My 79 year old husband suffered a hemorrhagic stroke on 11/18/08. Before the stroke he was very active and seemed to be in generally good health. Since the stroke, he does not have use of his left side(leg or arm), but he does speak and eats regular food. He spent 10 days in the hospital and then went to a rehab facility. After 5 days he was sent back to the hospital with pneumonia.
2175879 tn?1338355028 When I first had my stroke, one of the facts was that one in ten (10%) go on to have a major stroke within 90 days. Now just to get through a year.
Avatar n tn A TIA should not leave any lasting effects, if it was, in fact, a TIA. Therefore, you should be checked out again if this persists. If you were started on new medications (such as blood pressure or others), they may be causing some of this "fogginess" as well. But better call your doctor or follow up with neurology soon.
Avatar f tn The entire left side of his body became paralyzed. After stroke rehabiliation, and lots of after treatment, he has made some progress. He is still unable to move the entire left arm and fingers, and his left leg. His personality has changed, although he appears to have recovered about 90% of his previous cognitive ability. Depression after the stroke has been severe. Does anyone know of treatment that might help my son reecover the use of the paralyzed limbs? He is only 31 yrs.
453029 tn?1205951419 ihad a stroke 13 yearsago have had many health scare experiences since ithought i could share my experiences with others and vice versa, plusi am i very bad typer asmyleft arm isparalzed so forgive me i try
Avatar m tn My 76 year old mom had a stroke yesterday and can't see at all. I wonder if there is any chance some of her sight could return? She can talk and knows I am there. She also has problems moving the right extremities.
Avatar n tn My 77 year old dad suffered a severe stroke 6 months ago. I had him to the hospital in 10 minutes but the neurologist decided not to give him the clot busting drug becuase his symtoms had improved. He later said he could have given the drug but it is very dangerous and they have certain guidelines they go by. He can walk with the aid of a walker and do his everyday needs. His speech is the one area that hasn't come back.
Avatar m tn My nearly 84 year old mother suffered a "major" stroke 2 days ago. She has not opened her eyes, though she shows signs of awareness and can follow directions when asked. She is sleeping allot. Initially she lost movement on her left side, but it very slowly seems to be coming back. She is saying words, though they are hard to understand. She is receiving IV fluids. The doctor said they would give her another day and see if she "wakes up".