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928257 tn?1296677092 I'm 45 yrs old and for the past month, I've been taking the following supplements all at once, first thing in the morning: Schiff Omega 3 Krill Oil Softgel Lecithin softgel 400mg Super B Complex caplet Aspirin 81mg tab Claritin-D 24 Hr tab Today I added a Women's One a Day to my daily supplements. Am I overdoing anything and/or am I mixing anything I shouldn't be? My energy was about nonexistent and I was experiencing depression until I started taking the supplements. Now I feel much better.
Avatar n tn (He takes a full aspirin at the beginning of an episode to help augment against a stroke per an afib expert that we read about.) Supplements like fish oil which is supposed to help make the blood slippier, would it help to take this at the end of an occurrence?
Avatar m tn I was intialkly prescribed Tramadol for the pain, and then Nortriptyline for migraine prevention. I started at 25mg once at night. That decreased the headaches probably about 50% then moved to 50mg at bedtime. That didn't really help the headaches anymore, but I began to notice the side effects. I was REALLY drowsy and I started to have mood swings (I'd be sad or anxious for no reason). So, we decided to go back down to 25mg again. Also...
Avatar m tn Like I read research pro-line,lysine with Green tea and vitamin C extract is good for blood/cardiovascular health and as well cancer prevention treatment. Others - olive leaf extract, selenium, colostrum, cal/mag.
Avatar n tn The prognosis of persons with paralysis secondary to stroke would depend on the severity of the stroke as well as the area of brain involvement. The main concern here, aside from stroke rehabilitation is prevention of another stroke from happening. This would entail adequate control of her blood pressure as well as thrombolytic therapy. Has there been any improvement brought about by physiotherapy and ayurvedic massage?
1344197 tn?1392822771 Most guidelines for the prevention or treatment of osteoporosis recommend the use of calcium supplements, despite the fact that they reduce the risk of fracture only marginally, write Dr Mark J Bolland (University of Auckland, New Zealand) and colleagues.
Avatar n tn stroke kd 4/14/1999 (3) stroke CCF Neuro[P] MD, RPS 4/15/1999 (2) Re: stroke kd 4/15/1999 (1) stroke CCF Neuro[P] MD, RPS 4/15/1999 (0)
Avatar n tn stroke kd 4/15/1999 (1) stroke CCF Neuro[P] MD, RPS 4/15/1999 (0)
Avatar n tn stroke CCF Neuro[P] MD, RPS 4/15/1999 (2) Re: stroke kd 4/15/1999 (1) stroke CCF Neuro[P] MD, RPS 4/15/1999 (0)
Avatar m tn Can prove priceless to those who are able to avoid traumatic health concerns later on by taking good care of their body's now, although supplementing your diet takes fairly little time.signs of stroke in men Prevention is the best approach to any condition. Fortunately for all of us, it is very challenging to do a lot of to prevent bad health, especially with regards to heart well being. Heart disease will take more lives in America than any other condition.
Avatar f tn I recently had a small stroke. After going thru many medical tests, I found out I have a very thin septal wall that is waving around. Also i have a mild regurgitation I believe in the mitral valve. My heart is mildly larger than normal but not called an enlarged heart. I have excellent collestoral levels and my arteres are clear. I was told other than that it seemed there was no other problems. What is the normal approach to this problem? Will they want to operate?
Avatar m tn said Dr. J. David Spence. Spence, who was not involved in the study, directs the Stroke Prevention & Atherosclerosis Research Centre at Western University in London, Ontario, Canada. For the healthy people in this study, Spence said, the TMAO rise from choline might not be worrisome. But, he added, it might be a concern for people at increased risk of heart disease or stroke. Spence suggested those individuals limit egg yolks, beef and other foods high in choline. Hazen had similar advice.
Avatar m tn Hi there, Acitrom (Nicoumalone) is an oral anticoagulant used for the prevention and treatment of harmful blood clots. This medication is a blood thinner which helps smooth flow of blood in your body, which reduces the risk of a stroke or heart attack.
5848391 tn?1380732242 If it is the worst migraine that you can imagine, go to the ER. It could be a stroke. That's how my stroke started. It went on for 3 weeks before it fully erupted. See a doctor.
Avatar m tn (1) High C-reactive protein levels are associated with inflammation and heart disease/stroke. The authors concluded that, in apparently healthy persons with elevated C-reactive protein levels, rosuvastatin (Crestor) significantly reduced the incidence of major cardiovascular events. Their much-publicized claim, that this statin lowers the risk of heart attack by approximately one half, is technically correct though highly misleading.
Avatar m tn An elevated Lp(a) cholesterol level in the bloodstream increases the stickiness of blood, and contributes dramatically to the formation of clots and the chance of a heart attack or stroke. The European Atherosclerosis Society now urges doctors to check Lp(a) in patients at moderate to high risk of cardiovascular disease. The society says bringing a patient’s elevated Lp(a) cholesterol level under 50 mg/dL should be a treatment priority.
Avatar f tn thanks for the link, it is very usefull for me too for HCC prevention where did you get this vitamin?is vitamin k2 the same?is there any food extract pill?
Avatar n tn I also now have Vascular Dementia from having a stroke in 2002...and was NOT referred to therapy in spite of testing showing several Higher Function deficits. This has really worsened in recent months. I have had an enormous amount of stress, separation from abusive husband, deaths in my immediate family and recently moving to an unfamiliar congested area where I am now petrified to drive.
Avatar m tn The current study comprises a cohort of 160 patients (100 of them men) with an average age of 45 (range 18 to 55) who had a stroke or TIA. Most patients (94%) had an ischemic stroke; only 6% had a TIA. For a control group, the ethics committee allowed the researchers to use a matched cohort of 160 patients who had not had a stroke and who had had urine tests for various reasons. The problem with the controls, Barber said, was that researchers knew only their age, sex, and ethnicity.
874521 tn?1424120397 They found that men and women who took calcium supplements did increase their risk of heart attack or stroke by about 30 percent. Men and women with high dietary intakes of calcium did not see the same increased risk. In interviews, Reid and his team explain why a calcium supplement appear to raise risk and not a high- calcium meal? They theorize that calcium supplements cause the mineral to collect in your blood...and high-calcium meals do not. that's true.
Avatar m tn Precautions: Because supplements may have side effects or interact with medications, they should be taken only under the supervision of your health care provider. Side effects from brewer's yeast are generally mild and may include gas. People who are susceptible to yeast infections or are allergic to yeast should avoid brewer's yeast. People with diabetes should talk to their doctor before taking brewer's yeast, as it could interact with medication for diabetes and cause hypoglycemia.
Avatar n tn (GREEN TEA EXTRACT OF 30% POLYPHENOL EXTRACT) 2 TIMES/ FOOD,- (PCOs PROCYANIDOLIC OLIGOMERS BIOFLAVONOIDS) GRAPE SEED 150-300mg if Cholesterol is high Otherwise 50mg per day,- SELENIUM, LYSINE, PROLINE, ARGININE, VITAMIN C 1 GRAM 3 X per day STRONGER HEART COQ10 (30-60mg up to 3 per day),- HAWTHORN BERRIES EXTRACT take as per Bottle,- L-CARNITINE (250mg 3x),- Chromium 100mcg per day, Policosanol 20mg 1x, Inositol Hexanicotinate 1gr 3x, OP6 He
Avatar m tn he has cholesterol probelms, bone and back pains and stroke prevention, immune to hbv.
Avatar f tn I know prevention, but can you clean them naturally with good health habits after there has been build up? Let me know Thanks!
Avatar f tn In cases of severe vitamin D deficiency, the dose will be considerable higher and the entire treatment will last longer. The treatment may consist of supplements taken orally or vitamin D injections. You should not be surprised if your doctor prescribes very high dose because it takes efforts and time to get your vitamin D levels back to normal. But even though your dose may seem too high for you, you should not worry too much because overdose is very rare.
Avatar f tn now I'm with a new neuro at the UW and she's taking a holistic approach with exercise, relaxation, medication, supplements, healthy eating, daily exposure to the outdoors, healthy sleep, and prevention. I appreciate that. So this is why I'm back ON Topamax.She is putting me on a combination of medications with a specific purpose.
Avatar m tn Aside from the fact that it flies in the face of an overwhelming body of research that proves Americans are nutrient deficient as a whole, and that nutritional supplements can have significant impact in disease prevention and health promotion, the recent study on vitamins is flawed in similar ways. How Vitamins Save Money and Save Lives Overwhelming basic science and experimental data support the use of nutritional supplements for the prevention of disease and the support of optimal health.
560501 tn?1383616340 Vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and heat-related illnesses (for example, heat exhaustion or heat stroke) are common reasons a person loses a significant amount of fluid. Diuretics or water pills used to control high blood pressure are also another cause of a decreased amount of fluid in the body. Blood loss and other causes of anemia decrease the number of red blood cells that carry oxygen in the bloodstream, and this may lead to the symptoms of orthostatic hypotension.