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Avatar n tn After reading the studies use one to back up your suggestion for an alternative treatment. Stroke can be caused by both clots and bleeds. Plavix is generally prescribed following a stroke from a clot. Often clots are caused by simple dehydration and inactivity. If you go off the Plavix keep well hydrated at all times with electrolytes.
Avatar n tn There is currently no data whatsoever, showing benefit of plavix in stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation. The two current standards of care are aspirin and coumadin...with the later being undoubtably more effective in patients that can tolerae it. Alot of people have peripheral neuropathy and do perfectly well without falls. I usually prefer coumadin unless there is a definite risk. Any regimen that would attempt to use plavix, should at least include aspirin sine it is proven.
Avatar f tn Could Plavix and asprin be used together to help with stroke prevention or is Plavix just as dangerous and Xeralto and Pradaxa?
Avatar n tn Severe joint and back pain usually is not a side effect of Plavix. Coumadin is more powerful than Plavix. The Plavix is important to take especially if you have coated stents. You may want to be checked for arthritis that may be flaring up. Coumadin is not to be used in persons with high cholesterol.
Avatar m tn Please note that the article mention plavix as used as "prevention of stroke" here we are speaking of Plavix to avoid restenosis and clots in the case that you have medical stents implanted. The situation is quite different.
Avatar n tn my father just got through another stroke recently. he has been on Plavix for two years since the first one in 2008. my question is Plavix would reduce the risk of stroke but could not 100% prevent it, correct? I am not sure what is the cause yet this time. he is still in the process of going through all various types of tests and so far the doctor seems very comfortable with the results available; also he has totally recovered without any sign of stroke symptoms.
Avatar m tn In getting ready for sius surgery in 2008 I was taken off my aspirin for 8 days and the day before the surgery had the second stroke. My cardiologist put me on Plavix plus the two aspirin and had me take 4 plavix the first day I got them. Now I take one Plavix a day plus the two aspirin. After a bout with Pneumonia and Bronchitis and being in the hospital twice I was sent to a Pulmonary Dr.
Avatar n tn I am a 49 yr old female, who smokes, no Hypertension or diabetes, I have had all symptoms of Stroke/TIA, I had radiating pain down L arm, numbing/tingling up L side of face, profuse sweating, dizziness, I also had slight pain across jaw, no weakness though, this has happened more than one time, all of my test come out negative, is that normal for a TIA that nothing shows? I am afraid that when or if I have a stroke, that will be it since everything comes up negative.
Avatar f tn Why were you put on Plavix in the beginning... for heart attack or stroke? Absolutely going off of it can lead to a mini-stroke/TIA, but going odd wont CAUSE one. Unfortunately you have to go off before a biopsy as it makes your blood thinner and there is too much risk of bleeding. Don't worry too much about the TIA, most have no long standing effects unless you have a LOT of them. So you want to go back on the Plavix and DON'T miss any doses! It should work right away.
Avatar f tn I don't know about "normal," but if the regimen of warfarin and Plavix is working for you, then great. Your goal is to find something that works. Have you been tested for clotting disorders? Your story makes me wonder about that, especially if the stroke happened to be due to a clot.
575214 tn?1218040360 Aspirin, taken daily in low-to-medium doses (50-325 mg), is an effective and inexpensive first-choice agent for reducing recurrent stroke risk.Similarly,clopidogrel(plavix)is taken to decrease the chance of stroke recurrence. To decrease the thrombus or emboli, fibrinolytic drugs are to be taken. Tissue plasminogen activator is a fibrinolytic protein and it will reduce the size of thrombus or the blockage.
Avatar f tn They just took me off and now started Plavix and aspirin. Can you take the birth control pill with Plavix? My periods are now horrible with major bleeding and I only stopped for a few days and started my period again and it has not stopped and heavy bleeding with clots. Getting back on the birth control pill I feel sure would fix that. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/Plavix-side-effects/show/1577641">Plavix side effects</a>.
Avatar m tn The recommended treatment for DES implants is dual therapy of aspirin and plavix up to a year. Combining plavix and aspirin increases the risk of bleeding vs. aspirin alone in patients treated for more than a brief period of time. That is the regimen followed for my DES implant. f you are in this category a prior MI and unstable angina:" In the CAPRIE trial, clopidogrel (plavix) was equivalent to aspirin for patients with a recent (but not acute) MI.
Avatar f tn Some of these medications should be uptitrated by his cardiologist to allow for the maximum dose as he tolerates them (namely, Ramipril and Metoprolol). His Plavix should continue for either several months up to 1-2 years depending on the type of stent he received at the time of his percutaneous coronary intervention (bare metal stent vs. drug-eluting). As with most medications, daily compliance with all of these is imperative for maintaining healthy cardiovascular fitness.
Avatar m tn Lately, there have many posts related to the duration of plavix and it seems patients are given plavix for a long period of time. It has been my understanding from what I have read and my experience, plavix is recommended for individuals that have a drug eluding stent to help prevent clots for up to a year. That has been my experience. DES when compared to bare metal stent implants have an increase of clots and restenosis for a period of one year...
1013028 tn?1250923267 Plavix, similar to Aspirin, is an antiplatelet drug and is effective in treating arterial clots (in cases of stroke, heart attack, peripheral arterial disease). Plavix stops platelets aggregation or prevents them from sticking together. This tends to prevent clot formation in the arteries, including coronary arteries or the arteries on the surface of heart.
Avatar m tn Aspirin or coumadin are for clots, (Antithrombotic and Thrombolytic Therapy), the American College of Chest Physicians (ACCP) recommended coumadin for atrial fibrillation patients at high risk of stroke, aspirin for patients at low risk of stroke, and either drug of patients with an intermediate risk. The ACCP defines a low-risk patient as younger than 65 years with no predisposing risk factors (e.g., previous stroke, TIA, embolism, heart failure, hypertension, diabetes).
Avatar f tn had coiling embolisation done with stent due to an unruptured aneurysm on the right ICA. returned to hospital afterwards due to TIA symptoms and was given Lipitor as cholesterol level was borderline and given just to make sure that it is not causing the "mini-stroke". I have been given Plavix and aspirin from the onset and I am still on it.
Avatar n tn Plavix/clopidogrel is mainly an anti-platelet drug (they are *usually* used artery-side, e.g., to prevent strokes or heart attacks). The other drugs mentioned are anticoagulants (which interfere with coagulant proteins such as Factor Xa -- they are usually used venous-side, e.g., preventing DVT after orthopedic surgery). Either type might be used for the in between, which is the heart: for AFib clotting/strokes. I don't know why your doc preferred to prescribe Plavix for DVT.
Avatar f tn I refused to take plavix or coumadin and I'm only taking aspirin. I keep reading stuff that says aspirin is not at all helpful. My MRI shows that I already had some ministrokes?? Does anyone know the facts? Is aspirin useless under these circumstances?
Avatar n tn He is on Namenda and Plavix, is it possible that Adderall could help with his short term memory loss. Before the accident he lived on his own.
Avatar m tn News is in, I did not have a stroke, it is most likely the chiari or maybe a syrinx of tethered cord.
Avatar f tn I am not sure if the therapy would or wouldn't work without aspirin. I have never heard this before. I know it has been suggested I take Plavix and aspirin. I don't take the Plavix for personal reasons, and I always forget my aspirin. I did some goggling and found this bit in an article. It suggests that Plavix is an alternative. Not sure if that is correct or not.