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Avatar n tn It is slightly better than aspirin for prevention of stroke, and not as good in terms of prevention stork as coumadin. It is as likely as aspirin to cause bleeding but less likely than coumadin.
Avatar f tn My mum had a ischemic stroke three months ago. After two weeks or so, she started to feeling "somthing" running inside her body, "something" spinning inside her head and her stomach...... does anyone has similar experience??? Also, in the first month, she was given both aspirin and plavix. after that, the doctor said she just needed to take either one.
Avatar n tn After reading the studies use one to back up your suggestion for an alternative treatment. Stroke can be caused by both clots and bleeds. Plavix is generally prescribed following a stroke from a clot. Often clots are caused by simple dehydration and inactivity. If you go off the Plavix keep well hydrated at all times with electrolytes.
Avatar n tn I had what my PCP considers a stroke. I awoke about 5 wks ago with marked degenerative changes in my speech as well as some cognitive dysfunction. No damage to arms, legs, facial muscles, etc. Stupidly, I did not see the doctor until Friday. I'd had a TIA 2 years earlier and thought that maybe this would pass too. My blood pressure,intermittently high for about 10 years, was pretty high.
157966 tn?1218225340 t noticed it until today when it happened. I have been on Plavix and aspirin since my stroke of 1995 and was on them both the last time I was on tx with no bad sides related to them. I'm wondering now, however, if my Neurologist should take me off the Plavix until the treatment is over and what the implications of that would be for my stroke prevention. I can't afford to bleed to death but I also can't afford another stroke. It could very well kill me.
Avatar m tn I do treat a lot of atrial fibrillation. Stroke risk prevention is a very important part of that. It might be worth asking why Plavix was used instead of coumadin. I hope this helps.
Avatar n tn There is currently no data whatsoever, showing benefit of plavix in stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation. The two current standards of care are aspirin and coumadin...with the later being undoubtably more effective in patients that can tolerae it. Alot of people have peripheral neuropathy and do perfectly well without falls. I usually prefer coumadin unless there is a definite risk. Any regimen that would attempt to use plavix, should at least include aspirin sine it is proven.
Avatar f tn i havew taken warfariin since my stroke in 1992, having pro-timee checked regularly. can i switch to plavix? how?
Avatar f tn Could Plavix and asprin be used together to help with stroke prevention or is Plavix just as dangerous and Xeralto and Pradaxa?
469720 tn?1388146349 Below is an exerpt from a direct to consumer advertisement on clopidogrel---- If you have been diagnosed with P.A.D., you need to learn how to lower your risk of heart attack or stroke. Individuals with P.A.D. have more than double the risk of heart attack or stroke compared to people who don't have P.A.D. Now is the time to explore all your treatment options to help reduce that risk, including P.A.D. medications like Plavix® (clopidogrel bisulfate).
Avatar n tn Severe joint and back pain usually is not a side effect of Plavix. Coumadin is more powerful than Plavix. The Plavix is important to take especially if you have coated stents. You may want to be checked for arthritis that may be flaring up. Coumadin is not to be used in persons with high cholesterol.
Avatar m tn I was misdiagnosed. The firlst Dr. I went to said I had a stroke. I actually have Vertigo. The first doctor put me on plavix when he diagnosed me with my "stroke". I live in a very small remote mountain village in the Yukon Territory. Seeing a doctor here is kind of a joke. There is a different doctor every time and no one seems to want to help me. I want to get off of this plavix. Do I just stop taking it or do I have to wean myself off? Thank you for any help you can give me.
Avatar n tn Yes plavix is not sufficient for most patients to prevent stroke with atrial fibrillation, and you should also be on coumadin in addition to the plavix.
Avatar n tn my father just got through another stroke recently. he has been on Plavix for two years since the first one in 2008. my question is Plavix would reduce the risk of stroke but could not 100% prevent it, correct? I am not sure what is the cause yet this time. he is still in the process of going through all various types of tests and so far the doctor seems very comfortable with the results available; also he has totally recovered without any sign of stroke symptoms.
Avatar m tn My dad had a stroke last Dec. They put him on 12 mg of Coumadin while in the hospital. He's in a nursing home and they want to change him to Plavix and asprin. People have scared us to death about bleeding to death with Coumadin and dad is thinking to changing to the Plavix and asprin. I'm concerned. Is the Plavix and asprin as effective as Coumadin. If they keep changing his medicine, I worry about another stroke. Should we get a second opinion? Should we take dad off Coumadin?
Avatar m tn In getting ready for sius surgery in 2008 I was taken off my aspirin for 8 days and the day before the surgery had the second stroke. My cardiologist put me on Plavix plus the two aspirin and had me take 4 plavix the first day I got them. Now I take one Plavix a day plus the two aspirin. After a bout with Pneumonia and Bronchitis and being in the hospital twice I was sent to a Pulmonary Dr.
Avatar m tn Please note that the article mention plavix as used as "prevention of stroke" here we are speaking of Plavix to avoid restenosis and clots in the case that you have medical stents implanted. The situation is quite different.
Avatar f tn I don't know about "normal," but if the regimen of warfarin and Plavix is working for you, then great. Your goal is to find something that works. Have you been tested for clotting disorders? Your story makes me wonder about that, especially if the stroke happened to be due to a clot.
Avatar n tn Hi Oswald , Plavix, similar to Aspirin, is an antiplatelet drug and is effective in treating arterial clots (in cases of stroke, heart attack, peripheral arterial disease) . Plavix stops platelets aggregation or prevents them from sticking together. This tends to prevent clot formation in the arteries, including coronary arteries or the arteries on the surface of heart.
Avatar f tn Why were you put on Plavix in the beginning... for heart attack or stroke? Absolutely going off of it can lead to a mini-stroke/TIA, but going odd wont CAUSE one. Unfortunately you have to go off before a biopsy as it makes your blood thinner and there is too much risk of bleeding. Don't worry too much about the TIA, most have no long standing effects unless you have a LOT of them. So you want to go back on the Plavix and DON'T miss any doses! It should work right away.
Avatar m tn I hope your doctors are helping you through that -- you should not feel overwhelmed with all of these medical decisions (looking for the right meds combination, etc.) - let your doctor guide you. They should have you on a good stroke prevention regimen (something for blood pressure, something for cholesterol, diabetes, if you have it, and a blood thinner or something like aspirin / plavix / aggrenox).
Avatar f tn I just recently had a drug-eluting stent put in. I am on blood pressure, plavix, aspirin and temporarily on prednisone. My question is, when I am taken off plavix in one year, what are my chances of getting a clot because of this? Has anyone had any problems with their pulse racing inconsistently after having a stent put in or because they are on prednisone?
Avatar f tn My mother is in a catch 22. She has chronic AFib and was temporarily taken off Coumadin while getting treatment for colon cancer. They kept her on the Plavix and put her on Aspirin instead of Coumadin. While on the Plavix & Aspirin, she had a bleeding stroke. She's OK except for vision loss. They put her back on the Coumadin a few months later even though she had just had the bleed. Her INR went to greater than 7.
575214 tn?1218040360 Aspirin, taken daily in low-to-medium doses (50-325 mg), is an effective and inexpensive first-choice agent for reducing recurrent stroke risk.Similarly,clopidogrel(plavix)is taken to decrease the chance of stroke recurrence. To decrease the thrombus or emboli, fibrinolytic drugs are to be taken. Tissue plasminogen activator is a fibrinolytic protein and it will reduce the size of thrombus or the blockage.
Avatar n tn can pradaxa be taken to replace plavix ,my wife has been on plavix for 11years she suffered a stroke and was put on plavix and coumidin. I understand plavax is a blood thinner.
Avatar n tn can pradaxa be taken to replace plavix ,my wife has been on plavix for 11years she suffered a stroke and was put on plavix and coumidin. I understand pradaxa is a blood thinner.
Avatar n tn I am a 49 yr old female, who smokes, no Hypertension or diabetes, I have had all symptoms of Stroke/TIA, I had radiating pain down L arm, numbing/tingling up L side of face, profuse sweating, dizziness, I also had slight pain across jaw, no weakness though, this has happened more than one time, all of my test come out negative, is that normal for a TIA that nothing shows? I am afraid that when or if I have a stroke, that will be it since everything comes up negative.