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Avatar m tn The causes of stroke are multiple and could include embolism from the heart or other areas (such as the aorta or other parts of the body), bleeds, atherosclerosis of the blood vessels, vasculitis (or inflammatory processes affecting the blood vessels of the brain), and others. The prevention of stroke typically depends on what are the risk factors a patient has. These may include aspirin, certain blood thinners, or cholesterol-lowering medications.
Avatar n tn You know, migraines do up the risk of stroke a bit, especially in young women taking birth control pills --- it may be,unfortunately, just several circumstances (including the PFO, perhaps) that all came together to produce the stroke. Hopefully, it will never happen again! Good luck.
Avatar n tn Hormone replacement therapy is not felt be effective in preventing cardiovascular disease in women. I am also not familiar with bloodletting therapy, but it is not used in the treatment of menopause.
Avatar n tn After the seizure disorder was diagnosed, my neuroligist (who was not the same one I saw with the stroke) started to run and re-run tests (Arteriogram, TEE, echo, etc.) to see why I had the stroke in the first place. The TEE indicated a small patent foramen ovale which had not shown up on the echo. My doctor and another neurolgist now think the PFO was the cause of the stroke. I have been told to take an aspirin each day as blood thinner to reduce the risk of future strokes.
Avatar n tn Tamoxifen is well known to cause headaches and in itself has been associated with an increased risk of stroke in women over 50. The decision to continue with the tamoxifen should be made with your oncologist based on your clinical history and type/extent of breast CA. Good luck.
1310633 tn?1430227691 adult women engaged in binge drinking an average of three times per month, drinking an average of six drinks. That's nearly 14 million women. One in 8 women binge drink, according to the report. One in 5 high school girls binge drink, which is nearly as high as the binge drinking rates among high school boys. While binge-drinking rates have fallen among boys over the past 10 years, "binge-drinking rates among girls really haven't changed much over a 15-plus-year period," said Dr.
469720 tn?1388149949 In general, men are considered overweight if their waist measurement is greater than 40 inches. And women, in general, are overweight if their waist measurement is greater than 35 inches. Even small reductions in weight can be beneficial. Reducing your weight by just 10 percent can decrease your blood pressure, lower your blood cholesterol level and reduce your risk of diabetes. 5.
Avatar n tn Many drs miss this diagnosis, especially in women and in the early stages. It is the most common genetic disorder found among people of European descent and the most often misdiagnosed or not diagnosed until late stages of the organ damage.
Avatar n tn in the last two weeks i have had three blood vessels just pop in my fingers. i was not doing anything out of the ordinary. what could be causing this? should there be a cause for concern?
Avatar m tn Women Hormone imbalances may affect women in a variety of ways. Most commonly, people think of menopausal changes when they think of hormones and women, and certainly, this is an important consideration. Other hormonal problems can be treated by appropriately trained physicians, as well. Among these are PCOS, chronic fatigue, hair loss, and simply being overweight. If you are suffering from a condition that you would like to get treated, come talk to one of our trained physicians now!
Avatar n tn He said that the scans don't show any cause for this to be happening and it looks like it is curving in rather than the bone thinning in that area. At this point it isn't affecting my brain, so he wants me to repeat the scans in October and come back so he can see if there are any changes. Keep in touch if you find anything out about yours. and feel free to send me a message in my inbox - I have a watch on this post and my inbox and I recieve an email whenever anyone posts to it.
Avatar f tn Hello Diane, "The FDA now says that Crestor should be prescribed for prevention's sake in men ages 50 and up and women 60 and older with normal "bad" cholesterol levels only if they have a CRP of 2 mg/L or higher as well as at least one characteristic that puts them at risk for cardiovascular disease.
Avatar m tn Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in men and women in the U.S., according to the American Cancer Society.
Avatar f tn They also needed less medication than those taking the drug flunarizine, used to prevent blinding headaches. In the study, reported in the medical journal Headache, Dr Allais asked 80 women to have acupuncture once a week for two months, then once monthly for an additional four months. Needles were placed in the same points during each treatment, and left in the patient's body for 20 minutes.
807420 tn?1238225628 Cluster headaches are the worst, and also the rarest headaches experienced, only affecting about 1% of the population. They are more common in men than women, in fact, 90% of people that get them are men. Women who get them describe them as being worse than childbirth. Symptoms vary from person to person, can be random, or, more often, on a "schedule", at the same time each month, year etc.
2044185 tn?1330801382 The signal needs to have time to reach the center of the avnode where it will then go out the other end of the pathway and create a loop. Essentially in avnrt you have 2 pathways in, a normal one and an extra one that the signal travels a bit slower on. If the extra slower pathway has time to complete entry into the avnode when a person has a pause from a pac or pvc then that is generally when a person will fall into tachycardia. Does this mean that everyone who has avnrt has ectopics.
Avatar n tn I've had numerous neurological symptoms. I do have a lump in my skull in my forehead called a Haemangioma of the Skull which caused severe pain and also spots on my brain MRIs so I am not sure what my problem is. My best wishes to you and I hope you find out what the problem is, it's very hard to be suffering so much all the time. keep looking for answers there must be one out there.
Avatar m tn I have had a problem for years.. I get mall particles of food that gets stuck in the back of my throat somewhere around the nasal passage area. These are small particle of hard food like a part of a peanut shards after being chewed up..
Avatar m tn Many of my cardiology patients ask about the value of taking daily aspirin to prevent heart attack and stroke Recent research has shed new light on this. Indeed, mounting evidence reported in a number of leading medical journals now suggests that if you’re healthy and not at significant risk for a heart attack, you should not be taking aspirin preventively. That’s because the studies show that aspirin doesn’t reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke in healthy people.
1344197 tn?1392822771 Studies have yielded conflicting results about their use, with some observational studies suggesting that high calcium intake is protective against vascular disease, and others showing that calcium supplements speed vascular calcification and increase mortality in patients with kidney failure and increase cardiovascular events and MI in women.
Avatar n tn My mom met with stroke eight months back and after P.T she can able to move like a normal person with very or no deformity at all. The problem is two months after stroke she had burning pains in her butts, upper thighs(only on the right side) and toes. The symptoms comes only when she is sitting or lying nothing while standing. That is only if her butts or thighs rest on some chair or bed it burns. She too has neck pain in the left side and left arm pain while lying done.
Avatar n tn Raloxifen has been approved for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis in postmenopausal women. History of breast cancer is not a contraindication to use of raloxifen, however, it must be used with caution in persons with a history of blood clots, stroke, uterine or cervical cancer. The risks and benefits of this treatment need to be discussed with your doctor, as they relate to your specific situation.
Avatar n tn The discontinued arm included postmenopausal women with an intact uterus using conjugated equine estrogen (CEE) 0.625 mg in combination with medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA) 2.5 mg daily (versus placebo). The primary outcome of the trial was coronary heart disease (CHD); hip fractures were a designated secondary outcome and invasive breast cancer was a designated primary adverse outcome. Additional outcomes are listed in the article.
Avatar n tn High levels of hs-CRP in the blood also seem to predict prognosis and recurrent events in patients with stroke or peripheral arterial disease. What’s the role of hs-CRP in predicting new cardiovascular events? Scientific studies have found that the higher the hs-CRP levels, the higher the risk of having a heart attack. In fact, the risk for heart attack in people in the upper third of hs-CRP levels has been determined to be twice that of those whose hs-CRP level is in the lower third.
Avatar m tn However, it is not osteoporosis, or thinning of the bones, that is the problem, but the risk of fracture, especially in the elderly. In the US, some 40% of women and 13% of men may sustain a fracture after age 50. More than 1.3 million fractures annually are attributed to osteoporosis. Among them are some 500,000 vertebral or spine fractures, 250,000 hip fractures, and 240,000 wrist fractures.
Avatar m tn Dangers of Statin Drugs Plenty of reports say statin drugs cause severe pain and can actually make muscles atrophy. Worse, they may actually increase your risk of stroke. Now, a brand new study, published in The Lancet, confirms that statins do cause diabetes. Researchers reviewed the case files of over 91,000 people from 1994 through 2009. They found a direct link between people taking statins and developing diabetes.
Avatar m tn That’s because the studies show that aspirin doesn’t reduce the risk of dying from a heart attack or stroke in healthy people. Furthermore, the potential risk of a cerebral hemorrhage, gastrointestinal bleeding, and ulcers outweighs any heart benefits the aspirin might provide. However, if you've already had a heart attack or stroke, or if you have been found by your doctor to be at high or moderate risk for heart attack or stroke, the benefits of taking aspirin can trump the risks.
Avatar f tn I thought I was having a stroke. Had electrical shocks in my head, bad headache, nervous shaking, high blood pressure. This was unlike my normal migraines but they insisted that it was a migraine. Saw a Neuro who did MRI, CT, EEG, all normal. Started anti seizure meds for migraine prevention. I felt worse. Stopped taking meds after 34 days. No period in May or June . Started last week in July. Day 3 Estadiol <20 FSH 58. Started on prempro. Symptoms on a daily basis...
Avatar f tn Researchers analyzed health data from 14,000 men and women ages 24 to 32 who participated in the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, also known as the Add Health study. Advertise | AdChoices . They found that of those people, 19 percent had high blood pressure — that is, they had a blood pressure reading of 140/90 millimeters of mercury or higher.
Avatar m tn These include the use of calcium and vitamin D in women with bone loss; folic acid in people with cervical dysplasia (pre-cancerous lesions); iron for anemics, B-complex vitamins to improve cognitive function, zinc; vitamin C, E, and carotenoids to lower the risk of macular degeneration, and folate and vitamin B12 to treat depression. This is but a handful of examples. There are many more.