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Avatar n tn i was having sex right stroke after stroke and when i was about to ejeculate i felt that the condom has bust and i withdrew but when i withdrew i ejeculate but out side the vagina and im not sure if i had contact with the skin but when i withdrew to see the broke condom immidietly ejculated
Avatar f tn I just want to know if there is anyone here from Toronto who knows a good fertility clinic and if someones had a bad experience with a clinic, please also let me know about that. And do u know if i can get a discount for a second try? Should i be changing my doctor after a failed try?The donors we choose from were from the US? Is that Ok? My doctors said that they've stopped doing that in Canada, unless i personally know the person, and she is willing to donate her eggs.
Avatar m tn I am considering having my cataracts done at Crystal Clear Vision in Toronto and wondered if anyone has had any experience with this eye clinic?
Avatar m tn Hi i am planning to have sex with sex worker in Toronto area. The reason i am going for sex worker is because i am alone and have no GF from very long time. I am planning to have proteced oral and viginal sex. I recently went through FDA site for effectiveness of condom they state following "Will a condom guarantee I won't get a sexually transmitted disease? No. There's no absolute guarantee even when you use a condom.
Avatar m tn This information doesn't change my opinion or advice. Indeed, the test result proves for sure you did not catch HIV, because the combo tests for both HIV antibody and antigen are 100% reliable at 4 weeks. Given the definitive test result, it doesn't matter how high the risk of exposure was. The test shows you weren't infected. (But even with the additional information, this in fact was a low risk exposure anyway.
Avatar m tn I had a rapid test done at the Hassle free clinic in DT Toronto and that clinic is the front runner of all clinics in Toronto for HIV testing so i'm pretty sure they are the most recent.
216239 tn?1233257361 I also live in Toronto Canada and I have paid $6,000 at one clinic and at my new clinic TCART on Bloor street the fee is $5,600 this is without meds just the IVF procedure. Meds can run anywhere from $5,500 and on depending on how much you need. My insurance covered my meds for IVF number 1 and I only have enough money left for 1 more IVF then I'm on my own.
Avatar n tn There is currently no data whatsoever, showing benefit of plavix in stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation. The two current standards of care are aspirin and coumadin...with the later being undoubtably more effective in patients that can tolerae it. Alot of people have peripheral neuropathy and do perfectly well without falls. I usually prefer coumadin unless there is a definite risk. Any regimen that would attempt to use plavix, should at least include aspirin sine it is proven.
Avatar f tn t know where you are but I am in Toronto and I wanted to know how I can find the top clinic in Toronto that specializes in IUIs. How can I search for one.
1746987 tn?1381247624 But could you please give me a bit of info about Egg Donor, like how old is she, what Race, and how much is it going to cost and how we going to work this out as I am not a patient at your clinic. But my RE does have a clinic in Mississauga.
Avatar f tn How many mommies from toronto or GTA??? Maybe we can share stores and other babies info.
Avatar f tn These can lead to stroke and pulmonary embolism. Air travel is not generally advised for about 3 months post stroke. How is she presently? you can check with her doctor and consider if she could be allowed to fly with appropriate precautions like wearing compression stockings etc. the airline she intends to fly also needs to be apprised of her health condition and they would also require an authority letter from her physician. I hope these thoughts help.
Avatar m tn Of course there is a difference in preparation and lowering your risks to help prevent stroke or heart attack. Prevention is always the best approach, as much as possible that is.
Avatar f tn t want to have unnecessary complication from the PI sine his eye pressure is normal and the PI was just for prevention. Do you think we should seek another specialist? We live in Toronto.
Avatar m tn Such a pain to find an early test in the Toronto area. I called the biggest resource in Toronto. The "Hassle Free clinic" and the councillor said they wont give me an early test because im straight and that my risk was so low that they just said relax and take a 90 day test. I wish there was a private clinic where I could pay for it.
377493 tn?1356502149 I can answer ALL of your questions. Where abouts in canada do you live. My clinic in toronto is affiliated with Canadian Fertility Consulting Phone: 613-439-8701 email: ***@**** I will email you my phone number and we can talk further. Cost for eggs alone was about 3500 i leagal fees or anything fees and drugs for donor are extra.