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Avatar n tn And, if you have insurance or can find a way to afford it, get your husband out of a skilled nursing facility and into an acute or post-acute care rehab facility, preferably one that specializes in brain injuries. My husband had a severe stroke in August and is currently in a neurorehab. He was paralyzed on the right side, lost his ability to speak intelligbly, had no sense of balance, couldn't swallow, short-term memory loss, and had many cognitive issues.
Avatar n tn Dad is now in a skilled nursing home and is receiving Great Rehab. He is given rehab according to what he can handle.
Avatar n tn He is currently in a Nursing/Rehab center. Medicare has stopped the rehab therapy after 3 weeks because they say he is not progressing enough. My question is if anyone else has had this problem with medicare? They have him in a restorative nursing program at this point, but we really want him back in therapy. He is definately stronger today than he was when they stopped the therapy a few weeks ago. We feel like the therapists have given up on him because he is 80 years old.
Avatar n tn She was in ICU for a week, intermediate care for a week, hospital for about 3 weeks, 2 more weeks in the hospital rehab and is now in a skilled nursing home. She is doing remarkably well for them telling us she most likely wasn't going to make it through the first night let alone 48 hours. She is a fighter and had many health problems before this all happend.
Avatar m tn Just suffered from major stroke 2 months ago. Was just wondering if anyone had information or experience with the drug, Neuroaid.
Avatar m tn My aunty aged 70 is hospitalised due to brain stem stroke. She is kept in ICU. She is put on ventilator. She does not have full consciousness. As per matrix prepared daily now she is on scale 8. She was in scale 3. What are the chances of recovery? Will she regain normal breathing, swallowing and blinking effect as the days go by? Pl advice us.
Avatar n tn Also, we have been given discrepant information regarding the critical nature of the first 3 months post-stroke in success of rehab - some say they mean that the natural healing that will occur is greatest in this period devoid of the rehab efforts - others say it means both the natural healing PLUS that this is the period when rehab has it's greatest impact? Finally, when would any of the treatments you mention for the spasms be contraindicated? My dad has 4 major issues 1.) weak heart..
Avatar m tn Hi my grandma had a stroke Saturday. We are not sure when she had it but we think it was 18hrs before we found her. She had scans done on her brain and they said she had a massive stroke and brain bleed. When we found her she was breathing on her own and had a heart beat but wasn't responsive, she is still like that today. The doctors say she has less than 5% chance of surviving and not to revive her if she has a heart attack as she will end up with no quality of life.
Avatar n tn The Veterans Administration has a bad rap, however I have oberved patients at several rehab faciloities and the care and comfort could not be equaled anywhere. In Florida I have been at nursing homes where stroke patients are tied to their beds in their own urine and feces and you can't enter the hallway without gagging. I have also been present where hospitals for the rich and famous refused to treat critically ill patients because they were black and poor. That is no myth.
Avatar n tn Can someone please direct me on what I should be expecting for rehab. My loved one is 4 wks out from an aschemic stroke followed by a hemmorage. He now is somewhat confused but also coherant at times. Opens eyes, very sleepy, only able to sit with assistance for 18 minutes max. Slight movement is showing in left limbs. Because of no insurance he was put in a state skilled nursing facility with little bed rehab. It frightens me that he is not getting what he needs.
Avatar m tn My father,43 years old, had a stroke 2 weeks ago, he has been in the hospital since the stroke. today i am told that he is going to be released and rehab is not an option for him. why is that? he does not have insurance, and SSI is working on his case? is rehab only for thse with insurance? is there anything i can do, or what other options are there?
Avatar m tn 10% of stroke patients require care in a nursing home or other long-term facility. For skilled nursing facility, stroke survivors require daily skilled nursing or rehabilitation services that can be provided only on an inpatient basis. So, he may have been shifted. Regards.
Avatar n tn Hi, Stroke recovery is multidisciplinary in that it involves a team with different skills working together to help the patient. These include nursing staff, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and usually a physician trained in rehabilitation medicine. Some teams may also include psychologists and social workers and pharmacists. Patients may demand access to state of the art treatment with the help of their own doctor.
1821865 tn?1317525631 They removed her right skull a few days later she had a second stroke where she lost her ability of speaking. Since she has not said a word. Now she is at a nursing home rehab where she makes 5 steps behind then forward now the place told us they are going to drop her because she is not improving. I know some of you have been in that riad what should i do take her home or live her in long term. They kept madicating her with Ativan i tried to talk to the nursing director not much of nother.
Avatar m tn My dad had a stroke on 2/3/15 (65 yo male) - I received a call from HR at his work that he had been taken to the hospital. I believe at that time they had said he had a stroke...? Not sure. He stayed in ICU for almost two weeks and also got pnemonia. Feeding tube was put in... no ventilators. He is now at rehab and started speech and physical therapy. He had a intercranial hemmorage on the Left side of his brain. He has paralysis on right side (both arm and leg) and inability to speak..
Avatar n tn They put in a mini trach, and he is now home with me as bed ridden and with home health care and my care. I refused nursing home. He was doing somewhat better in acute rehab, but on the retun for the pneumonia, one of the transport people who took him for xray, brought him back and put the oxygen on wrong, where he got too much co2, The resperatory therapist caught it but he has not rebounded well yet from it. Any one know what that can do and if so how to treat it?
Avatar f tn My mum suffered a brain stem stroke on 16 April after a bilateral knee operation. she is 74. Saddest part is she wanted this operation so that she could be independent. She is now bedridden and the stroke affected her eye muscles or something like that so she cant open her eyes cant move, has a trachea, a peg and a urine catheter.( for her bed sore) What is the best place for her to be.
Avatar n tn Hi Everyone, I'm looking for some direction here. My 61 year old father had a stroke 1 month ago. He is still in the hospital awaiting approval of medicaid to cover his costs for intensive rehab at a local facility. Today the social worker indicated that she felt his medicaid was going to be rejected. My father can not use his left side, can not sit up and can not walk. He lives alone. What are his options? He certainly can not be released to live on his own.
531662 tn?1239203696 Patients may demand access to state of the art treatment with the help of their own doctor. For most stroke patients, the rehabilitation process includes nursing, occupational therapy (OT), physical therapy (PT), therapeutic recreation (TR) and speech therapy (or speech language therapy, SLP).
2019247 tn?1329279401 Hospitals want to move patients out once medical care has been stabilized; they are likely to suggest your mother go to a nursing home or rehab facility. Check out your choices and try to get her into one where therapy is at least 2-3 times/day (or 3 hrs/daily); if you're mom was physically active and healthy before her stroke, this level of care should help to facilitate a fuller recovery. Good luck.
Avatar n tn My Mum had a large stroke 6 weeks ago, having previously suffered 2 others in the preceding four months. At first I was told to expect her not to survive, after a week I was told the prognosis was poor and she could go at any time. I spent long hours holding her hand, she is paralysed on her right side doesn't appear able to see, can't talk and is being fed via a tube into her stomach (p e g).
1474053 tn?1297829338 a good website dedicated to stroke is the stroke association website. just google it. after a stroke, people can become really tired. stroke takes its toll on the body. its a good sign that your loved one can start to move her limbs abit. stroke patients tend to be put NBM (nil by mouth) until a swallowing assessment has been done, therefore the fluid will keep them hydrated. heparin is a drug used to stop clots forming or treat blood clots that have formed.
Avatar f tn My mother had a massive stroke. The Drs said it was the type of stroke that is fatal. 4 days later she is starting a very soft diet, physical therapy, and speech therapy. The stroke hit the left side of her brain and was bleeding. She is gaining little feeling in right leg, can move head to right(slightly) and attempting to talk. She responds by hand squeezing and smiles as well as slight laughter. She remains in ICU but we are looking for nursing home.
Avatar n tn She is out of the hospital (again) and back at the nursing home and continuing rehab. Like the nurses and doctors you've dealt with I too am amazed by your husband's recovery so far...what you described him going through initially sounds like it was a worse bleed than my aunt has had. And to hear about his improvement is such an encouragement (thanks again). God bless the two of them and may they both continue to recover (preferably quickly).
Avatar n tn She has a tracheostomy, a g-tube, and a urinary catheter. The hospital is having a very hard time finding a nursing home for her. The family would like rehabilitation for her, but the doctors give her very poor prognosis and won't order any. They also give the reason for not ordering rehab, because of her not doing so much. I am wondering how I can help my Mom. Is there anything else we can do besides the range of motion?
Avatar m tn not just assume it's a stroke,even though the symptoms are similar. Often Dr's can't tell the difference between a stroke and Alzheimers..sometimes the two coexist.
Avatar n tn Also we are running into road blocks getting her rehab in the nursing home. What can we do to make sure she gets the rehab excercize that hopefully could restore enough movement to her leg and arm so that we can get her home and hire an aide that will be able to move her around (with her assisting to some degree). Right now she is not able to assist in her transfer from bed to chair, etc.
Avatar n tn Doctors are ignoring stroke symptoms, suggesting skilled nursing facility. He has been 1 week in medical ICU, 1 week in Surgery ICU, 1 week in step down ICU How can we lobby to keep him in the hospital longer and get him into acute inpatient rehab? We feel that the nursing home will not aid his recovery with his multiple issues and he will not get regualr therapy.