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350555 tn?1196587877 Well, I feel like I have symptoms of a stroke. Today my left side of my face and my left hand and fingers feel like they are tingling. More like pins and needles. I feel this on the left side of my body. Pins and needle feeling down my left arm, and my face on the left side and cheek is really tingling. I go see the Dr. this next week. I have had symptoms like this before and it comes and goes. I do have an anxiety disorder, but I don't consciously feel as though I'm having anxiety....
Avatar n tn Has anyone had a post stroke headache at the exact site in the head where the infarct occurred? My headches/numbness is 24/7. I have no other deficits. The stroke was venous with no specific cause. My head is so heavy.
Avatar n tn Usually, these infarcts occur due to occlusion of brain arteries and results into stroke. Therefore, this may be associated with headache, numbness and paralysis like symptoms. Unfortunately, rehabilitation is the only effective way to help the patient regain function to the possible extent and prevent from permanent losses. If rehabilitation program is appropriately instituted, most of the stroke patients can regain maximum functions with appropriate therapy, training and support services.
Avatar f tn Sudden loss of vision, dizziness o loss of balance and coordination may also indicate a stroke. If the headache is sudden and severe in intensity, it needs to be investigated for stroke. Consult a neurologist immediately for a detailed assessment and relevant investigations like MRI brain. Hope this helps. Take care.
Avatar f tn Hello dear, The most noticeable symptoms of stroke include-sudden numbness or weakness of face, arm or leg - especially on one side of the body. Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding.sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes. Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination.
Avatar n tn I went to ER again a week after the stroke for a bad headache.(which I had severely with my stroke) But, they treated for a headache. I have had Carpal Tunnel ruled out for the tingling of hand. Anyway, I am not a Dr. this is just what happened with me. I would say it is normal for now.
Avatar f tn Over the past year, I have been experiencing periods where my left side of my face will become numb and tingly similar to when you get a novacaine shot at the dentist. Also my ear feels like there is something in there that is affecting my hearing.I had my sinuses checked and my ENT said they were fine. Recently the symptons have started to come more frequently. The new sympton is the tip of my nose gets really cold and sometimes my ear.
Avatar f tn Facial numbness can have several causes. These include migraine/headache, anxiety/panic attacks, multiple sclerosis, stroke/TIA, tumor, vascular malformations, seizure and trigeminal neuralgia to name a few. The most concerning cause of numbness on one side is a stroke. Please understand I am not trying to imply you have a stroke, but only that this is one possibility.
Avatar n tn I had the MRI done because I had symptoms of a stroke that led to the headaches.. Still have slight numbness on left side of body. following up with another MRI this time of the neck. can you please help me to see why I have these sensations.
Avatar f tn I am certain that I am getting migraines that are causing facial numbness, tongue numbness, leg numbness and weakness and my eye feels funny. I have no real headache this has been going on for 3 weeks now. Usually when I get the numbness it always affects the same area. Is this common with migraine? Sometimes it is scary and I feel like I must be about to have a stroke. How can you tell the difference? Cheers, Udkas.
Avatar n tn Both stroke and migraine can cause one sided headache with numbness. Patients with aortic aneurysm are at an increased risk of atherosclerosis or blockade of artery by a plaque which can cause heart attacks and stroke. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn Yesterday while driving home from work, I experienced a numbness on the right side of my face and a sharp pain almost like a sinus headache not as a bad as a migraine. I didn't feel dizzy nor did I feel numb anywhere else. After a few minutes it went away. I honestly didn't think a thing about it until I told my husband last night and he said it might have been a mini stroke.
Avatar n tn Since then, intermittent right side numbness, clumsiness, drooling. Woke yesterday morning at 4am with headache and vomitting. Stroke? Seizure? What?
Avatar m tn Are there other symptoms present?Stroke usually present with sudden numbness or paralysis of arm, leg or face, slurring of speech, confusion, severe headache and blurred vision. If his blood pressure is not controlled and medications do not work, I recommend that you have him evaluated immediately to rule out stroke. His medical history and complete physical examination will help determine the underlying cause. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Hi, How are you? Transients ischemic attack (TIA), according to the American Heart Association, is a "warning stroke" or "mini-stroke" that produces stroke-like symptoms but with no lasting damage or injury to the brain. TIAs are important in predicting if a stroke will occur rather than when one will happen. In about half the cases, the stroke occurs within one year of the TIA.
Avatar n tn The headache persisted for 7 days and disappeared the following sunday morning. I am still left with numbness, loss of feeling and weakness (my right side is 50% weaker than on my left). My blood work showed i am heterozygous for mthfr 1298 and 677. but they have not yet tested for homocysteine. They said that feeling should start coming back but it hasn't at all. Migraine has been ruled out because the Hemiparesis has persisted.
Avatar m tn Yesterday I had bad frontal headache. Along with this my left eye had the feeling of a slight eye allergy/puffiness. Today the headache is mostly gone except for a little on my left. However the eye situation is a little worse. There's a tad bit of a tingle/numbness from left eye, through my left cheek bone, down to my left side jaw. Could this be signs of some kind of stroke? Or is it more the signs of some allergy?
Avatar n tn There is a good possibility that you suffered from stroke as suggested by your symptoms of loss of vision, numbness and electric shock like sensations in the arms. Also white matter lesion in the brain can occur in stroke. CSF myelin basic protein is a non specific measurement and is seen in inflammatory and destructive conditions of brain. It is not specific for MS. Please go ahead with the stroke referral and let us know if you have any other questions.
Avatar n tn ve never heard of a patient who had migraines with numbness and tingling along with the headache have that symptom without the headache, but it is very possible. It sounds like you're in very good hands with your neurologist. I am sure that she will do everything she can to try and help you out. I wish you luck! I'm sorry I couldn't be more of a help.