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Avatar n tn You need to discuss the treatment options with the physician. In some cases, the effects of a small stroke can be overcome and the person can live an almost completely normal life. In other cases, the disabilities are severe and permanent. Support and understanding from family and friends, plus intensive rehabilitation from health care professionals, can always improve a stroke survivor’s quality of life. Some of the health care professionals who can assist include: 1.
Avatar f tn I was life flighted to the ER where they ran all the tests to make sure it was a stroke. They gave me the clot busting drugs which reversed the effects of the stroke. but I'm having both numbness in both hands and arms. Does anyone have any answers?
18089930 tn?1463095290 When he suffers his stroke he loses function on one side of his body and becomes disoriented. He is taken to the ER right away. How long is he likely to be in the hospital? What is the plausibility for either lasting effects or a complete recovery?
Avatar n tn One of the most common after effects of strokes is severe or mild pain in various parts of the body. Pain can usually be minimized very easily with pain medication. Many will just require standard pain relief such as an aspirin while others may need something much stronger such as hospital-grade pain relief medications including morphine. Also, "aproximately 8 percent of people who have had a stroke will suffer from a neuropathic pain caused by damage to neurons in the brain".
Avatar n tn Axial traction can be applied by having the patient lie on the floor and be pulled slowly along a rug pulling upwards along the spine. If the weakness disappears, the liklihood is that you have pressure on the nerves that pass through the vertebrae. Often this pressure is caused by stress, or altered osmolality.
Avatar n tn I thought I was suffering from a migraine but it turned out to have long term effects on my apperance, I have droppyness on the right side of my face, mental confusion from time to time, numbness in arms and hands and toes.and difficullty speaking muscle weakness,on the right side of my mri was clear like yours,but I have a complete occlusion in my left artery.I also have uncontrolled b.p.
Avatar n tn Complete paralysis or simple weakness on one side of the body (this happens on the opposite side of the body on which the stroke occurred), Speech difficulty, Trouble with swallowing and urination, Balance, coordination and cognitive problems (memory problems or difficulty following directions), Fatigue and Emotional disturbances. The recovery for stroke takes place in the following steps. Treatment – Symptomatic treatment begins as soon as the patient enters the hospital.
Avatar n tn There they did a CT scan of my head and did not find anything abnormal. The ER doctor chalked it up to bad side effects from the Maxalt which should go away on their own. He also said that I might have slept on my arm funny causing it to fall asleep. This was definitely not the case as I am brighter than that. Plus, had that been the case, I really do not think that the numbness would have lasted for so long.
Avatar n tn They told me I had a headache(did not feel one) and sent me home when I actually had a brain stem stroke..I got home and had another, but this one was down and out on the floor...My cholesterol was normal, my sugar was normal, my bp was 124/80...You could be in excellent shape but when the MRA(Juicy/Glow in the dark version of an MRI) is done, it could reveal that you got small arteries from heredity....Yep, dear ol' mom and dad... Not anyone's fault, but if you had a stroke..
Avatar n tn Body temperature is regulated through a number of complex neural feedback mechanisms primarily controlled by the hypothalamus (which can be damaged in a stroke). Body temperature is maintaineds through vasoconstriction, shivering, and secretion of norepinephrine, epinephrine and thyroxin. But the need for heat is also a part of the immune system.
Avatar n tn You can be stressed and also have a true medical condition. For example, if the weakness were on one side of the boy, you should be evaluated for stroke or TIA (i.e., transient stroke). Multiple sclerosis and post-seziure are other conditions that can present this way. If the symptoms migrated, migraine and seizure would be high on the differential. Are you on any medications? Medications can have side effects of lightheadedness and dizziness.
Avatar n tn In many cases the face my drop on one side and speech becomes gibberish or slurred. The effects are death to an area of the brain starved of oxygen. Stroke can kill, but most cases survive and make some recovery. Not everyone fully recovers, but with physiotherapy many patients get back around 90-95% or functionality. I know a few people who have had strokes, and the common thing they all said is they suffered a really pounding headache a couple of minutes before it happened.
Avatar n tn last week i had tia and i still feel needles and pins on the left side of my body..
Avatar n tn I suffered a second stroke nearly 2 weeks ago [on Dec.13th] this year. Another shock as I have been on the anti-platelet med. Clopidogrel 75mg since the first stroke on Feb 1st this year! So thought I would be ok. Nothing’s a 100% though is it .Is anyone here on this drug and is anyone now on Statins as well? I refused to take the statins after my first stroke because of the many and varied side effects they can cause, but I have been worried enough this time to take them.
Avatar n tn I think Rose that it is totally up to you and your mom and the big question is do you trust this doctor? If he/she has not steered you wrong in the past and your mom has had no major side effects from the treatment plan or meds i would really think about it.
Avatar f tn About 1/4 of my head is completely bald and it's located in the back on the right side - same side as the clot. While in the hospital, I have had CTA's and MRI/MRA's. My neuro says it's from the stress of what happened. I was wondering if anyone else out there had any hair loss issues and if your Dr may have thought it was from meds? Also, did the hair grow back. I'm a 35 year old female and this hair loss really bothers me.
Avatar f tn Itching could occur after stroke if the stroke is in the thalamus area of the brain which receives the sensory information of pain , touch , temperature , pressure and other sensations from all over the body . The onset may be from days to weeks after the stroke . Topical therapy with moisturizers and emollients helps alleviate the itching . Treatment with amitriptylene 50 mg a day results in resolution of the itching . Some patients respond to Carbamazepine also.
1452335 tn?1286278818 This requires plenty of bloodwork and possibly a lumbar puncture (spinal tap). It is often, though not always, the case that damage from a stroke will look different on MRI than MS lesions. The doctor who read your MRI may have had enough evidence to rule out stroke, or maybe not. Either way, the diseases known as "MS mimics" still have to be ruled out too. You should be evaluated by a neurologist, ideally an MS specialist. Sounds like you are doing that this month.
Avatar n tn The said that the Zoloft was causing this and to discontinue using it. The next day he started feeling a weird sensation on the right side of his face and right arm. He said there was numbness and tingling. He went to urgent care again, where they said it could have been a mini-stroke, but to go to the er, if it gets worse. The next day, he woke up feeling the same sensation, only now in his leg as well.
Avatar n tn BACKGROUND: On 9/17, my father felt a numbness on the right side of his body - mouth felt a "pull" & he had difficulty signing. He had an aspirin & went to a doc who said it was TIA. But the symptoms did not disappear in 24hrs.It is now 2 weeks; he is fine but still has difficulty signing. He met a neurosurgeon the next day who asked him to undergo tests.
Avatar f tn Welcome to the club, I also had a stroke and like most people it affects the right side of your body, Depending on the severity of your stroke only time will tell on how long the suffering will last some people never come out of it and learn to live with it, one of the best drugs that I have found so far is Gabapentin but I'm at the maximum a person can take in a day 3600mgs and also take hydrocodone twists a day but now my doctor brought a new drug into the picture Lyrica and I'm now taking 450
Avatar n tn My stroke was this past May and I was diagnosed with colonus on the left side.(shaking of the body parts). I have recently had an EEG and I am awaiting the results of same....Did your dad lose consciousness as they told me they were partial seizures....only the EEG will tell....I understand that strokes may cause or set off epilepsy...Mine acts more like Parkinsons as my hand , elbow face just go ahead and have a "twitchin" contest.....
Avatar n tn Has anyone ever suffered from stroke from car accident. The doctor said something about lesions on the brain, but this was before I could get to hospital. I lived 8 hours away. Anyway that was the neurologist on call-nobody could remember what he was talking about. When the strokes first started it was slurred speach, blurry vision, trouble with train of thought. Her carotid artery was 45% blocked. Several more strokes over the next few months. By 1-07 there was 95% blockage.
Avatar m tn It is a very painful process and most people regret the strain of the arguing when they could get on with their lives. The legal person usually gets all the money in the end or a countersuit may be filed that says you smoked, for example, so you should not get such a settlement, etc. Fight instead for advocacy and medical review. It will help the anger a bit.
Avatar n tn The prognosis of persons with paralysis secondary to stroke would depend on the severity of the stroke as well as the area of brain involvement. The main concern here, aside from stroke rehabilitation is prevention of another stroke from happening. This would entail adequate control of her blood pressure as well as thrombolytic therapy. Has there been any improvement brought about by physiotherapy and ayurvedic massage?
Avatar n tn It also takes her time to process information-- as much as 12 hours at the start of the stroke. So we'd ask something in the morning and literally get the answer at the end of the day.
Avatar f tn I am 21 years old female who has been in a lot of pain in the last year so anyone that has time to read this complex story... please.. it would be greatly appreciated... i have been diagnosed with basilar migraine/ asthma/ "blank stare" seizures/ and anxiety heres how my migraines go ... i go blind see spots light show all that.. cant see the 10 mins later...
6201970 tn?1379629508 Revealing that I had to areas of inflammation one on the left being a 5mm flair corpus callsom the other on the right. Now they are calling this MS is there any possibility of some-sort of stroke... Being that my blood seems rather week ... the more coffee i consume the better I feel... you can literally see the blood vessels pump in my head when i do...Now as for ms does it produce a weak blood flow? As for my face it twitches at night as if trying to reconnect or somthing...
Avatar n tn After spending the last year researching issues of a stroke, I can't emphasize enough how important amino acids are to recover. Amino acids are derived from whey which is derived from cows milk. It's protein. Consider that, most weight lifters and body builders will take liquid amino acids before and after a workout. In my opinion, stroke patients need more protein/amino acids in order to recover from the trama.