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Avatar f tn The types and degree of disability that follows a stroke depends on which area of the brain is damaged. Usually the disabilities are paralysis or problems controlling movement, sensory disturbance including using or understanding language, thinking and memory issues, etc. The effects of numbness tongue like speech difficulties and swallowing difficulties have to be tackled with and modifications made to suit.
Avatar f tn s syndrome results from damage to a specific type of nerve called the sympathetic nerves, this could be due to a brainstem stroke or damage to the nerves in the neck or upper chest. Swallowing difficulties could occur if there is a stroke in the brainstem or other brain areas as well, or damage to the nerves involved in swallowing. However, swallowing problems also occur less commonly with problems with esophageal motility.
Avatar n tn t know the answer. I can share with you that my aunt had a stroke, She lost her speech, swallowing, and right side strength. She got her speech and swallowing back. She did have terrible agitation and confusion a few times per week. They had to try two different medications. Risperidone on a very low dose. It did not quite work. Then Depakote. After 7 days on Depakote it affected her swallowing much worse than when she had her stroke. But she could have just has a stroke relapse.
1474053 tn?1297825738 She is unable to drink until she passes swallowing test. They have her on fluids and also heparin.... I guess what I am wondering is since I have never been around someone who had a stroke in the first days after one is whether this happens to all stroke victims and if some of it goes away on its own. Its terrifying to see her like this and I read alot of hopeful stories about stroke survivors.
Avatar f tn Hi there! Well, a diagnosis cannot be made on the symptoms alone. The symptoms described could be seen both with mini-strokes/ MS, while the clinical improvement in TIA/ mini-strokes would be faster as compared to MS. The previous episodes of balance, walking and swallowing could or could not be related to neurological causes. I would suggest considering a detailed evaluation by a neurologist for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar n tn It sounds like your mother has unforunately had a stroke. If her weakness on the left side of her body, this implies her stroke is likely on the right side of her brain. In most patients, this means that language skills are not usually too affected, though speech may be slurred. If her stroke is in the area of the brain called the cortex, she may neglect (not pay attention to) the left side of her environment.
Avatar n tn My husband had a brainstem stroke 10/3/07 at the age of 41, and he also had some swallowing issues following the stroke. He did not end up needing a PEG tube but had great difficulty in trying to swallow anything and had to use suction to help get out the food he was not able to swallow. When he was in the hospital and inpatient rehab, they had a speech therapist come to assess his swallowing ability, and the therapists gave him swallowing exercises to help improve his ability.
862120 tn?1303733778 I am 49 years old i have a stroke 3 years ago, don't received any therapy, and still have difficult swallowing some food.
Avatar n tn She is still in ICU and suffering from her sad situation. The stroke affected on her left arm and leg. Fortunately, she is completely aware of everything . However the most painful part is the swallowing problem. She is still get food through the nose tubs, so her mouth and tongue are very dry. Her extremely dry mouth and not able to drink is driving her nuts and not sure what to do to help her. Her doctors don’t tell us how many days more she has to suffer this way.
Avatar f tn I was coughing up water while drinking and had the full swallowing tests which came back that nothing was wrong. I also had GERD problem before stroke. Currently having trouble swallowing my pills and am told by my gastro specialist that I need to have another endoscopy to "dilate" or stretch out my esophagus. Also I have had constipation since my stroke and need Miralex every other day and Benefiber every day which takes care of things.
Avatar m tn My Wife suffered two strokes. She was on a ventilator for a little while until she was weaned off of it. She can breathe without the ventilator, but she's still in a coma she's been in a coma for 18 days. Can someone please tell me the prognosis of someone that stays in a coma for a long time..
Avatar n tn Has CT and MRI brain been done to know the cause of stroke and is his blood pressure under control? Depending on the cause the treatment is to be initiated. So, instead just observing him at non specialized center it would be better to take him where all investigations and specialist are available to attend in no time. Take care and update on his progress.
Avatar n tn If you learn this you can take her outside on a pass. The main issue is whether the stroke has stabilized. Strokes from clots usually stabilize. Coumadin often (nort always) leads to a continual deterioration of mental and physical capacity. PEG patients require lots of attention, and that attention is often unavailable in even good nursing homes. It is important for small quantities of food to be provided by mouth every day to stimulate saliva.
Avatar n tn Hi, The time when swallowing ability comes back for a patient who suffered from stroke depends on a lot of factors such as the severity of stroke, the extent of damage or his body response. A swallow test involves seeing if a person can swallow a little bit of water without coughing or choking. If the person has any difficulties swallowing, they will be seen by a speech and language therapist, who can assess the problem and work out a diet that is easy to eat.
Avatar n tn I am seeking an cause for a 65+ woman to all of a sudden have trouble swallowing, moving food around with her tongue and talking. She was in the hospital for 3 days having a battery of tests and no known cause for symptoms. I suggested an allergist and they prescribed a nasal spray to dry up her sinuses from dripping down her throat but it doesnt seem to be helping.
Avatar n tn I would like to know if anyone else has experienced or know anyone that has experience such a delay in being diagnosed with having a stroke and if they were on a feeding tube did they recover from it. She's not paralyzed at all , the stroke was in her center brain.
Avatar n tn The stroke affected on her left side of her body and her swallowing ability. Her swallowing ability is getting back very slowly. Besides being bed rest and all different problems, mostly she has suffered a dry mouth for 8 days and now she is in extreme pain. She was and is aware of everything and great memory. However it has been few days we noticed she is not logic. For example she is asking us to let her go home or walk all the time and she doesn’t know her left side has been paralyzed.
Avatar m tn I also had a right side stroke that left me completely paralyzed on the left side. I originally planned on recovering in 6 months. It is now two years and I figure i have some 4-5 years left to go to recover. Once I start getting control of a muscle it takes me three months to control it fairly well. Start a journal and keep track of even the smallest improvements. Check out Rowlands website, it has lots of good information. http://www.hemiplegiarecovery.
676565 tn?1226240090 ) The stroke was in her left brain and it affected her speech, swallowing, and she is paralyzed on right side.) She was due to be discharged from the hospital to home last night with her granddaughter moving into her home to take care of her. (We live 2+ hours away). She will need 24 hr care. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Some concerns-- swallowing is very compromised but they determined via swallowing test that she can swallow if placed in a very upright position.
Avatar n tn My mom just had a brainstem stroke on February 15 and she just had a trach put in and a feeding tube in her stomach today. they tried to take her off of her vent but she was not strong enough. She is also unable to use her right side but can move her left arm and leg. My mom cannot talk. They have told us that she has already over-come so much. I am not sure what the future holds.
Avatar n tn My husband had a stroke in the right side of his brain. He had one of the worst kinds of stroke...a hemorrhagic stroke where the blood vessel bursts and leaks blood inside the brain killing the cells it touches. Doctors didn't think he'd make it. My husband is fully functioning. He talks, walks, fixes his own food, drives...just like someone that never had a stroke. He does have double vision because of the stroke.
620081 tn?1221442530 too little blood or ischemic stroke and too much blood or hemorrhagic stroke. Complications of stroke include: pralysis or loss of muscle movement, dfficulty talking or swallowing; aphasia, a condition in which a person has difficulty expressing thoughts through language, memory loss or troubles with understanding. Take care and regards.
1474053 tn?1297825738 I guess what I am wondering is is this all normal following a few days to a week after a stroke? Does any of it improve on its own over time?.... She is on fluids and also heparin ( not sure if anything else)...she isn't allowed to drink anything and also on oxygen.... she had a heart attack 6 days before the stroke and had a stent put in and was released from the hospital a few days after but then took this stroke a few days after being released from the hospital.
Avatar n tn My 84 year old father had a second stroke about 10 weeks ago. He cannot move his left arm and leg, has lost his speech and cannot swallow. He was given the wrong feed in the PEG tube and got severe diarrhea (he has gluten intolerance). He became dehydrated and his blood got too thin due to coumadin. He has atrial fib. Now he is on another feed which seems to suit him better. My question is what is the prognosis for a patient in his condition?
Avatar f tn My mom, 66 years old, suffered a big ischemic stroke on the left side of her brain 2 weeks ago on January 30th, 2013. We were lucky that my brother was home when it happened and called 911. She was in the ER within 35 minutes of the time it happened. Three hours passed before we were told that yes, she was indeed a candidate to receive TPA in order to help dissolve the clot. The stroke left her right side paralyzed and she also has difficulty with her speech and swallowing.
Avatar n tn Hi, As long as there are no swallowing issues, whatever they want should be OK, but if there are issues, then they should probably be on thicken liquids, and ground food.