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Avatar f tn Hi! Recovery from stroke depends on how soon the blood vessel could be opened by thrombolysis and if at all it can be opened. The area and severity of infarct, the severity of underlying condition and general condition of the patient also govern recovery process. If your son is otherwise stable and is able to comprehend what you all say to him, and there is no major lasting damage, then he should recover substantially. Fours days post stroke is too early to predict anything.
Avatar n tn There they did a CT scan of my head and did not find anything abnormal. The ER doctor chalked it up to bad side effects from the Maxalt which should go away on their own. He also said that I might have slept on my arm funny causing it to fall asleep. This was definitely not the case as I am brighter than that. Plus, had that been the case, I really do not think that the numbness would have lasted for so long.
Avatar n tn They told me I had a headache(did not feel one) and sent me home when I actually had a brain stem stroke..I got home and had another, but this one was down and out on the floor...My cholesterol was normal, my sugar was normal, my bp was 124/80...You could be in excellent shape but when the MRA(Juicy/Glow in the dark version of an MRI) is done, it could reveal that you got small arteries from heredity....Yep, dear ol' mom and dad... Not anyone's fault, but if you had a stroke..
Avatar n tn stroke) that is judged to be due to the direct physiological effects of [that] condition.” Post-stroke depression may involve depressed mood and decreased interest and pleasure that impairs social and occupational functioning, but does not necessarily need to meet the full criteria of a major depressive disorder.
Avatar f tn now she has a tracheostomy and is breathing on her own. Her eyes are open but not functioning. Her left side is not functioning. They said she had severe brain damage. Today she was to go to a nursing home, but they did a EEG and saw she was havjng seizures. The family is in denial and I can't really talk with them as a nurse. My question is "What is her prognosis?" Will she stay like this until she sucumb to infections? She also have a PEG tube.
Avatar n tn Her big stroke was on the left side, though she had a series of several small strokes that were on the right side as well as the left side. The doctors suspect she has a rare clotting condition called kataphil (not sure if that is the correct spelling), that makes her at high risk for clots and strokes. There is a bosrd currently reviewing her case to fund the finances for the test for this condition.
Avatar n tn I am not certain whether it is the effects of the stroke(s) or ageing or medication or what! I must say his long term memory is quite accurate...short term memory is pretty dreadful.
Avatar f tn hello Strokewife, my name is Christine, 48 years old, had a stroke shortly after my 48th bday on March 19th, not a spring chicken either, but a runner.Thought I was invincible and Im talking to people as much as possible as the down time for me is hard, i used to be so busy, multi tasker and juggled two jobs which caught up to me... Ive been given a second chance, told my story on facebook and got alot of response. IF ONE person listened to me, then I got my point to accross.
Avatar n tn Hi wyvern, I am sorry you had a stroke. I had a major stroke on in Jan. 2010. I don't know who told you that you can't recover after 6 months, but they are flat wrong. It took me 4 months before I even started to try and re-learn to read and write again and I am better than when I started and I get better every day. It is very slow, improvements happen each day and will continue. The stroke recover is a life long journey, but it doesn't stop at 6 months.
Avatar n tn 13th] this year. Another shock as I have been on the anti-platelet med. Clopidogrel 75mg since the first stroke on Feb 1st this year! So thought I would be ok. Nothing’s a 100% though is it .Is anyone here on this drug and is anyone now on Statins as well? I refused to take the statins after my first stroke because of the many and varied side effects they can cause, but I have been worried enough this time to take them.
Avatar m tn Hi, One of the effects of stroke is -Problem using language (aphasia and dysarthria). A person with aphasia may have trouble understanding speech or writing. Or, the person may understand but may not be able to think of the words to speak or write. A person with dysarthria knows the right words but has trouble saying them clearly.Your father must be having the same problem . Unfortunately there are no specific alertness tests to check the awareness of the patient . .
Avatar n tn Am on various medications for stroke and angina, but received no advice whatsoever from our local hospital on how having a stroke would be likely to affect me. Stroke services in my part of the UK are set to cater strictly for the over 65's, and anyone younger than that has to find out anything they need by themselves.
Avatar n tn Take heart all. My wife of 34 years had a hemorrhagic stroke on March 30, 05 She was 53 years old. It was a rather nasty stroke. The aneurysm that bled was 16mm x 22mm. She required 13 (yes, I said 13) platinum coils. About 14 feet of wire. Three weeks in ICU and another three weeks in rehab. She was totally paralyzed at first. Her most significant impairment today is the loss of her left peripheral vision in both eyes.
Avatar n tn My sister in law suffered an aneurysm when she was 41 years old in 2002, she was in ICU for 3 1/2 weeks, had the stroke on a Thursday, surgery to clip the aneruysm on a Monday. In a coma for 4 days and on life support. after 3 1/2 - 4 weeks in ICU she was in the rehab part of the hospital for 3 weeks, then transferred to a long term rehab out of town and was there for 3 months. She came home after that.
Avatar n tn My father had a similar sounding stroke on Dec. 8, 2006. He seemed pretty alert, spoke well, could swallow, etc. His major problems were left side paralysis and double vision. After about three weeks, he took his first steps and within 2 weeks of that was walking 40 feet with a walker. He was not able to start moving his left hand until about 4 weeks in. At that point, he could move all fingers and make a loose fist.
Avatar n tn My occupayional therapist said physical therapy coukld help. I feel heavy on my stroke affected side and feel very unbalanced when I walk. Is there an over the counter med I can take?? The dizziness is worse than the limb weakness Help!!!
Avatar m tn One thing is they had my dad on dilantin from the time of his stroke until just this past month. While he was on this, he would do weird things like wanting to go home whenever he was already home. Every day he seams to get a little better. It is a long hard road, and we have been through many ups and downs, but hopefully he will continue to get better. Good luck...
Avatar n tn I have suffered from 3 strokes at ages 22, 24 and 26. My last stroke I had while I was on Coumadin so I am now on Fragmin. I had residual side effects from all my strokes and feel different ones when I get tired but overall I'm functioning like normal. I take Fragmin now everyday and just recently started thinking about pregnancy. I'm going to a high risk clinic to get more informaiton but am so happy to hear of other people who have experienced what I have.
Avatar f tn I just want to make sure that the cure is not worse than the headaches I've was having. I have a follow-up with the Dr. on the 11th of Feb. If my side effects don't improve with the change of the Nortriptyline, I will push for a appointment sooner. Thanks again for your response. It is nice to know that someone else has heard of the medication that I was presribed. I just want information so that I can make a informed choice for my life. I'll be sure to post the Drs. and my final decision.
Avatar f tn I am on "sancert" for migraine prevention. I just started taking it 3x per day. I noticed today that my eyes no londer dialate. Has anyone experienced this?
Avatar m tn Alright, I am almost half way through accutane. I hit another bump. I came down with a high fever, terrible head ache, chills, dry lips, and eyes. Could this be symptomatic? My skin is clear. I no longer feel lethargic. I do feel strange feelings in my arms and legs. I fear stroke or heart attack. Is it possible? I feel unease at Times. Do I have any reason to be concerned?
Avatar f tn Some people don't get these symptoms but a few of us do -- it should be a warning somewhere in the medical side effects -- so that doctors don't keep putting us through this!! I was on 60 mg a day and have decreased it to one every two days. I will move to one every three days next week. I will suffer through these "brain buzzes" but I've had it with anti-depressants.
Avatar f tn I know if my eyes was like that I would have a headach too. Something is going on and your eyes dont do that for no reason. I wouldn't like the comment about the drugs either! Just be careful driving if you are cause I know how bad it is to see like that and if you get pulled over the cop will think your on something. And of course you will have to do all kinds of tests to prove that your not.
Avatar f tn Today I was at work feeling fine getting ready to switch classrooms with my students and my eyes all of the sudden crossed and I wouldn't get them to go back I was very dizzy, I got very hot and my heart started to race. After a few seconds I was able to see clearly again and sat down. I felt a little better but within 15 minutes my eyes began to cross again. I am thinking that it was probably a migraine I have had some severe migraines with aura's , numbness, and speech impairment.
Avatar n tn My husband suffered a stroke on 3/2/14. He is now in the surgical and neurological intensive care unit. He has been in a deep sleep, the ct scan show swelling of his brain. Doctors said all we can do is wait for him to become more alert. Occupational and physical therapist has come and hone because he won't wake up for the service . I also want to know if this is normal and what can I ask of the doctors for help.
Avatar m tn My post sensory stroke pain on one side of my body worsen till I m unable to make a single move. I suspected the muscle spams and nerves inflammation are overwhelmed. I m basically screaming in pain daily. My stress level has reached the max causing me to cry most of the time. I m thinking of adding nortriptyline (pamelor) to my medication but still waiting for my neurologist to prescribe on my next appointment. Crossing my fingers it may give some relief.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had any experience with this treatment? Magnet Therapy for Stroke Victims By Dean Bonlie, DDS Four million Americans presently suffer from debilitating strokes. In the past, there has been very little that could be done to help such unfortunate individuals restore lost function. Moderately good results have been achieved in recent years with hyperbaric oxygen treatments, and biofeedback and physiotherapy can be useful in retraining new nerve pathways to restore lost functions.
Avatar n tn When the stroke happened, I ignored my symptoms and they went away. Just to be on the safe side I saw my family doctor 3 days later, and he immediately sent me to emergency where I had blood work and CT scan, which showed I had a stroke. I asked if there was any connection between my nose injury and stroke, and told there was none.
Avatar f tn Drug side effects can occur years later which is why you see many drugs being pulled of the market. Clinical trials run for an average of 8 weeks on healthy adults. Plavix side effects: "Gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort has occurred in 27.1% of patients (compared with 29.8% of patients who were treated with aspirin in comparative trials). Other GI side effects have included diarrhea in 4.5%, dyspepsia in 5.2%, nausea in 3.4%, and abdominal pain in 5.6% of patients.
Avatar n tn Discuss with your physicians the use of anticoagulation therapy and further evaluation. The side effects of anticoagulation therapy has to be weighed against the future risk of stroke incidence. Meanwhile, stay calm and relax.Unnecessary worryimg would not help. Just keep a close follow up with your physician. I hope this helps. Keep us posted regarding your progress.