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Avatar m tn Are you meaning the effects? Unless it's a transient ischemic attack (TIA), none of the effects are likely to reverse. TIA effects reverse within 24 hours.
Avatar f tn Confusion and disorientation are also possible, and there have been reports of stroke, shock, coma, and death. If you suspect a massive overdose, seek emergency medical attention immediately.
Avatar n tn You need to discuss the treatment options with the physician. In some cases, the effects of a small stroke can be overcome and the person can live an almost completely normal life. In other cases, the disabilities are severe and permanent. Support and understanding from family and friends, plus intensive rehabilitation from health care professionals, can always improve a stroke survivor’s quality of life. Some of the health care professionals who can assist include: 1.
Avatar f tn I was life flighted to the ER where they ran all the tests to make sure it was a stroke. They gave me the clot busting drugs which reversed the effects of the stroke. but I'm having both numbness in both hands and arms. Does anyone have any answers?
Avatar m tn My husband had a small stroke in the cerebellum 3 weeks ago. The only lasting effects he's had are tingling and a feeling of cold in his left hand. The sensations are unchanged since his stroke, but if they had seemingly disappeared and then came back, and apparently came back stronger, if he wasn't, I'd be in the phone with his neurologist. I err on the side of better to be safe.. A stroke is something I never even considered happening to my hubby.
Avatar n tn I had a stroke last July and after 7 weeks of showing no improvement my wife was told to find a nursing home. One day while still in the hospital I woke up and I too had no long term memory problems but did have short term memory difficulties. It just keeps getting better and better, we could see improvement by the week, I was told that the brain after a stroke as part of the healing process goes through a stage of rewiring itself.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to have risidual side effects from this type of stroke? I don't understand why it is taking so long for me to regain my strength. Are there others out there with anything similar?
Avatar m tn Full recovery may be limited by the type and severity of impairment, the location of the stroke and the amount of damage to the surrounding brain tissue. Although a return to normal activities is always encouraged, limitations may prevent complete recovery, and care must be taken to pace rehabilitation protocols with the abilities of the patient. Read more: http://www.livestrong.
Avatar f tn As he is young I am trying to figure out what type of difficulties he might incur when he heads to school based on the location of his newborn stroke. MRI result: Parenchymal defect and Wallerian degeneration consistent with remote left parietal periventricular infarct or other remote insult.. No evidence of acute infarct.. No acute ischemia.
Avatar f tn During the first MRI, they found a prior stroke in almost the exact same spot, just on the opposite side of my brain. The second time, a week later, I began having symptoms again. Pretty severe dizzyness, the MRI showed it was bleeding a bit. Although I've been on anti-coagulant meds, I've had several numbing, pins and needles, headaches, dizzy and achy sensations. My question is, is this normal? Or should I be concerned about still having symptoms?
Avatar n tn Both hypertension and cholesterol problems can lead to clogging of the small arteries in the brain (including the ones supplying the brainstem) which may result in a stroke. Small vessel disease due to these factors constitue one of the major causes of brainstem strokes. Typically, blood clots from the heart that travel up to the brain do not make it all the way to the little tiny blood vessels supplying the brainstem.
Avatar f tn They ran tests, blood work and CT scan. They said he did not have another stroke that it was Residual Side Effects from his stroke in 1998. I have never heard of this. Does anyone have an experience with this?
Avatar n tn He has been experiencing symptoms of a minor stoke, such as, left side numbness, weakness, shortness of breath, seeing ghosts in the vision of his left eye. Could this possibly be side effects from these two drugs? He was seen at the hospital and they just concentrated on his testing positive for marijuana and stated he needed psychiatric help.
Avatar n tn One of the most common after effects of strokes is severe or mild pain in various parts of the body. Pain can usually be minimized very easily with pain medication. Many will just require standard pain relief such as an aspirin while others may need something much stronger such as hospital-grade pain relief medications including morphine. Also, "aproximately 8 percent of people who have had a stroke will suffer from a neuropathic pain caused by damage to neurons in the brain".
18089930 tn?1463095290 When he suffers his stroke he loses function on one side of his body and becomes disoriented. He is taken to the ER right away. How long is he likely to be in the hospital? What is the plausibility for either lasting effects or a complete recovery?
Avatar f tn He is showing signs of irritability. What are the residual side effects of para embolic stroke and what can I do to help his condition and is it likely to improve? He seems to be very serious and doesn't like a lot of social activity. It is like treading on eggshells and I think I am getting more anxious.
Avatar f tn If not, just to let you know that spasticity has a specific meaning in the world of stroke/neurology, not just lack of control.
Avatar m tn My 45 year old son has had a hemorragic stroke this past week.. So far the only effects seem to be short term memory loss. Does the blood in the brain absorb into the tissue and would this eleviate the short term memory loss. Or what is the usual outcome of the short term memory loss.
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Avatar m tn Aspirin, an anti-thrombotic drug, is given immediately after an ischemic stroke to reduce the likelihood of having another stroke. Tissue plasminogen activator (TPA), needs to be given within 4.5 hours after stroke symptoms, this restores the blood supply to the affected part. Treatment of hemorrhagic stroke focuses on controlling the bleeding and reducing the pressure on the brain. Sometimes surgical interventions may be needed to control the bleeding.
Avatar n tn Hello dear, You probably had a Transient Ischaemic Attack or a mini stroke caused by the temporary disturbance of blood supply to a restricted area of the brain, resulting in brief neurologic dysfunction that usually persists for less than 24 hours.The most frequent symptoms include temporary loss of vision ; difficulty speaking (aphasia); weakness on one side of the body (hemiparesis); and numbness or tingling (paresthesia), usually on one side of the body.
Avatar n tn I would wait far longer. A lot depends upon whether or not the cause of the stroke has been identified and the patient stabilized. Often the initial problem is a clot. Anti-clotting agents are then introduced and the next stroke is a bleed. It is impossible to discuss the liklihood of revovery on a board of this nature, however I would remain optimistic. Don't give up hope and let them talk you into a DNR order. The situation may be hopeless, but assume that it is not.
Avatar n tn There is some evidence to believe that having white matter changes does lead to a slightly increased risk of stroke . So this small vessel disease could have been a cause of your stroke . Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
Avatar n tn A TIA should not leave any lasting effects, if it was, in fact, a TIA. Therefore, you should be checked out again if this persists. If you were started on new medications (such as blood pressure or others), they may be causing some of this "fogginess" as well. But better call your doctor or follow up with neurology soon.
5113191 tn?1363787993 I had a stroke three years ago at the age of 21 in my left thalamus. The only lasting effects from it were numbess in the right side of my lower lip and right hand numbness. When I had my stroke I was in peak condition (being a college athlete) but I did drink occasionally, but no smoking. Recently I have been experiencing some new symptoms and they are scaring me. My right arm seems weak, but its subtle, and they area around my mouth is numb. I also have been somewhat dizzy and nauseas.