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Avatar m tn Full recovery may be limited by the type and severity of impairment, the location of the stroke and the amount of damage to the surrounding brain tissue. Although a return to normal activities is always encouraged, limitations may prevent complete recovery, and care must be taken to pace rehabilitation protocols with the abilities of the patient. Read more: http://www.livestrong.
Avatar n tn html PEGASYS can cause serious side effects, such as mental health problems and suicide, heart problems, stroke or symptoms of a stroke, new or worsening autoimmune problems, and infections. Some of these side effects may cause death. Tell your healthcare provider right away if your loved one has any of these symptoms while taking their treatment with PEGASYS.
Avatar f tn I am 62-years old, a nonsmoker or drinker. I do take Lamictal/Klonopin for bipolar 2. My mother died of a stroke at age 69 (smoker). My maternal grandmother also had a stroke. I am very concerned.
Avatar n tn Is this a normal side effect of a TIA? My doctors told me there is no brain damage and thus no side effects but I seem to experience them. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Particularly this long after a TIA? In response to another post, my MIAs showed nothing as well.
Avatar f tn t want to have a stroke. Yes, there are other forms of birth control. Ask you doctor about these forms of birth control. I wish you well.
Avatar f tn I am quite disabled. Also need 11-13 hours of sleep every night since my stroke or the migraines get far worse. Nerve block injections every 4 weeks and Botox injections every 8 weeks are not working as well as they used to, but do help. I've tried all kinds of prophylactic meds which either didn't work or had bad side effects. I've tried accupunture and meditation. Now trying a butterbur herbal remedy. I had a carotid artery dissection stroke at age 56.
575214 tn?1218040360 Aspirin, taken daily in low-to-medium doses (50-325 mg), is an effective and inexpensive first-choice agent for reducing recurrent stroke risk.Similarly,clopidogrel(plavix)is taken to decrease the chance of stroke recurrence. To decrease the thrombus or emboli, fibrinolytic drugs are to be taken. Tissue plasminogen activator is a fibrinolytic protein and it will reduce the size of thrombus or the blockage.
Avatar f tn Thanks very much for your comment. That is what I thought. After 11 years on dilantin after the one fit, as drs said be on it infinatum, I had a second stroke- no speech. I had to get my medical records from our local hospital, and they show that at that time the dilantin level was only 2, was on 230mg a day. 9 years later, I was finishing my PhD, and felt as though might have another stroke, visual and other problems.
Avatar f tn Hi, I had a right sided stroke two weeks ago. I was life flighted to the ER where they ran all the tests to make sure it was a stroke. They gave me the clot busting drugs which reversed the effects of the stroke. but I'm having both numbness in both hands and arms. Does anyone have any answers?
Avatar f tn My mother in law had a stroke back at the beginning of March. She has severe arthritis in one knee in particular and has difficulty rehabbing because the knee fills with blood due to the arthritis and she cannot get to the point of standing to do the therapy. The coumadin has left her depressed, dizzy, cold and overall loss of appetite. She wants to recover but this drug is very difficult. It comes to the point of quality of life...
Avatar f tn ve also had the tingling and numbness in my arm, but never the slurring of speech and drooping of one side of the mouth....this sounds more like a stroke. These types of medications will normally take 4-6 weeks for you to see an improvement, so keep in mind that each day is bringing you closer to feeling better. There is an adjustment period where things get worse before they get better, so hang in there and give the medication time to do it's job.
Avatar n tn One of the most common after effects of strokes is severe or mild pain in various parts of the body. Pain can usually be minimized very easily with pain medication. Many will just require standard pain relief such as an aspirin while others may need something much stronger such as hospital-grade pain relief medications including morphine. Also, "aproximately 8 percent of people who have had a stroke will suffer from a neuropathic pain caused by damage to neurons in the brain".
Avatar m tn Thank you much for responding to my post, well I consume 120ml bottle of cough syrup in about 3 days, and yes I do want to quit both but do not see how is it possible......about any effects that I feel, i do not feel any side effects as of yet, but i know both these things are silent killers and must be doing something wrong in me somewhere...
Avatar f tn As he is young I am trying to figure out what type of difficulties he might incur when he heads to school based on the location of his newborn stroke. MRI result: Parenchymal defect and Wallerian degeneration consistent with remote left parietal periventricular infarct or other remote insult.. No evidence of acute infarct.. No acute ischemia.
18089930 tn?1463091690 When he suffers his stroke he loses function on one side of his body and becomes disoriented. He is taken to the ER right away. How long is he likely to be in the hospital? What is the plausibility for either lasting effects or a complete recovery?
Avatar n tn Once ischaemic stroke occurs the most common presentation is hemiplegia and muscle weakness of the face (usually on one side of the body),numbness . After a stroke, control signals from the brain often cannot reach some muscles, typically in the hand or foot. Without these signals, the level of electrical activity in these muscles is too low for them to contract adequately on their own. This causes them to become increasingly weaker.
Avatar f tn I recently went off Depakote due to weight gain of 50 pounds. I was started on Lamictal and within the first two weeks gained another 5-6 pounds. I stopped that immediately. My doctor wants me to start on Abilify but I declined after I read the side effects. Has anyone had any uncontrolled movements, weight gain, tardive dyskinesia, etc. with this medication. If so, please let me know. I really need a medication to replace the ones I went off of but my doctor is giving me no other choices.
Avatar f tn I had a carotid artery dissection stroke about 5 years ago with continuing disabilities. I am concerned about the risk of having another stroke which has a greater chance of mortality and poorer rehab. (After bad side effects from Prolia, my skull is bruising very easily, even from just lying in bed for an extended amount of time after a spinal tap.
18089930 tn?1463091690 When he suffers his stroke he loses function on one side of his body and becomes disoriented. He is taken to the ER right away. How long is he likely to be in the hospital? What is the plausibility for either lasting effects or a complete recovery?
Avatar m tn Weakness or numbness on one side of the body does not mean that it was a Stroke. The adverse effects of Effexor overdose are- vertigo, dizziness, nausea, numbness/tingling in the hands or feet, sleepiness, rapid or slow heartbeat, low blood pressure, seizures, or coma. Since you had taken a heavy overdose and that too pills expired 5 yrs back, the adverse effects would be even worse in severity.
Avatar f tn I am 38 years old and had 12+ strokes (or mini-strokes, nobody can remember)on the left and ride side of the back of the brain almost 13 years ago. I had physical effects for about 15 months which have since resolved (except for when extremely fatigued I can still experience them). However, it is the mental effects that have me concerned. I still cry when I am angry, sometimes laugh when things are sad, and feel emotionless at many times when I shouldn't.
Avatar m tn However, danger of a stroke trumps the side effects of the drug. I went into Afib after bypass surgery and was administered Amiodarone, and it stopped the Afib within twenty-four hours. My side effects were itchy eyes from the drug, and believe me, itchy eyes was an easy trade-off from a stroke. Keep us informed.
Avatar n tn There is some evidence to believe that having white matter changes does lead to a slightly increased risk of stroke . So this small vessel disease could have been a cause of your stroke . Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
Avatar n tn Aspirin also helps prevent a second or recurrent stroke and, as with heart attacks, lessens the damaging effects of a stroke that does occur.