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Avatar f tn I've found that Aggrenox seems to work without side effects. It's primarily baby aspirin, but also contains a drug that prevents platelets from sticking together. I've taken it twice a day since my stroke, and it appears to work, but who ever knows?
Avatar m tn My concern with your symptoms would be a small stroke, resulting in numbness of the Left side of your body. I am especially concerned since you give a history of a tooth infection. Whenever there is a tooth infection that is untreated, there is a risk of the bacteria going in to the blood stream and attaching to the valves inside the heart. The bacteria can then grow there in to a vegetation, and parts of it can break of and go to the brain, resulting in a stroke.
Avatar m tn not diabetic but I was diagnosed as having a mini stroke Tia caused by having a migraine headache.My left side dropped with tingling and numbness, burr vision and slurred speech. My question is after all the years that has passed what was so different about this migraine that was so different?
Avatar m tn It is very disconcerting if you have to interact with the public. Sometimes oral prednisone will make this go away, but prednisone has many side effects. Needless to say you need an in-person evaluation by a neurologist, but between me, you and the wall, they will probably recommend a period of watchful waiting.
Avatar n tn Her big stroke was on the left side, though she had a series of several small strokes that were on the right side as well as the left side. The doctors suspect she has a rare clotting condition called kataphil (not sure if that is the correct spelling), that makes her at high risk for clots and strokes. There is a bosrd currently reviewing her case to fund the finances for the test for this condition.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your assessment is ischemic damage reflected on my brain scan. I have read the side effects of zocor because I am already experiencing several side effects from Lamictal. Are there any natural medications I could use as an alternative? I have low blood pressure and my cholesterol levels are slightly over the normal range.
Avatar m tn her surgery was fine and her biopsy showed grade 5 ,whatever that means but the doctors said that all traces are destroyed and we are very lucky to have such a good result,and we started on radition to complete the final step,3 days into it she started to get breatless while sleeping ,and was very disturbed ,the full night the next morning we went to battery of test x ray ecg elecctolites serum ,protiens ect,,,,all were normal but still no repise ,at last the doctor said do a echo and that s
Avatar m tn Can there be residual side effects of a stroke like face tingling, dizziness, jaw tightness, muscle weakness?
Avatar f tn I think u may not be able to sleep cos ur bp is too high and thats quite dangerous, usually i cant get any sleep if my bp rises above 150/90. Side effects of atenolol for me are slow pulse, weak erection, weakness and tiredness, confusion, difficulty taking quick decisions.
Avatar n tn Hello dear, You probably had a Transient Ischaemic Attack or a mini stroke caused by the temporary disturbance of blood supply to a restricted area of the brain, resulting in brief neurologic dysfunction that usually persists for less than 24 hours.The most frequent symptoms include temporary loss of vision ; difficulty speaking (aphasia); weakness on one side of the body (hemiparesis); and numbness or tingling (paresthesia), usually on one side of the body.
Avatar m tn Hello tobinc, I just finished reading your comments. If I understand you correctly, you say you are having some issues with your left shoulder and neck. My chiropractor, I have neck and back issues, says that sometimes if you have a problem with neck pain it can connect with your shoulder. My husband actually has problems with his right shoulder and neck. He picked up something really heavy while helping his mom and dad at their house and threw out his shoulder.
Avatar n tn Prayer. It works . My mother had a stroke left side brain stroke paralyzed her right side also affected her speech. The doctors we had did not give us hope they told us to put my mom in a nursing home that she probably would not recover. That was not an option for me my brother or my dad. Mom was in the hospital from Nov. 30th to Jan 14th. We went through physical therapy at the hopital with mom and we could see improvement in her even if a little bit daily.
Avatar n tn For me it was the left side which means that the stroke was in the right side of my brain and vice versa. And are there different lingering effects for each side. Any comments would be greatly appreciated Thank you!
Avatar m tn now, need to know something about the diabetes, i eat right now, no smoke, am on metformin, i have at lunch time been having somethinghappen, after eat, i have a numbness on left side since stroke, this really gets worse after eating , get lightheaded, also, what do you think
Avatar f tn Its been 6 years since my left side stroke. I'm doing well too considering how bad it was. Just recently my left foot has started swelling. Its a hard swelling, Don't feel like a water swell, soft to touch. Back last dec. My ankle started hurting so bad, I could barely walk on it, no results by going to doctor. I started using an ace wrap to do dailey things, it helped, until I noticed it was swelling, so quit the wrap.
Avatar f tn I have also read somewhere else that Effexor can cause a person to have a stroke-like effect or appearance in their face. I have had lack of movement in the left side of my mouth for over a year now, before I came off of the Effexor. (Was also on Abilify) I always appear to have had a stroke with part of my mouth not moving as it should when I talk, and with even some saliva slippage went I talk a lot.
Avatar m tn What is this numbness i get on the left side of my body? my face and hand go numb and it scares the life out of me, i take migraleve when it starts an they do help, but is this numbness serious? hope you can help, thank you.
Avatar f tn I am 38 years old and had 12+ strokes (or mini-strokes, nobody can remember)on the left and ride side of the back of the brain almost 13 years ago. I had physical effects for about 15 months which have since resolved (except for when extremely fatigued I can still experience them). However, it is the mental effects that have me concerned. I still cry when I am angry, sometimes laugh when things are sad, and feel emotionless at many times when I shouldn't.
Avatar f tn now 2 weeks later i have started losing all my hair on the left side of my head (same side as the bleeding). Why did this happen? and will he hair grow back? im very worried because i will have to go back for another surgery to correct another stroke i had apparently had last oct in the right side of my brain. i have also been looking for answers online but have found nothing! did u manage to get any answers?
Avatar n tn Adderall is a trade name of amphetamine. All the same side effects of crystal meth in large doses. As said above, I would see a doctor. It sounds like you could have had a minor stroke or are real close. Not trying to scare you, but you have the symptoms starting.
1069105 tn?1256700412 Mom 72, Singapore. Diagnosed w/ HTN '92. 5/’09, hospitalized due to methyldopa induced cholestasis, diagnosed w/ A fib. 8/’09, 14 days into Warfarin, she fell (cause unknown), suffering a skull fracture causing an acute subarachnoid and subdural hemorrhage. Initially paralyzed left side & recovered almost 90%. On our request, switched to Aspirin. 12/’09, open cholecystectomy due to acute cholecystitis w/ pigmented gallstones. In 5/’10 , she had a minor stroke.
Avatar n tn This could also be side effects of a bad migraine. Numbness in face one side, vision impairment, ect. See a doctor and get your brain checked. MRI or MRA as soon as possible. There are treatments if it is migraine problems. If it is a stroke or TIA you should be treated ASAP!
Avatar f tn My feet burning underneath and tender to touch yet my left foot feels heavy and like it is being soaked in ice from my knee down. The left side of my body doesn't seem to respond like my right side. Today I had chills and felt bad all day.
Avatar m tn my wife is 45 yrs. old, she had a stroke on the left side of her brain 8 yrs. ago, but her pain from that is on her left side, not her right, also has migraines min 2 times per week since then. recently in the last week she has had migraine and left side pain to the extreme. went to her doctor yesterday (primary care) and they said she was having spasm or tremors. she takes vicodin for the last 8 yrs. for the pain. they gave her butalbital/apap/caffeine but it is not working.
241234 tn?1220980556 I know about the oral meds - baclofen and zanaflex which have tiring side effects, Also the temporary botox or phenol shots. Stretching and icing are short term facilitation methods. Has anyone there overcome their spastic muscles and how?
Avatar m tn Hello, It is true that accutane has plenty of side effects. It may cause cheilitis and dry lips but thinning of skin and hair loss are less frequent side effects. From your symptoms first of all hypothyroidism should be ruled out. The second possibility to be ruled out is of vitamin D deficiency.