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Avatar n tn I have a question about the drug Haldol. My 77 year old mother had a mild stroke that left her left side affected. While in the CCU unit in the hospital, she became restlest, 5mg injections where issued on 3 seperate occasions within 36 hours . the last after she was moved into a private room out of CCU. 10 hours after the last injection she fell into a deep sleep (Coma Like) state. CT scans done after this found this was not caused from another stroke.
Avatar m tn The tone? Are you meaning the effects? Unless it's a transient ischemic attack (TIA), none of the effects are likely to reverse. TIA effects reverse within 24 hours.
Avatar f tn Call your oncologist. Chances are you're not having a stroke but they'll know best what to test for. Chemo and rad-chemo can be terribly difficult and fatigue, nueropathy, aches and deep pain are not uncommon. Rest ..... And call your Doc. You'll feel much better for it.
Avatar f tn I had a hemorraghic stroke in the cerebellum region 8 months ago. Thankfully it was mild in that I wasn't left with paralysis. The bleed was small (about the size of a quarter) and the vessel closed back on its own. The doctors were unable to determine the cause. I didn't have any of the risk factors. I was told I should be able to return to work in 6 weeks.
Avatar m tn Calcium boosts risk of heart attack, stroke for women, study finds
Avatar m tn My aunt aged 70 is hospitalised due to brain stem stroke and is in ICU. She is yet to regain the consciousness and is still on ventilator. Doctors have stated that there is very little improvement. As of now she lost her limb movements, swallowing capacity and eyelid movements. Though she is chronic diabetic and had bye pass surgery six years back her major organs are functioning normally. It is not clear how long she will be like this. At what point of time recovery process will set in?
745759 tn?1232870315 Today i find out i have had a stroke some time between DEC 8th mri and DEC 30th mri and that kinda scared me and now they say also that an angiogram might be masked for results cause dr put me on the steroids started givimg me blood thinners did a trans echo cardiogram with bubble test
1092670 tn?1257765030 i have the same pains today has i have had the last 17 months pain right side head to toe knee groin froot pain constant left leg and right leg go numb after short walks and sitting to long.
1110049 tn?1409402144 When I had a stroke on 17th June my face dropped on one side. i had a bleed on left side of my brain. My left side is weak and I find talking difficult. I was taken to hospital straight away, and spent nearly two weeks there. That was 8 weeks ago. i have been struggling. My speech hardly improved, and now i have lost my voice, but that may not be due to the stroke. my walking not too bad, but cannot use my left arm and hand.
Avatar n tn Two weeks after stopping the drug amiodarone i suffered a stroke, could stopping this drug cause this.
Avatar f tn Three weeks ago I had a small stroke giving left side weakness but nothing else. However I feel weak and fuzzy in the morning, sort of slowed down. Wondering if normal and will this go away. Not sure of what to practice, etc. to get rid of this sensation. I have definitely improved small motor function in hands and improved balance through PT and OT but worried about morning effect and what maybe causing it.
Avatar f tn I understand each stroke and stroke patient is different, but what could we expect in relation to time of recovery and how much recovery should we realistically expect? Any advice or experiences shared would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn Can there be residual side effects of a stroke like face tingling, dizziness, jaw tightness, muscle weakness?
Avatar f tn A week before I was feeling really swollen in my stomach. Then two weeks later had a stroke after confirmed by an MRI. Was fortunate not to be disabled since it lasted only 3 hours. I want to know if synthroid can cause a stroke. My TSH came back normal after a blood exam. Please let me know what you think???
Avatar f tn s, I had what I now feel was a stroke, although my doctor diagnosed it as anxiety and prescribed librium. He was deemed one of the top internists in the area. The symptoms included waking up with rapid heartbeat follewed by slurred speech, inability to make sense of or play music, reading a paragraph over and over again without retaining its meaning, insomnia, and the right side of my face was numb. It was nearly 3 months before the symptoms resolved themselves.
Avatar f tn Like all pills you have a higher risk of thromoembolism ie blood clots or a stroke so you need to watch out for a severe pain in your calf, or a really bad headache or blurred vision. Other serious side effects include liver damage. Then your less serious but fairly common side effects include; weight gain, headaches, loss of libido (sex drive), breast tenderness, mood changes, nausea and spotting between periods. It can make depression worse if you already suffer from it.
Avatar f tn My mother in law had a stroke back at the beginning of March. She has severe arthritis in one knee in particular and has difficulty rehabbing because the knee fills with blood due to the arthritis and she cannot get to the point of standing to do the therapy. The coumadin has left her depressed, dizzy, cold and overall loss of appetite. She wants to recover but this drug is very difficult. It comes to the point of quality of life...
Avatar n tn Re: Stroke and related residual effects, seizure disorder [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ The Neurology Forum ] [ FAQ ] Posted by CCF Neuro MD on July 19, 1997 at 23:01:02: In Reply to: Stroke and related residual effects, seizure disorder posted by Deborah Parsons on July 09, 1997 at 14:55:15: I am interested in information about post stroke seizure disorder treatment and control, as well as definitions and descriptions of diagnostic techniques.
Avatar m tn I had a stroke about 2 months ago. The only thing wrong with me was a slight numbness or tingling in my left hand. Which I thought went away after about a month. But Now for the last two weeks seems to have come back stronger. What does that mean? Did I have another stroke?
Avatar m tn You may have had an intra operative TIA or stroke that affected the region in your brain which controls your gustatory sense. I am not sure if this will recover, but I would suggest that you see a neurologist who will probably order an MRI to see the cause of this symptoms. This may not have been related to the surgery and may have occurred separately, so it is important that you obtain his opinion of how to minimize any further events.
Avatar n tn I'll try to make this posting short. I'm 43YO Female. My Neurologist has recently diagnosed me with a migraine type of illness. Since March of this year, I've experienced 3 episodes of a stroke-like illness without headache pain only pressure. I've had every test done in the book and more (MRI/MRA, Lumbar punctures, etc.) I had a mild heart attack in March of 2000, cath was done then showing normal coronary arteries.