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Avatar n tn This would not be a mini stroke.The definition of a TIA is that symptons of the stroke disappear after 24 hours. So I would have him go back to the doctor and get a scan of his brain since it seems some memory was affected. With therapy and neuroplasticity he should be able to get better.Make sure he gets information on how to prevent a second stroke from happening.
Avatar m tn If you still have numbness then it was not a TIA. By definition effects from a TIA resolve themselves in 24 hours. You need to see a neurologist and get some preventative care to prevent a full-blown stroke. The neurologist should also be able to direct therapists to help with what ever defivcits the stroke left you.
907812 tn?1245739802 // Parenchyma: The key elements of an organ essential to its functioning, as distinct from the capsule that encompasses it and other supporting structures. The parenchyma is thus opposed to the connective tissue framework, or stroma, of an organ. The parenchyma of the testis consists of what are called the seminiferous tubules. The Greek word "parenchyma" means "that which is poured in.
778877 tn?1246295477 By "medication change", I mean I'm running out of Zoloft and the prescription assistance program hasn't gone through yet.
Avatar m tn The definition of a TIA is that symptons of the stroke disappear after 24 hours. So I would have him go back to the doctor and get a scan of his brain since it seems some fine motor control was affected. With therapy and neuroplasticity he should be able to get better.Make sure he gets information on how to prevent a second stroke from happening.
Avatar n tn High blood pressure is a well known risk factor for stroke and heart disease. The accepted definition for increased blood pressure is 140/90mmHg. This does not mean you'll have a stroke if your BP goes over this number. But if it is persistently high over a prolonged period of time (months), then you are at high risk for a stroke.
443441 tn?1204949096 My husband who is 50 years old...has 'supposedly' had around 8 TIA's since 2001...Last year a hole in his heart was discovered by his doctors, so they repaired the hole...Three weeks ago he had another TIA...but the hole in his heart is repaired....On the MRI the TIA does not show up...but a stroke does...Since the MRI shows no stroke...they are saying he has TIA's....but then....why does he keep having major problems with his left leg..has to walk with a cane...
Avatar n tn This, by definition, is a stroke. I am now effectively deaf in my right ear (70db loss) and am very sensitive to lights that come from a single source, i.e. a lamp, or a computer screen. I get dizzy and sometimes nauseated with substantial fatigue. I hope this helps. As I understand it, Meniere's disease manifests itself as only temporary instances of vertigo that last only a hour or so, but reoccurs periodically.
Avatar n tn I was recently in the hospital with stroke like symptoms. Every test that could be done was done including cat scan MRI blood work urinalysis and lumbar puncture. The diagnosis was a complicated migraine or tia. I have numbness on my left side that while some improvement has occurred it still remains numb and somewhat weak on the left side. I now walk with a cane to correct my off balance problem. My question is how much usage and feeling should I expect to have?
2175879 tn?1338355028 Doing a journal on my diet, weight, and diabetes numbers after my TIA/Stroke. Talking to one of my doctors two days ago, he read a new article that states that the medical comunity has revised their take on TIA's. They now no that there can be a longer recovery period than previously believed (1 to 24 hours), and even permanent damage. I now realize that I am having troubles remembering things I did just the day before (like what I ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner).
Avatar f tn but that do not meet the radiographic criteria for definition as a Chiari malformation. The currently accepted radiographic definition for a Chiari malformation is that cerebellar tonsils lie at least 5mm below the level of the foramen magnum. Some clinicians have reported that some patients appear to experience symptoms consistent with a Chiari malformation without radiographic evidence of tonsillar herniation.
Avatar n tn I am normal height and weight with only one grandfather who died of heart problems. He was a smoker and I am not. 1. My cardiologist said there was nothing I could do to reverse or change my heart condition and I should come back every year or two in the absence of other symptoms to make sure the shunt had not changed. He said I would know the condition worsened if I had some kind of mini-stroke which obviously did not encourage me.
Avatar m tn My aunt aged 70 is hospitalised due to brain stem stroke and is in ICU. She is yet to regain the consciousness and is still on ventilator. Doctors have stated that there is very little improvement. As of now she lost her limb movements, swallowing capacity and eyelid movements. Though she is chronic diabetic and had bye pass surgery six years back her major organs are functioning normally. It is not clear how long she will be like this. At what point of time recovery process will set in?
745759 tn?1232870315 Today i find out i have had a stroke some time between DEC 8th mri and DEC 30th mri and that kinda scared me and now they say also that an angiogram might be masked for results cause dr put me on the steroids started givimg me blood thinners did a trans echo cardiogram with bubble test
1092670 tn?1257765030 i have the same pains today has i have had the last 17 months pain right side head to toe knee groin froot pain constant left leg and right leg go numb after short walks and sitting to long.
1110049 tn?1409402144 When I had a stroke on 17th June my face dropped on one side. i had a bleed on left side of my brain. My left side is weak and I find talking difficult. I was taken to hospital straight away, and spent nearly two weeks there. That was 8 weeks ago. i have been struggling. My speech hardly improved, and now i have lost my voice, but that may not be due to the stroke. my walking not too bad, but cannot use my left arm and hand.
670556 tn?1242049260 By definition, with obstructive sleep apnea, you automatically wake up after a long pause in your breathing. The danger comes in when after years of straining the heart, you can develop heart disease, along with all the other associated medical complications such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, heart attack or stroke.
Avatar m tn 40 Isn't Too Old To Start Intensive Exercise Similar heart benefits seen in those who began endurance workouts before 30 or after 40 Men who begin endurance exercise after age 40 may get similar long-term heart benefits as those who start training before age 30, new research finds. The study included 40 healthy men, between the ages of 55 and 70, who had no heart disease risk factors. Ten of the men had never exercised for more than two hours a week.