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Avatar m tn There can be several causes of this transient blindness. Postural hypotension can also lead to transient episodes of blindness. Whether it is related to your epilepsy is difficult to say. Several conditions can cause this transient loss of vision like vertebrobasilar insufficiency, space occupying lesion in the brain, brain tumors, retinal emboli, severe hypertension,stroke,diabetes mellitus, central retinal vein occlusion etc.I will advise you to see an ophthalmologist soon.
Avatar n tn This causes temporary loss of vision is one half of an eye. If the partial blindness is followed by a severe headache, then migraine is almost confirmed. The other possibility is benign intracranial hypertension’ (BIH). This happens due to impaired CSF absorption. The third possibility is a transient ischemic attack or a mini stroke. You need to consult a neurologist immediately and get this evaluated. Take care!
Avatar f tn Because of my migraines and the blindness it temporarily causes I am unable to work or drive. I am taking magnesium, riboflavin ( B2) and Verapamil to prevent them. Some good that is doing.. Anyone please help!! Thank You!
Avatar f tn Tunnel vision is also possible after a history of head injury, concussion, brain damage and stroke, though all these causes may not be applicable in your case. Take care!
Avatar n tn Dear Doc, My husband, aged 49, with a hypertension history of 10 years was admitted in the hospital due to a blurred vision and the principal diagnosis has been ischemic stroke leading to cortical blindness with occipital farcts. Docs here in India tell me there is no cure and his condition is inoperable and irreversible. He is on warferin and with modern science advancing at such leaps and bounds somehow I fail to accept there is no cure to his blindness.
Avatar n tn I have recently experienced 2 bouts of blindness, one was complete and total blindness in both eyes, the second was 1 eye and was still able to see some light, the 1st lasting 1.5 - 3 minutes at my best estimate, the 2nd, I simply went to sleep so not sure. Have been to Opthamologist who indicted Ocular Migraine. I will need to contact primary and probably revisit Neuologist.
Avatar f tn Stroke blindness - any type of glasses that can help? I heard of one person that has prism glasses. What's that?
Avatar m tn He eventually responded about 7 hours later after looking at her MRI on his home computer and said it was an ischemic stroke. No other hospital would accept her as the window of opportunity for treating her had passed. The first day thereafter she was totally blind, the next day her blindness was vascillating from eye to eye. Mentally she is totally confused in her thoughts, although she speaks clearly. She has also had at least one spasmotic attack while in the hospital.
Avatar f tn A blood clot is formed in the brain due to bleeding that take place in the area between the skull and the brain. Common causes of blood clot in brain are head injury, bleeding problems, etc. Symptoms of blood clot in brain are seizures, headaches, confusion, speaking difficulties, paralysis, blindness, depression etc. The treatment for blood clot in brain depends on the cause of the clot.
Avatar f tn Help, I'm 26 years old and I keep getting "I don't knows" I'm scared and tests keep coming back "normal" but I'm sure something isn't right. I know this isn't the place but I'm at a loss what to do, I'm a single parent of two beautiful children and I've always worked hard to provide for them and I want answers so I can return to work. If its at all possible of course.
Avatar f tn You need to see an Eye MD and you need to schedule a "peripheral field of vision test". You could have had small stroke, migraine equivalent, emboli to eye/brain or a number other problems. Find an eye MD at You problem can also cause a type of glaucoma called low or normal tension glaucoma.
Avatar f tn I do have this posted in another thread, it's posted in the brain section as well. I'm just looking for answers. Help, I'm 26 years old and I keep getting "I don't knows" I'm scared and tests keep coming back "normal" but I'm sure something isn't right.
Avatar f tn In 2001 my father had a stroke in his occipital lobe left side which left him unable to recognize numbers, letters or read. He was able to drive and he had good perifial vision. November 2009 he had another stroke which affected the right side of the occipital lobe. Unfortunately we did not live with him and were not aware he was having a problem until several days later when we immediately took him to the hospital.It wasn't until that point that we realized he was not seeing well.
Avatar n tn Had a grade 1 tumor removed four weeks ago. I now have prosopagnosia (face blindness). I cannot recognize faces, not even my own. Neurologist and Neuro Opthamologist have said to give it time. It could take months for brain swelling to decrease and brain circuits to reconnect. Waiting is frustrating. Anyone out there with a similar experience?
Avatar n tn After one has suffered blindness from a stroke, what is the normal time limit of recovering your vision spontaneously?
599354 tn?1237640464 can you please help?i keep experiencing blindness in right eye which lasts only minutes before returning,and in the same eye have ongoing double vision i think things look like theyre being bounced up and down?
Avatar f tn Hi i am 33 and had never really suffered with headaches, but about a month ago went into casualty thinking i was having a stroke because out of the blue got zig zag lines and partial blindness followed by a bad headache, then a couple of days ago got it again out of the blue, i do suffer with anxiety and neck tension quite a bit but do worry as my mum died from a stroke at only 41, what is suddenly causing them?
Avatar n tn Tunnel vision is also possible after a history of head injury, concussion, brain damage and stroke, though all these causes may not be applicable in your case. If you do not have blindness literally, but suffer from episodes of blackouts then those could be due to postural hypotension (falling with change of position), internal ear problems, cervical spondylitis, anemia, GERD, hypoglycemia or low sugar and some endocrine problems. Get your blood pressure checked.
Avatar n tn _ debbie- to be honest, the first part of your question is confusing. do u mean she was previously on anti-coagulants??? or was placed on them after the accident?? anyway, amaurosis fugax can be very serious, but not for the eye only, necessarily. what it really is, simply put, is a "mini-stroke" involving the circulation of the eye. it causes temporary loss of vision in one eye for up to a few hours. it may be complete loss or only partial , but it is in one eye.
Avatar n tn my mother recently visited neurologist ( was refered by eye-specialist ) who remarked her of vision loss that could lead to blindness. i read a word VASCULAR HEADACHE in the report. few weeks back my mother complaint that she is seeing black spots / webs before her eyes, that i read from net are the floaters. she is also suffering from migrane for a very long time. she also complaint that her hearing capability is also reducing. i am really worried . i fear she might loose her vision.
Avatar n tn Inflammation of the optic nerve or also called optic neuritis causes blindness in one eye over 1-4 days and resolves over 4-6 weeks. Blindness in one eye that progresses over 3 months may be due to a tumor such as an optic glioma. Given your history of sudden onset vision loss and rapid resolution, amaurosis fugax (or mini-strokes of the eye) is a real possibility.
Avatar n tn Later my left face was numb, my wife said I had stroke in my face. I ignored her comment.and went home. Next day visited my GP who said it was mini stroke. The treating at Hospital told me that he received my MRI test report which indicated that my blindness was due to accummulated wide spread of white matter at back of my brain which blocked my vision which had resulted in my blindness.