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1390615 tn?1299429891 Two other men suffered strokes after cataract surgery 1. Henry Peter Koop Henry Peter Koop passed away Mar. 2. In 1993 during cataract surgery, he suffered a stroke. 2. Allen Smith Congressional Report: Eventually - after being hospitalized with a stroke, after cataract surgery
Avatar f tn My mother in law had a stroke 3 years ago after that she went for brain surgery to insert some kind of an spring into one of the vains, all of that were a success. She wasn't lame from the stroke and could carry on normally. Now all of the sudden she walked with the walk ring but carry it if no one is watching her. The past week she's in a wheelchair and complaining she cant use her right hand is it possible for that to happen after 3 years.
Avatar f tn my husband suffered artery dissection causing a stroke in the thalama and cerebellum 2 months ago he spent 10 days on the stroke ward then was discharged home and received visits from ot and physio. one day his blood pressure was high and had to be monitired for three days hence his physio stopped. BP is now ok as on meds. my question is he is not seeing his consulant untill june and has had no more visits from the intemediate care team.
Avatar n tn I had a stroke last July and after 7 weeks of showing no improvement my wife was told to find a nursing home. One day while still in the hospital I woke up and I too had no long term memory problems but did have short term memory difficulties. It just keeps getting better and better, we could see improvement by the week, I was told that the brain after a stroke as part of the healing process goes through a stage of rewiring itself.
Avatar f tn My father had a stroke 5 years ago and has not yet fully recovered my question is that prior to his stroke he went to the doctor with neck pain and blurred vision and headaches the doctor sent him for a MRI should the MRI have show the clot he is blocked 100 percent n his cartiod artery I just need to know if this could of been prevented
Avatar f tn There are many factors in determining the recovery of a stroke patient after a surgery. This includes the type of stroke, severity of symptoms, how much the body is involved, medical condition of the patient ( presence of diabetes, hypertension, heart conditions), age, over-all health and even the type of surgery done. It is best that you discuss this with his attending physicians for proper evaluation and to clear any worries. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn today, (6th day), doctors discovered a stroke, after thinking that his elevated creatine was the cause he was still under the effect of anesthesia. They discovered the stroke in his brain, so far they said it's hemorrhagic. They can't give an answer of what will happen next, they said they will wait until he wakes up; anyone has any information about this ?
Avatar n tn My dad after heart surgery (CABG they called it) got stroke that affected his left side. (4 months before). Now he can walk with or without support but problem is left arm and hand which is not recovered well. Initially he got swelling on hand but its gone now. He complains for pain in arm and hand. If anybody faced same can tell me, how long it takes for hand recovery? What is reason for pain? I will really appreciate. Last question is if electronic therapy is useful or harmful?
Avatar n tn Hello, There are certain risk factors which may increase a person’s chances of having a stroke after bypass surgery. The inflammatory process and hypercoagulability after surgery puts a person at risk which peaks two days after the surgery. If one is able to identify the etiology of this postoperative risk factor for stroke it can lead to better management of patient with risk of stroke. Your husband’s mental status is affected significantly and he is in coma.
Avatar n tn Months after the stroke I started having foot and leg pain. Soon after the pain moved to my upper body. I now have constant burning pain in my hands, arms, and back. My lower arms feel tight, and my back is tender to the touch. I have been trying to get a diagnosis and have been in pain for over a year. The stroke occured in my cerebellum, so they don't understand why I'm in so much pain, or what caused it. Does anyone have a similiar experience? Thank you for any assistance.
Avatar n tn My primary dr. said he thought it was definitely caused by the 2 strokes that occurred after the surgery to remove the aneurysm. Can these tests be done in the hospital or are they strickly out patient tests? I am going to do neuro rehab this time in hospital after surgery since I did not get to do that last time.
Avatar n tn My 88 year old mother had a right brain side stoke after surgery to repair a broken hip and wrist. She is healing quite well from the surgeries and is even able to stand with help during her rehabilitation, but she is constantly sleepy and slips into a religious rambling and looking for Jesus in the halls, and in her room. It comes at any time and for no apparent reason, she could be waking up or just sitting and resting, with or without company in the room.
Avatar n tn It's great to hear that you're doing OK after your stroke! I had a stroke and surgery at the right cerbellum/brainstem in June, 2005 and am still recovering (still using a walker, double-vision, etc). I'm sure you've had MANY CT Scans and MRIs after the stroke. Has your Neuro mentioned that the ventricles look a little swollen? This could be hydrocephalus(a.k.a "water on the brain) or maybe the brain is just slowly "de-swelling" from the trauma it had from the stroke.
Avatar n tn She was with feeding nasal tubs in ICU for 8days, and then 2 days after ICU. After that her swallowing ability came back very slowly. In the hospital, they do the study to figure out when the swallowing ability comes back, as soon as they notice that, they will probably start to feed her some liquid like yogurt. My mom suffered a lot when she couldn't drink or eat, I exactly understand what you are getting through, is hearth broken.
Avatar n tn My dad is 76 and had a massive stroke to the left side of his brain, after the stroke he was in the hospital for 5 days and sent to acute rehab. He was there for 4 days and developed severe aspiration pnemonia and was put in ICU for 3 or 4 days and then in a regular room for about another 8 days, then Humana woud not approve him for acute rehab and sent him to a su acute rehab/nursing home where he was for 6 days.
Avatar f tn I have been searching for information on the web about hair loss after a stroke. I had a subarachnoid hemorrhagic stroke from a brain aneurysm in January of 2010. I had an endovascular coiling treatment to stop the bleeding, and I have since had a repeat coiling procedure (in April) when it reopened.
Avatar n tn yesterday when I asked if he wanted to go to rehab, kind of rolled his eyes like it was useless. He is 68 and was very active before his bypass surgery and stroke (3 days later) and this attitude was very surprising. He has always been a VERY upbeat person, very on the go. I think he is depressed, esp. since he is being fed with nasogastric tube and therapy people have not helped him with going to the bathroom by himself.
Avatar f tn Also his arm (I don't know if your Father's shoulder has separated shoulder joints as is typical after stroke then your father may complain of pain constantly. watch for this and get him lydacaine). Also a typical problem for bed ridden stroke patients is back sores. This is also very painful. Again, the lydacaine patch. Always, always always sit and have everyone sit on side of paralysis because of "neglect". This is the paralyzed side you will be told which is neglected.
Avatar n tn She also had four CT scans done on her head after the stroke, up to about 5 months later which did not show anything that could explain her complaints. She completed a course of physical therapy which did not alleviate the symptoms. She is getting desperate. She is using a hearing aid and wears glasses. Is there any exercise, test or medication that you could suggest? She says that she would gladly undergo an operation if that was needed.
Avatar m tn and I have come to realize that every stroke is so different. For example, my father drooled after the first stroke, and after the third stroke, it stopped. He was much like Miller78's father, except mine could not read or write. He had the same impulse control issues, ran away from home, and was very fit and strong when we brought him home after the first stroke. Even with 24-hour in-home care, we could not keep him contained, and he was easily frustrated.
Avatar n tn The Drs have said I can start trying for a baby on my honeymoon which will be exactly 6 months after my stroke. Is that to early? I really want a baby but I dont want to put myself at risk? I will be on the blood thinning meds throuout the pregnancy so I suppose that will minimise the risk?
Avatar n tn I had a stroke when I was 29...2 weeks after I gave birth to my first child. I had a bilateral carotid dissection. I am now 33 and am thinking about having another child, but none of my doctors know for sure why I had a stroke in the first place. Both my ob and neurologist think that I should be fine, but they really have never seen this before. I keep looking for other opinions....and suggestions? Anyone out there that had a baby after a stroke?