Stroke after hip replacement

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Avatar f tn They need to check to see if a blood clot could be causing her stroke-like symptoms. Unfortunately that is an all too common after effect of hip replacement surgery. Have her see a neurologist asap.
Avatar f tn I have rheumatoid arthritis hypotension diabetes I have a hip replacement knee replacement
Dog Lf hip replcmt x Dr G.Holt,Ortho Ctr (Utica) on 11/12/13. Ceramic cup & Steel ball.
Avatar f tn Troy had his hip-replacement surgery.
Avatar n tn It was theorized that new clot formed after the Plavix was stopped and embolized when it was resumed since he suffered a right MCA stroke 21 days post op. He is now on Coumadin and needs right hip replacement. Bridging with Lovenox pre and post op is planned. Should he have TEE during or after this surgery? If clot is detected how would it be treated? Would Pradaxa be considered instead of Coumadin post op? Thank you for your input.
Avatar m tn As for the hip replacement, it would require 3-7 day hospital stay after which physiotherapy is initiated; while complete recovery may take almost 3-6 months. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar n tn My husband suffered a stroke caused by a fatty embolism after hip replacement surgery in January of 2002. He has a high stress, long hour executive position and went back to work approximately 3 months following his surgery and stroke. Recently his boss has told him that he feels my husband has lost his "edge", doesn't shift priorities fast enough, takes too many notes, etc. This has been a blow to my husband as he's not sure if it's true or not.
Avatar n tn I had a hip replacement 10 years ago. Everything has been great! No pain whatsoever. In the last two years I had a terrible bout with plantar fasciitis. Recently I am having shin splint pain only on the new hip side! Are these problems related to the hip replacement? If so, is it time for a new hip? I'm a 65 year old female with few health issues!
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Avatar n tn Broke hip 07/1998; went for repairs, and after four months was advised not healing; Had total hip replacement 01/1999. Since the 1998 surgery, my hip burns badly enough that I am limited in activity. Sitting, standing, walking are almost prohibited. Sometimes hip will burn for days, 24/7. Other times there are respites. Many nights, the burning lasts until 2 a.m. or even 4 a.m..
Avatar m tn I'm having back pain on the right side near the hip replacement.
Avatar m tn cuz my metal is made by Smiths and Nephews made in USA and I can Walk as normal person without undergo a total hip doctor said total hip replacement have a life span up to 20 years after 20 year they going to change the shell or the polyethylene plastic OnLY which is the main shock upserver of impact when we walk/ in my case in can be life time without maintenance cuz i had the best material in my hips!
Avatar m tn I recently went to my orthopedic doctor and he said I have hip buritis. Is this normal after a hip replacement? Can it cause muslce spasms and extreme pain while driving, walking, bike riding, sleepign or even sitting? Is this a warning symptom of something to look out for?
Avatar f tn He was very clear that ANY weight-bearing could negatively impact the bone healing. He was also clear that if the healing did not occur, a total hip replacement was not an option due to the location of the break ("too low"). - my understanding is that due to the osteoporosis, and the possible damage done after the surgery, the screw might work its way out of the bone, and "pop" free. If this occurs, and if a hip replacement can not be done, what are the other options?
3195688 tn?1345120469 My dad had his hip replacement with Stryker hip devices. After his operation, he felt more pain which is actually it is natural but a few days and weeks later the pain is still there. He has stopped on mountain climbing since then it had happened, his daily living and creation had been greatly affected.
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Dog I received a Right Total Hip Replacement on December 3rd 2012 by Dr. William Padajuas w/JOI at Baptist Medical Center Downtown campus. I also have a left hip replacement completed April 7th 2007 by Dr. Maxwell Steel w/JOI which was not a success and have permanent nerve damage from and still a patient of Pain Management because of the "blotched" surgery.
Avatar n tn On August 7, 2008 ( his third day back at work light duty) he was walking when his femur fractured, that evening he had a total hip replacement. He had more pain after the second surgery and muscle weakness, we were told it was because he had two surgeries in 7 weeks, Almost a year later he suffers from severe to mild pain even when sitting still. He has had blood tests, x rays, cortisone shots, and a bone scan.
544381 tn?1237993977 i can relate to everyone with pain after hip replacement, i had my right hip replaced in Aug of 2006,i am still living with pain,it is so hard to get around to do anything anymore.
Avatar f tn Now the doctor says she needs a hip replacement. Is this unusual to happen so quickly after being diagnosed? She is on Actemra once a month, and Methotrexate weekly. I don't know questions to ask the doctor.