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407961 tn?1202017247 I had a left cerebellar stroke in oct of 2007. I am 20 years old. They said it happened because of birth control and smoking. I really want to have another baby, but I am worried about what could happen. I have a 2 year old, and that pregnancy went perfect!! But I am worried about having another one. I have left side weakness when i dont get enough sleep, and i still have tingling in my left arm, but i take aspirin every day and check my blood pressure and it stays low.
Avatar n tn I am 36 and had a massive stroke 2yrs ago (18mos after the birth of my daughter)....most likely caused by birth control pills...luckily, my neurointerventionalist was able to use the MERCI retrieval system and I have made a total recovery, I was only in the hospital 6 days! ANyway, now I have to take Plavix, and I'm considering getting pregnant again. It is scary b/c none of my doctors want to tell me "yes" or "no", they say it's up to me!!
Avatar f tn I want to know if anyone has gotten pregnant after a stroke and how it went for you? Oh and after my stroke all I think about most of the time is of the stroke, having another stroke, or dying due to a stroke. I guess I am traumatized now. Does anyone else suffer from this?
Avatar f tn Then my hand started jerking/twitching around, and then my arm too. After a couple of seconds I started to get a very strange sensation in my brain, like a burning/tingling/numb feeling like something was expanding and my jaw even opened by itself so my mouth was just hanging open. Then my other hand's fingers and arm were twitching. I tried to get up to tell someone I felt weird but I just ended up crying and I felt like I couldn't get my mouth to talk right. I ended up falling asleep.
Avatar n tn When having a baby after a stroke midwives will watch you very closely. Neither them nor you will let it get bad again. I had a stroke after having a baby. I had an epidural and it went wrong so I had to have a blood patch (your own blood is put into your spine to clot and block a puncture hole). It all went wrong and three clots formulated in my brain. When I told the Doctors that I had started to have a severe headache the didn't listen and sent me home.
Avatar n tn You would probably need the opinion of a perinatologist associated with a large academic medical center. I don't think you are going to find a lot of research in this area, nor will you find a lot of women who have had the experience you are seeking to hear about. Perhaps with enough new testing, they may be able to give you more reassurance. You'll have to weigh the risks and benefits for yourself, and hope for the best.
Avatar n tn Hello everyone i also had a stroke 3 months ago after losing my baby girl when i was 5 months pregnat...doctors don't know why i had the stroke but i reallly want to get pregnat again but i have 2 boys already n i'm scared something can happen to me. Doctors tell me its very risky for me so i don't know what to do.....
Avatar f tn My wife do not have teeth. She neer used dentures. After stroke she had swallowing problem. She also vomitted. She had problem with semi solid food too. Probably her Na and Cl levels were affected. She was given NaCL capsules before food. That solved her problem. She is 70. She had dementia. She prefers liquid foods. Please consult your doctor on these points. In case of my wife her speech is not affected.
Avatar n tn My dad is 76 and had a massive stroke to the left side of his brain, after the stroke he was in the hospital for 5 days and sent to acute rehab. He was there for 4 days and developed severe aspiration pnemonia and was put in ICU for 3 or 4 days and then in a regular room for about another 8 days, then Humana woud not approve him for acute rehab and sent him to a su acute rehab/nursing home where he was for 6 days.
Avatar n tn Did your friend ever have a hard time accepting that she had a stroke? We still have to tell my dad every day that he had the stroke and that he can't walk. He gets so angry every time we tell him. I don't know if this will ever get better. I remember you saying that it took your friend a while to get her memory back, so I am still holding out hope....
Avatar n tn Hi, I had a small stroke a week ago today. I had some speech problems and problems with my left side but now every thing is good. I immediately got up and tried to function normally but my hubby could tell that something was wrong. I have passed out twice since then so I don't know if that was related to my stroke. I am 50 years old so. . . . Thanks and I appreciate your response !
Avatar f tn To anyone with muscle spasms after a stroke, I found that the only thing that worked was Botox injections. I had severe 24/7 clenching of my foot which occurred 5 years after my stroke. The doctor said that it was spasticity caused by my stroke. No medications helped. PT didn't help. The Botox was an absolute God send.
Avatar n tn that can be neglected after a stroke. Normal hygiene, hair care, shaving, etc. Even cleaning up after they have spilled foods or liquids. For whatever reason, some stroke survivors forget about these little issues that were previously done as a matter of normal routine. In my wifes case, I still have to remind her to do many of those simple items. Turn off the light - Turn off the stove - Close the door - You spilled some coffee.
Avatar n tn There are special types of MRI that can easily distinguish between a stroke an dMS. Consider a second opinion by a stroke neurologist at a major academicor clinical center nearby. 2.Absolutely start cholesterol lowering medication such as lipitor especially because the protective effects of estrogen on your cholesterol level will soon be lost after menopause. This of course does NOT mean that estrogen replacement will lower your stroke risk.
Avatar m tn also if his stroke was when he was a baby then why now all of a sudden would he start having issues after his big event last june, he is not the same little boy before this event and I hope he will regain spelling, strength and memory back but I am not sure if he ever will he will be 9 on the 21 of this month Thank yoy Michelle
Avatar n tn Hi -- I wanted to let the list know that a PFO (a congenital hole in the heart) can sometimes be the cause of a cerebellar stroke -- it happened to me. I'm 47 and had an operation 3 yrs. ago -- after the surgery I had 3 days of intense vomiting. 2 wks. later I had a cerebellar stroke -- the symptoms were vomiting, vertigo, and complete loss of balance. The ambulance got me to the ER, and the ER drs. at my NYC hospital were great.
Avatar n tn Mike doesn't remember anything for the first 2 1/2 to 3 months after he woke up. Which is a blessing. Challenge her don't baby her. I babied my husband and now he thinks I should do everything for him. It is so easy to do everything for them because they hurt so bad, but what I have realized is that I have become his crutch. He doesn't want to do anything for himself because he has me.
Avatar f tn Jq, my twin sister is 24, she just had a similar stroke like yours a couple years back. She started with a real bad headache and then couldn't feel her left arm or leg, she's in intensive care now.
Avatar n tn After having a stroke (bleed ) in feb 2003 my recovery of movement has been slow. I have had variouse treatments that have kept my muscles all ok. I can walk with a stick but my toes curl and my foot drops to the left. My left upper arm has some movement. I can close but not open my hand I have always had feeling They just will not work. Q I recently started meditating and consentrating on the movement of my hand. Then I started with a swellin on my lip left side that droops a bit.
Avatar n tn I have been trying to learn about this disease in order to try to help him and I read where the dangers of stroke are at the highest when an occurrence ends. He is on a baby aspirin per advice from his cardiologist as opposed to Coumadin. Is there anything he can take to lessen this stroke possibility at the end of the occurrence? (He takes a full aspirin at the beginning of an episode to help augment against a stroke per an afib expert that we read about.
542997 tn?1214753950 Hello. I am 29 and i had a hemorrhagic stroke 2 months ago. It was a baby stroke and I have fully recovered except for my vision. I have left side neglect and am currently unable to drive. Unfortunately I did not have health insurance when this occurred, and have not spoken to a neurologist since my hospital release. I was wondering if there were specific things I should be avoiding in my daily life. The cause of the stroke was unknown.
Avatar n tn The epidural was placed twice in my back, I didn`t have a spinal headache with it. 2 weeks after having her, I began having neurological problems. Tingling and burning in hands and feet, tendon tightness on sides of ankles when I bent down, Cramping and tingling in right wrist when I put my bra strap on, twitching all over, slight numbness on ball of left heel. After about 3 weeks of this I seen a neurologist. Blood was normal, MRI of brain - normal (taken Oct.
991222 tn?1333994333 Really, you shouldn't have sex that soon after delivering a baby regardless of your delivery method.. Plus, you will likely be too tired anyway.. =) I had looked into depoprovera (the shot) but the side effects were scary to me. I am also not great about daily pills, and I am very sensitive to the hormones. I used the nuvaring the months following my son's birth.
Avatar n tn Could it be that since his speech was affected (and is MUCH better now) - and he even had SOME problem with swallowing for a few weeks after the stroke - that the muscles, etc in swallowing were also affected in some way that allows him to be continually swallowing air?
2190999 tn?1504992491 Last year I was diagnosed with migraines after having stroke symptoms for several weeks in March and again in June. I take a baby apirin a day per my neurologist, Im 42, smoke ocassionally, and have just started taking an oral contraceptive again. Should I stop the oral contraceptive? And if I don't, do I risk experiencing more stroke symptoms? Are these migraine-strokes benign, and do I run the risk of having permanent symptoms?
419158 tn?1316575204 I know I spelled that wrong but you guys know what I mean right?? Anyways I was leaving the grocery store late last night and a bussiness card caught my eye. On it was a beautiful couple maybe in their mid to late 20's. It read." we are hoping to adopt a baby" then read "if you are pregnant and looking into adoption PLEASE call us" they left their home number, both of their cells, both work numbers and their emails. I just lost it.