Stroke after giving birth

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Avatar f tn i had my baby in december 08, on february 28 i got my period and it lasted for a week. and now is the begining of April and i still havent had it again.. can anyone tell me why?
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Avatar f tn I had a left sided ischemic stroke on 6/20/10 due to bilateral carotid artery dissections and a dissection in my right vertebral artery. I'm 34 years old (and was 34 at the time of stroke) and my doctors think the dissections were caused by some sort of vascular genetic condition, although they have yet to find out which one.
Avatar m tn how long after giving birth do you have period pains, i have been having awful like period pains i had my baby 3weeks ago is this normal
Avatar f tn After birth how soon can you put a girdle on? Is it safe right after or should I wait a couple of days?
8762956 tn?1406304757 I kn cuz my stomach is a lil bit there any medicine or lotion to put on my stomach.
Avatar f tn Her only child, age 17, died from a blood clot to the heart 6 days after she had her stroke. Our daughter is completely paralyzed on the left side. Obviously, her recovery is hampered by the psychological trauma of losing her child and of having a debilitating stroke. She is in a nursing home; my husband and I are unable to care for her on our own given the limited resources available to help her and our own health issues. She seems to be deteriorating.
Avatar n tn a woman CAN conceive upon her first ovulation after birth, depending on how soon that returns (excluding breastfeeding, can return as soon as 5 weeks after birth). SHOULD, well, that's another story. Some doctors advise waiting six months after c/s, some more, some less, it depends on the reasons for the c/s, the type of c/s, and if there were any complications.
Avatar f tn To moms that had kids already wats it like giving birth??
Avatar n tn Hi all, I have just found this site/ forum and have appreciated reading every message. I am now 29 and had a stroke 11 weeks after giving birth. My son is now 3 1/2 and my husband and I are very keen to have another child. I have been given very little information about my stroke and have always felt as if all medical experts have been very vague with me as the cause is not known. I suffered from asphasia, poor memory, dizziness, headaches etc for quite a time.
Avatar n tn I had an ischemic stroke at 28 years old 3 days after giving birth to a 9 1/2 lb baby. My gyno actually made me feel more at ease about all of it than the hemotoligist or nuerologist. No one could tell me why I had. I had no complications theroughout my pregnancy or delivery. They both told me that it was not pregnancy related but not to have anymore children. I miscarried 3 times (before each one of my live births). I have never been able to get any straight answers about any of it.
Avatar m tn Can I take birth control pill after giving birth but my period have not come back yet?