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Avatar n tn Hello My father lives in a semi rural part of Australia and I have had some concerns about his health care. In 1992 he had an AMI and stroke around same time. routine CT scan showed cerebrovascular diseas in the deep white matter. In 1994 he had DVT so was put on Warfarin. In 1999 he had an episode where he could not speak properly for a few seconds and was confused. We took him to the local hospital and the Doctor said he had a TIA and as he was on Warfarin there was nothing more to be done.
Avatar n tn that can be neglected after a stroke. Normal hygiene, hair care, shaving, etc. Even cleaning up after they have spilled foods or liquids. For whatever reason, some stroke survivors forget about these little issues that were previously done as a matter of normal routine. In my wifes case, I still have to remind her to do many of those simple items. Turn off the light - Turn off the stove - Close the door - You spilled some coffee.
Avatar n tn My mother had suffered a serious stroke and is due for discharge from hospital after 4 months. Medically, she is quite stabe but had lost the motor movement in the right side and also totally lost recognition and communicative skills/comprehension. Presently, she is still tube fed but is able to take liquids orally. Left hand is able to hold things but cannot respond voluntary to commands ie. most actions appears to be involuntary eg.
Avatar n tn The CT results were not revealed to us until this week, although the scan was performed after her stroke three months ago. They are saying now that the stroke seems to have also affected the other side of her brain which is causing her to have problems with her left hand. She was able a few weeks ago to pick up a glass and drink but is now not able to do that. We are uncertain how to address possible depression.
Avatar f tn can someone please help me im 33 went into hosp recently to give birth to twins had a pe went to intensive care and 4 days later came to with paralysed right side . doctors said i complained of terrible heaache and now i can not really move right side . im pretty much always wetting myself i have constipation or diarrhea. 2 and a half weeks have passed im at home in wheel chair and still no feeling on right side to speak off.
2173122 tn?1337367057 I am a diabetic (type 2) and already watch my weight and take Metformin but only became diabetic a year ago. Now this TIA stroke. I am not a health care professional. Hopefully we will have some others with more experience comment on this post. I am still recovering from it but everything I have read says I should have already recovered from it but after 5 days now, I'm just starting to get my balance back and strength in my left side, but it seems to come and go.
Avatar n tn Please discuss the management plan with a neurologist after the diagnostic tests are done . Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
Avatar f tn There are many phases of recovery and the patient begins to regain the skills very soon after the stroke. Recovery depends on the patient’s will power, general health, nutrition and level of mental and physical activity. Since you seem to have wonderful energy, enthusiasm and a zeal to overcome all hindrances, your recovery has been commendable. Your continuous efforts to remember phone numbers, passwords and other mental activity has helped you a lot in recovering fast.
Avatar m tn Hi, its difficult to tell the exact prognosis. As the post stroke swelling subsides she may recover function. But now all depends on if her vitals are stable or not. As she is improving and if the "stroke" is stabilized, and there is no further bleeding or clotting I would remain optimistic. Regards.
Avatar n tn What does his doctor say? Did he have any physical therapy after his stroke? If not, he may still benefit from some. If these are new symptoms, he should see a doctor about it. Good luck.
Avatar f tn my husband suffered artery dissection causing a stroke in the thalama and cerebellum 2 months ago he spent 10 days on the stroke ward then was discharged home and received visits from ot and physio. one day his blood pressure was high and had to be monitired for three days hence his physio stopped. BP is now ok as on meds. my question is he is not seeing his consulant untill june and has had no more visits from the intemediate care team.
Avatar m tn Thrombolysis (dissolving the clot with medication within three hours of stroke) is let’s say, the recommended treatment for stroke. However, if patient has risk factors for post thrombolysis bleeding such as previous heart attack, high blood pressure, old age, fragile condition of blood vessels etc, then the doctor may advise against this treatment. This may be the reason your father was not taken up for thrombolysis.
Avatar n tn I had a stroke last July and after 7 weeks of showing no improvement my wife was told to find a nursing home. One day while still in the hospital I woke up and I too had no long term memory problems but did have short term memory difficulties. It just keeps getting better and better, we could see improvement by the week, I was told that the brain after a stroke as part of the healing process goes through a stage of rewiring itself.
Avatar m tn My wife of 40 years suffered a stroke August 7th. She just started to be able to speak on Sept 9. The doctor said the swelling in the brain did NOT stop until around August 28th and said that when the swelling ended then recovery would begin. Is that correct? She is paralyzed on the LEFT side with sensation now in the left leg; none on the left arm. She has left-side neglect but that seems to have lessened slightly.
Avatar f tn My father had a stroke 5 years ago and has not yet fully recovered my question is that prior to his stroke he went to the doctor with neck pain and blurred vision and headaches the doctor sent him for a MRI should the MRI have show the clot he is blocked 100 percent n his cartiod artery I just need to know if this could of been prevented
783212 tn?1295031606 My father has rheumatoid arthritis as well as my mother. My Grandmother has had a stroke, my father has had two heart attacks and is not losing to lung cancer. My Auntie has Scleroderma and my brother has Epilepsy. SO, for me to have constant issues with my head and muscles and bones is worrisome. I need a caring doctor ( which we all do I know) in the Colorado Springs area who will want to know WHY their patient is hurting and having certain symptoms.
Avatar f tn We took him to his doctor after. He had dehydration and syncope. But he certainly was fine in a short time after cooling down and having fluids and resting. So, I'd go ahead and get a check up if it is reasonably affordable (as in she has insurance). Better safe than sorry, right??
Avatar f tn My question is really simple, for those who are care takers of someone with a stroke. My fiance had a stroke 6 mths ago. He's partially blind and has some memory issues. I know this sounds selfish, but what is the outlook for our future. I keep thinking I can't hang in there with him. We have only been together for 2 yrs and I believe that I am just not cut out to take care of someone who is disabled. Should i cut my loss now and move on or is there hope that he will get better.
Avatar f tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! The pain could be due to some swelling in the brain that had also caused stroke. This could also be due to migraine. The other possibility is cervical nerve compression. . It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn She was with feeding nasal tubs in ICU for 8days, and then 2 days after ICU. After that her swallowing ability came back very slowly. In the hospital, they do the study to figure out when the swallowing ability comes back, as soon as they notice that, they will probably start to feed her some liquid like yogurt. My mom suffered a lot when she couldn't drink or eat, I exactly understand what you are getting through, is hearth broken.
Avatar n tn We tried to get dad into an acute care facility but were told he did not meet minimum requirements. Acute care for rehab centers normally require a minimum of three hours rehab 5-6 days a week. When my dad was tested, he did not consistently respond to commands. I am positive that he could hear, and he responded some days much better than other days. Keep telling your father that you are working on getting him to a higher level of care.