Stroke after cardioversion

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Avatar n tn I just had a cardioversion done on 9/9/9 and can't believe how great i feel and how easy it was. Will this last or will it have to be repeated? Can exercise, weight loss,and less stress help the situation? I was scared to death because the last person who I know had it done a year ago and the man had a stroke a few days later and is now totally disabled.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had a cardioversion done with a known bloodclot that showed up on TEE?
Avatar n tn Are you talking about Atrial Fibrillation? I recently had Afib and had a cardioversion(shocked). The cardioversion is usually done as an outpatient procedure and all things considered, it's not too bad. One of the problems,with this condition is that clots can form in the upper chamber and then when you get shocked they get released and you have a stroke.
Avatar n tn Cordarone after cardioversion posted by CCF CARDIO MD - MTR on April 01, 1999 at 22:34:33: My Mom ( 69 years old) was recently diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure(left atrial fib.) in January.She was found to also have diabetes. She had an echocardiogram and was put on Warfarin along with diabeta ,vasotec, lasix etc.. On Feb. 7 she suffered a major stroke ( left side paralysis) and has made a fair recovery from that so far. On Mar. 31 she had a cardioversion done .
Avatar n tn I am a 37 YOA male diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and atrial fibrillation in September 1997. A cardioversion attempt (4 shocks) in November failed to convert me to a sinus rythem. My question is two-fold: first, what more can be done about the atrial fibrillation to attempt to convert it and second, if I cannot convert the rythem how might this effect my bout with congestive heart failure? Thanks for the help!
Avatar n tn t give up.You will see improvements for up to one year .It took me two weeks after my stroke to be able to move my thumb on my affected side.Are you actively engaged in physical and occupational therapy to help restroe function?I went daily for three hours each day for speech,occupational and physical therapyfor a six month period.The therapy has to be intense .It sounds as if you are determined just like I was.
Avatar n tn put me on Coumadin and Lanoxin immediately and I am scheduled for a cardiac ultrasound tomorrow. In the mean time, I am scared that I will have a stroke any minute. What should I be looking for and should I remain calm with no exercise or activity. Pleassse respond ASAP, I am a wreck! Also the doctor mentioned cardioversion if these medications fail._ ___ Dear Henry, Atrial fibrillation is a disorder of the heart's rhythm that increases in prevalence as individuals age.
Avatar f tn Everything started at night, I had a bad dream (I use to have them sometimes) my heart was beating very fast when I woke up in the middle of night, and after few minutes it calmed down but to this irregular beating. After a few days I went to my doctor, then to hospital for checks. heart was diagnosed as its without any underlying problems, I was told I have atrial fibrillation. They recommended cardioversion.
Avatar f tn I know this isn't intended as a support blog for spouses/caregivers of people with afib, but I found you all and I'm not certain where else to turn. So forgive my being a bit off topic for your site. My husband, a lifelong runner, is just getting back to running after an ablation procedure. With his cardiologist's blessing and avid encouragement. He had a cardioversion that failed after 3 days, and then a few weeks later, the ablation, which so far has his heart completely in rhythm.
Avatar m tn t stop my AFib nor did it keep me in sinus rhythm after a electro cardioversion. I have had 4 electros, two of them put me in sinus rhythm for about 18 months each. I have an enlarged left atrium, but following my mitral valve repair in November of 2007, my heart has been shrinking back toward normal size and I am considering giving an electro cardioversion another try... and assume I'll be on propafenon or rhythmol to help keep me there.
Avatar n tn If afib recurs after cardioversion, then various antiarrhythmic medications can be given and then cardioversion can be tried again. If cardioversion repeatedly fails on antiarrhythmic medications, then the heart rate is controlled and coumadin is continued indefinitely. That is the standard way we treat patients with afib at the Cleveland Clinic but practice patterns vary. Thus, if you are concerned, you should speak with your cardiologist about future management.
Avatar n tn it was not successful, though his doctor said that he converted to a sinus rhythm for about a minute before going back into fib. He was placed on cordarone, orally. Digoxin was d/c'd. He also remains on coumadin. He has rescheduled a second cardioversion, I believe for later this month...
Avatar m tn You may have had pulmonary edema which can rarely occur after a cardioversion and if you have normal heart function this should not recur. I don't think you have permanent lung damage. Did they exclude a blood clot to the lung??
Avatar n tn Dad having tee and cardioversion today
Avatar n tn I had a minor stroke last week and am at high risk for another. After the procedure I expect my heart will work normally.