Stroke after c-section

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Avatar f tn I am going in for a c section as my first was delivered by emergency c section. Keep in mind that it is major surgery and is by no means easier, plus it could jeapordize future pregnancies and deliveries.
Avatar f tn and therefore will have to have a c-section this time around as well. But, I tell you this...The recovery is much different with a c-section (very painful, seems to take forever, etc) and you also run the risk of your baby inhaling amniotic fluid upon extraction (which can cause pneumonia.
770641 tn?1235075269 Well the day of the 28th bobs is done wants out, we runs to the hospital sure enough bobs was born but her ob wasn't around his assosiate did the c-section everyone from the 1st day wore masks and gowns extra and gloves there was a few things I didn't like about them, after the c-section they never gave Michelle any antibotics through her IV lastnight she tells me thatthere is green stuff coming out of her cut.
12328250 tn?1471661771 2)my ob said that i will only be staying 1 day after the c section. So basically go in have c section go home the following day. Is that normal? I am someone who has a history of mrsa especially when i get a wound or contract infections easily...just always been that way since i was a kid. I asked about the one day recovery and how past patients best managed the discomfort of the c section @ home . He said to my husband and i (we give you A LOTA pain meds)! And added (narcotics)!
1995019 tn?1327196163 Should I have a c-section, if I had a stroke when I was 6months old. I am parcially paralized left side and my dr seems to think a c-section is the way to go. What do you think?
Avatar n tn I want to have a baby more than anything and my mother says that I will more and likely have to have a c-section and I realize that. My stroke was caused by stress in the birth cannal. So they don't know if my body can handle the stress of a pregnancy. but I know I can do it but I am going to be very carful.
Avatar n tn I had a stroke when I was 29...2 weeks after I gave birth to my first child. I had a bilateral carotid dissection. I am now 33 and am thinking about having another child, but none of my doctors know for sure why I had a stroke in the first place. Both my ob and neurologist think that I should be fine, but they really have never seen this before. I keep looking for other opinions....and suggestions? Anyone out there that had a baby after a stroke?
Avatar n tn My neurologist and ob/gyn said that they would use forceps over c-section. I had a stroke 2 weeks post-partum...both of my carotid arteries were dissected and now are both occluded. I really want to have another baby.
770641 tn?1235075269 Well the day of the 28th bobs is done wants out, we runs to the hospital sure enough bobs was born but her ob wasn't around his assosiate did the c-section everyone from the 1st day wore masks and gowns extra and gloves there was a few things I didn't like about them, after the c-section they never gave Michelle any antibotics through her IV lastnight she tells me thatthere is green stuff coming out of her cut.
Avatar n tn I saw 2 neurologists, 1 said there was no risk of this ever happening again pregnancy or not, but the other said he would reccomend that i did'nt get pregnant as the risks were to high and if i did i would need a c-section? I have had 3 healthy pregnancies in the past, no problems with high blood pressure( pregnant or not.), no misscarriges and no other medical problems. many thanks!
Avatar n tn We went out for my birthday on the Saturday and on the Sunday morning I was in hospital, no warning signs as I was asleep and woke up with a major headache, went to the hospital and after 2 days in emergency they finally told me I had a stroke.... A bit too late to take any medication then. They put it down to my pill because they couldn't find any other explanation. I was on the Levlen ED pill. I lost my whole right side of my body and 3 months later its all pretty much back to normal.
Avatar n tn I had a massive stroke in April 2002, 2 weeks after I gave birth. Also, through lots of therapy and motivation of my newborn...I too have no residuals. I had a bilateral carotid dissection. I am now 35 and 6 wks. pregnant! I've always wanted to have more kids and my doctors said that I should be fine...we shall see. I am on 2 shots lovenox a day and being monitored closely. What do your docs think?
Avatar n tn I had a stroke during my 25th week of pregnancy. All my doctors said C section. I did. My baby is healthy with a beautiful round head!
Avatar f tn I would assume if I were to have a child that I would have a C-section, but does being pregnant after already having had one stroke increase your risk for another stroke? I've made an appointment with a gynocologist to get more info on all of this but I'd really love to hear from others who have been in similar situations. Thank you so much for any help, feedback or advice you can offer!
Avatar n tn Natural conceived at 35' gave birth via c section at 36. Proud to say I'll be 39 in 4 days and I'm 15 weeks pregnant also conceived naturally.
Avatar m tn ) child, I am taking 40mg clexane injections daily as a preventative measure, but as they cannot specify whether it was the actual labour or the peripartum period in which the bleed originally happened I am getting mixed messages as to what is the best road to take with regards to delivery?
Avatar f tn After much deliberation, my husband and I opted to discontinue the aspirin 2 weeks prior to the anticipated delivery- either elective C-section at the 38th week...or via vaginal delivery at term so that any anesthesia needs will be available. My questions are as follow: What are the implications of changing medication this late in pregnancy? What risks are present if I elect to discontinue the aspirin as suggested for the 2 weeks, then resume after the birth?
Avatar n tn I just had my second child on July 8. It was by c-section, my first was normal delivery. About 2 wks after the birth I started experiencing tingling in my upper back. That was very sporadic, lasting only a few seconds maybe three or four times a day. Then one night I got up to check the baby and my right arm was numb. Then a day later my right leg went numb. This prompted a trip to the emergency room.
Avatar f tn It's kind of a long story, but I am wondering if mental deficits and problems can appear years after a stroke. 6 years ago I had triplets, and immediately after the C-section I developed an internal infection that became septic. While being treated in the hospital I had an ischemic stroke. The left side of my body was paralyzed, and since I have regained most of my movement. I honestly can't remember if my brain was tested for damage or not.
Avatar n tn does anyone have any patient who has had a successful pregnancy after having a a stroke from a vertebral artery dissection?.a c-section has been recommended.sounds reasonable.anyone have any thoughts on this matter?
Avatar n tn If you experience any headaches or facial numbness I would go to the emergency room immediately. I know after one of my friends delivered her child she had a stroke. When the headaches began she just ignored them. It has now taken her almost 4yrs and she is still not back to where she was prior to the delivery. So, just be aware and certainly be your own advocate!
Avatar n tn orgasms fine penetration not- although my doc said actual intercourse was ok after you stopped bleeding which for me was 3 weeks after c-section... I don't know if that is the standard advice but I trust him. think of it this way- orgasm causes your uterus to contract which it is doing anyway trying to get back to its prepregnancy state. the only reason they tell you to abstain from sex is because of the risk of infection since your cervix isn't as closed as it should be. make sense?
Avatar n tn I have 3 kids, sons 20 and 16 and 5 yr. old daughter. After my 2nd son (1992) and 2nd c-section, which they had a fouled up I have had a total of 8 more abdominal surgeries, with the last in 12/06. Some of my uterine lining was sewn on the outside of my uterus causing an endometreoma which grew into my right stomach muscle (uterus and muscle were stuck together).
Avatar n tn I have had no recurrance but after hospital stay after the stroke I found out the blood in my heart pooled because my heart was not pumping the blood right and sent clot to brain. I have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and A-fib. So if you don't have heart problems I guess your Strokes were caused by something else. Clot did not show up on CT. I can't do MRI's because of my defibrillator. I did not have headaches or noise problems. I did feel like I was going crazy.
Avatar f tn I had to get cut and everything down there but the recovery to me was way faster than the c section. I just hated that after I did the c section I couldn't even hold my son right away and my fiance had to leave too to be with the baby and it made me sad And then after I was so out of it and drugged that I could barely stay awake to see him for a couple hours.
Avatar m tn I have had this problem for a while. ever since i had my baby last year. i don't feel sexy after the baby and the c section. but he wants sex. he says he is so horny he gets "blue balls" so he watches porn and takes care if it. now that i've found that out i feel even more unwanted. so when we do have sex i feel sad and detached from him. and after i just feel empty. i dont know if its him or me.
Avatar f tn I had a H stroke at 40 during a c section with no known cause. my cycles have been so heavy im stuck in phase 1. it wont kick in with progesterone. so this cycle i came on for 5 weeks, had to goto hospital, got a blood transfusion because hemoglobin was 3. im not a candidate for iud non hormonal because my uterus is big. not for ablation either my uterus tiltd back after stroke. so that leaves hysterectomy which i dont want to do because i have a fear o being put to sleep.