Stroke after c-section

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1995019 tn?1327192563 Should I have a c-section, if I had a stroke when I was 6months old. I am parcially paralized left side and my dr seems to think a c-section is the way to go. What do you think?
1356315 tn?1344895815 just saw the doctors today and because of an std i caught about a year ago she said it woud be safer for me to have a c section i have never had one before and i was going to ask to have one anyway because i rather not take the risk of passing anything on to my baby but i want to know if the ladies who have had one how bad is it really and how long is the recovery time ?
Avatar f tn Today we was advised that we have a greater chance of having a c-section this time. Since I have gastional diabetes that put this pregnancy at high risk as you all should be aware of. My doctor said that I will have a u/s on this Monday the 16th. If it shows that the baby is over 9 lbs that he is required to do a c-section and he explained in detailed why. He said that when I push..... that I will be able to push her head out and then she will get stuck.
770641 tn?1235071669 On january 28th my soon to be gave birth to our 8lbs 14 oz baby boy who for the past 9 months we have referred to as "BOBS", Two weeks prior to baby zac being born the ob told us that they where going to do a c-section. Michelle had her first baby that way so hospital policy ok at that time we reminded the ob about the mrsathat we both aquired the year prior at this same hospital visiting my mother who had just had a stroke.
588676 tn?1317820597 how long did you wait to become pregnant after having a C-section? I know my MD says wait at least 6 months and I will, but I am curious to hear anyone's story. I would also love to hear about those of you who weren't necessarily trying to conceive but did. Keep in mind that my uterine incision is not as large as it would be with a full term baby. My daughter weighed 1 lb and 7 oz.
1154074 tn?1322847314 Well I had my first appointment with my midwife today! Same one as last time. I love her! She told me that I'll have to have another c section because by the time this one is due it'll only be 16 months from my last c section. Too soon after to try for a VBAC :-( I'm very sad. I hate it cuz now I'll have to choose a birthday. Instead of baby choosing. I cant wait to find out the sex of this baby!
541609 tn?1273879848 I am having a scheduled c section June 26, 2009. That is assuming I last that long!
231054 tn?1264545344 removal of our little bubba, Carmel at 6pm (PST)
579074 tn?1254498172 The day has come! I'm tired of being pregnant!
1094413 tn?1257260160 My c-section is schedualed for nov,30th at 2pm!!!!Two weeks away,im getting sooo scared and im not sure why,i have done this once before!Three years ago,but its the same fear as if it were my first time.I think its not knowing whats gonna happen,so much can happen and go wronge with a surgery!hope all goes well,and i have a healthy baby girl!!!!
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1088217 tn?1301925756 SCHEDULED FOR 02/18/10 AT 10:30 AM THEY WILL CALL ME TWO DAYS PRIOR..!
Avatar n tn bad bout c sections ?
Avatar n tn does anyone have any patient who has had a successful pregnancy after having a a stroke from a vertebral artery dissection?.a c-section has been recommended.sounds reasonable.anyone have any thoughts on this matter?
Avatar f tn I had a left sided ischemic stroke on 6/20/10 due to bilateral carotid artery dissections and a dissection in my right vertebral artery. I'm 34 years old (and was 34 at the time of stroke) and my doctors think the dissections were caused by some sort of vascular genetic condition, although they have yet to find out which one.
Avatar f tn I am going in for a c section as my first was delivered by emergency c section. Keep in mind that it is major surgery and is by no means easier, plus it could jeapordize future pregnancies and deliveries.
710588 tn?1250794481 Baby arrived 8 days early, via emergency c section after 6 hours of labour.
Avatar n tn I had a stroke during my 25th week of pregnancy. All my doctors said C section. I did. My baby is healthy with a beautiful round head!
1116022 tn?1305685993 I was informed by our obgyn on Thursday of last week that our baby is still measuring big and that if I don't go into labor within the next two-weeks, that a c-section is almost inevitable. I freaked out a little bit at first and the room got very hot but after she explained the complications of each procedure, and with the love and support of my friends and family, I feel much better.
1348789 tn?1338422327 last week(7 weeks) I had sex for the first time after my c section, I heard and also read that sex for the first time after a c section is painful, but not for me, anyway lastnite we did it again and now today am spotting... haven't got a period has yet so hoping this is it...I also spot before this time so don't know what to think of this...any ideas ladies?
Avatar f tn And was curious about the pregnancy symptoms so soon after delivering her breech and c-section. By the way she is healthy and beautiful.
1480290 tn?1322685813 2 weeks after my 2nd baby (first c-section) I am down from 220 lbs to 189 lbs. in 4 more weeks I will start my weight loss plan.
Avatar f tn Delivered through c section