Stroke after bypass surgery

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Avatar m tn Had one stroke and angiography done.
Avatar m tn Has anyone ever heard of someone waking up after major bypass surgery completley blind? This happened to my father 12 days ago and he still cant see anything. The doctors here are stumped and the only thing they can come up with is he has ishmethic optic neaurpothy. Just wondering if anyone has had or heard of this happening and if there is anything we can do.
Avatar n tn Gastric Bypass
Avatar n tn After a Patient has had a 7 bypass and 13 years later a 3 bypass, should blood thinners be used for the remainder of the Patient's life or just aspirin or both?
Avatar n tn Hello, There are certain risk factors which may increase a person’s chances of having a stroke after bypass surgery. The inflammatory process and hypercoagulability after surgery puts a person at risk which peaks two days after the surgery. If one is able to identify the etiology of this postoperative risk factor for stroke it can lead to better management of patient with risk of stroke. Your husband’s mental status is affected significantly and he is in coma.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm 57 yr old, male, I have bypass surgery scheduled for the next Friday. As it was shown in catheterization results, I have one artery fully blocked and the other one is 30-40% blocked, The heart is fed through three vessels from that other artery. My doctor told me that stent is impractical in my case and advised me for bypass surgery.
Avatar n tn The doc at ICU said he should be awake, they took him for a scan to see if he had a stroke but there was no sign of a stroke. When they put the medicine that keeps him asleep down, he moves his leg, arms, mouth and opens his eye lids without moving his pupils and doesn't respond to anything i say. the nurse tried shaking him and speaking very loudly but there was no reaction besides opening his eye lids. What is the problem? What can we do besides wait and approx.
Avatar n tn On November 1, 2010 I had Gastric Bypass Surgery
Avatar n tn After a triple bypass one year ago performed on my husband, I am noticing some obsessive behaviors. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn Patients may experience neurological deficits after cardio-pulmonary bypass. Some of this may be due to small blood clots that go to the brain and some may be due to inadequate perfusion of the brain during the surgery. It can be hard to distinguish this from a stroke at the time of the surgery.
532476 tn?1214517184 m concerned that I may have problems again. Just wanted to know if anybody has gone longer than 16 years after bypass surgery and if they have had any complications since. My understanding is that the veins used in bypass surgery have a tendency to get blocked again. Am I worrying for no reason?
Avatar n tn After my dad had quadruple bypass surgery he has been acting very odd. He is all speedy, talking very fast, acting crazy, irrational, repeating things over and over, not sleeping, mind constantly racing, overly high on life to a point where it's manic-like and he is making all these big decisions that will be devastating if he is not in the right mind to be making them. He is just acting crazy and irrational and possibly delusional and I need to know why. I want my dad back!!!
Avatar n tn I"d like to know if anyone can help me with this question. A friend of mine had triple bypass surery 2 years ago. She's in her late 70's. Since the day of her surgery she's had numbness in her arm and leg. It has been going on for the last two years. She's had some therapy, the Dr. said it might never go away and that she might have to live with the problem. She's not coping with it very well and has even had some counseling but to no avail.
Avatar n tn I know that major surgery is major surgery, but is bypass surgery technically more demanding and also physically more complicated for the patient than valve replacement surgery? It seems that I'm hearing of more possible complications from valve replacement surgery than bypass surgery.
Avatar n tn Hello I'am 49. At 47 I under went quintuple bypass surgery after which I had memory loss,confusion, can't process information and a very uncontrolable anger problem which I take 80 mg of citalophram a day along with several other meds. Is there a own going study of this ? It seems to me there writing this of as several different reasons, heart disease, alzhiemers and so on......When I went in before surgery I had none of the problems I stated but these are all post surgery problems .. 1.
Avatar n tn look for all my posts and you will see what we are going thru now wiht my grandpa who is 84 and was healthy and now after bypass surgery last week is battling to live....
Avatar m tn She suffered a stroke during or after surgery. She was released about 9 days after surgery. Recovery seemed slow and hard but doable until she started having trouble breathing and went to the er and was admitted. So now in the hospital all of the sudden she is having problems with her kidney funtion. She has had fluid removed from her chest 2-3 times now. What is causing this and can she recover?