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Avatar f tn I couls also have a stress fracture or hardware failure as I have pelvic and sacrum hardware from a traumatic motorcycle accident. I think my lymph nodes are sore. I might have auto immune problems.I have had trouble with my vision latley. pressure and pelvic pain.I am in need of help. I cant seem to get any diagnostic testing. I also have hypertension. I was admitted to a hospital last week for chest pain and well as my legs going paralized and back pain.MRI was ordered.
Avatar f tn Initially for scoliosis where there was a hardware problem after the first spinal fusion resulting in 2nd surgery. During the 2nd surgery he contracted a hosptial acquired deep wound mrsa infection which he battled for 9 months. Eventually, they removed the hardware and did two debridement surgeries. The infection was battled and as all looked well they put the hardware back resulting in very lengthy surgery.
Avatar f tn Yes you can have a MRI after fusion with hardware. I have already had one done and it was no problem. I had three levels fused with a titanium plate and everything went well with the scan.
Avatar f tn I had a Stress Test done because of chest pain and shortness of breath and the report stated that I have a right axis deviation and early transition. I'm wondering what that means.
672393 tn?1300744926 It is necessary to strengthen your quadriceps or thigh muscles to properly do weight bearing and for reducing stress on your knees. Discuss with your orthopedician Ask a radiologist to comment on your MRI to understand bone healing and to confirm if all your ligaments are intact. Take care!
Avatar n tn i say have the emg/ncv and take it from there that will tell which nerve is compressed so your not haveing a blind surgery on your back.. if the ncv is positive the talk about surgery were the ncv is showing the compression in a fussion the hardware can be removed after so long and the bone graft has taken it wont do any damage to the repair but does have it's own cons.
Avatar f tn Well its jan and i am still in pain i am on over 200 mg pain killers. At L5 S1 its like the hardware is digging in. Has anyone had the problems. Also how about mental problems with it???????????????
2063048 tn?1390824611 Finally had the doctor take me seriously at 17 and had hardware removal at 18. Right before my spinal fusion, my knee dislocated while I was playing with my young nephew. I had an MRI of my knee. The ortho I saw for that said I would probably need knee surgery. I don't remember much else. Fast forward to now... I have read so much on here about checking for other conditions.
Avatar f tn There really is no consensus with regard to removing hardware on the fracture is removed, except when it is causing discomfort. If the hardware is painful, then it definitely needs to be removed. Some feel that in young patients, hardware should be routinely removed because no one can say definitively if there is any long term effect from retaining it, However, removing the hardware involves a second surgery and all the risks that go with it.
900662 tn?1469390305 Reverse flow redistribution is a higher than normal washout rate of thallium-201 (from your stress test) and suggests that this pattern is a sign of nontransmural myocardial infarction with a patent infarct-related coronary artery. So this can suggest coronary disease. It's a little confusing. In any case, your arteries are not seriously plugged up. Good luck with your follow-up, and do follow up regularly. Cheers!
Avatar m tn Thanks for your reply! There is a lot of pain along the incision line but I'm guessing that's normal. The surgeon removed one of the large plates I had in my arm that he thought was contributing to my pain issues. I'm on an antibiotic and lots of pain meds. Not sure exactly how much else he removed or left in. I had a ton of metal in there supporting my bones until they healed.
Avatar f tn How do i know if my hardware needs to come out? The pain gets worse everyday, it is unbearable at some points, and often leaves me feeling sick. I dont know if its the hardware or the tendons, or if the bone is still broken. its been one year since surgery- my doctor didnt even do an x ray the last time i visited with pain. (this is a "new to me" doctor as my insurance dropped the original surgeon..) he said i could have my ankle fused, but did not mention anything about the hardware.
Avatar f tn If it cannot be achieved then your doctor may remove the anterior hardware and leave the posterior one. However, you need to be assessed by your specialist before any decision can be taken. I sincerely hope you will find this information useful in your discussions with your specialist. Good Luck and take care!
Avatar n tn My hardware was in for about2 years. I'm not surewhat type it actually was! It had a bunch of screws, somerods, and a cage "thingy". I have had 9 lower back surgeries (laminectomies, scar tissue removal, membrane installed, fusions), and my surgeon stated that taking the hardware out was the easiest of all my procedures to date. A risk is always present with any surgery. In my case the benefits outweighed the risks involved. I would get a second opinion regarding your hardware.
Avatar f tn Phyical therapy can help decreae the build up of scar tissue a lot of the time and can be helpful to car tissue itelf once there as massaging, stretching and breaking up the adhesions if possible can benefit a patient. Your physical therapist is aware? However, you are suspecting that this is a hardware issue. Can you see another surgeon for evaluation?
Avatar f tn Nope not broken hardware. My appt today was fine and my exrays showed the hardware where it should be.
Avatar n tn I have the same issue going on in my back! They can do a hardware injection into your back around the hardware, if this gives you relief then they know that your body is rejecting the hardware. They told me that it is very common! After 13 months they now want to take it out! So now that there isn't any insurance what avenue are you suppose to take??!! I think in my case, I didn't notice right away due to the meds, but I still needed them because of the pressure and pain in my back..
Avatar f tn Following fracture of cervical bones, it is not unusual to need stabilization of your spine with hardware (screws). Your surgery probably involved the use of plating in which the plate and screws provided strength to your spine in the presence of fractured bone. It usually involves removal of any displaced bone that has occurred and possible fusion of adjacent vertebral levels. Without knowing the exact surgery you have had, there are similar types of complications that can occur.
Avatar n tn What I really wanted to know, was there anuone out there who had hardware instrumentation failure. The Surgeon used Polaris pedicle fixation instrumentation. One of the endcaps is detached and the right rod is free. Could someone please respond. My wife had Fusion of L4L5S1 disk back in September of 2007. On her check-up today with the Surgeon he informed her that one of the rods is out of the holder on the right side. He goes on to say that this no one's fault.
Avatar n tn thankyou for responding, yes had the test reached my target heart rate , but didnt feel like i had exerted myself enough to give my heart a real test, thankfully nothing showed, but wish i had some answers to the chest pain that goes down my left arm, and cardioligist says its nothing, well its not nothing its very disturbing actually put me on lipitor as bad cholestrol is 7 oh well if i cark it least i know nothing was wrong..
Avatar n tn Had a nuclear treadmill stress test done while taking the test the whole time the nurse held me up from behind 2 hands on back because i stated i had back problems and as soon as test started she began this procere is this comman practice?
Avatar f tn Anyone know?
212161 tn?1599427282 If so, they can give you something for your anxiety. I had the treadmill stress test and I was able to take a xanax. If it's the other one that's a medicine induced stress test where you lay on a table, then I'm not sure. Is your Dr. wanting you to get this test done? Has the chest pain went away since you started using your inhaler? You know anxiety can give alot of us shortness of breath and chest pains.
Avatar f tn I am scheduled for a nuclear stress test on july 30, and an echo. I have had an echo but was wondering what the stress test was?? Anyone with info please help??????
Avatar f tn But you do seem to be uncomfortable with the hardware. Perhaps your tendons are irritated, screws are too close to joints which in the small bones of the hands would be difficult, etc. I think the biggest thing to make sure of is that the fracture is totally healed. Let us know what you decide to do and how it goes.